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Quick And Easy Office Organization

This post is brought to you by Command™ Brand. As always, opinions are 100% my own.

I’ve been on a quest to organize and clean up my home office because it has slowly gotten out of control over the past year. Basically, I need to purge like a person on Hoarding: Buried Alive. I mean, there aren’t any deceased cats or newspapers from 1999 in my office. There’s just a lot of stuff I need to donate.

I’ve also found that I work better when the top of my desk isn’t cluttered with stuff. Which is why I decided to utilize the unused, vertical space on the side of my IKEA Expedit (now called Kallax) work station.

office organization before

Here’s all the stuff I needed for this quick and easy office organization project:

• Calendar
• Ear buds
• Headphones
• Smartphone
• Office supplies such as scissors, tape, paper clips and post-its
Command™ Clear Small Hook – this project used one
Command™ Clear Large Hook – this project used one
Command™ Clear Medium and Large Caddies – this project used one in each size
Command™ Clear Smartphone Station – this project used one

office organization products 1

1. First, I gathered all materials and mapped out where I wanted to place them in my office area. I followed all surface prep instructions on the back of the packaging. This project was created on the side of a large shelving unit in my home office.

2. Then, following package instructions, I adhered one Command™ Clear Small Hook in the center of the top of the bookcase side. I hung a calendar from the hook so I can easily change it each month.

office organization 4

3. Following package instructions, I adhered the Command™ Clear Medium Caddy and placed lightweight office items up to 2 pounds such as tape, paper clips and sticky notes in it. Then, I adhered the Command™ Clear Smartphone Station to hold my iPhone and a Clear Large Caddy to hold heavier items up to 4 pounds, like my headphones that I use for my podcast.

office organization 5

4. I filled in the gaps on the side of the work station by adding Command™ Small and Large Clear Hooks, following package instructions. I hung items such as scissors, ear buds, etc. on the hooks to keep them accessible.

office organization 2

office organization 3

Here’s what the side of the work station looks like now. And it took all of 10 minutes to do.

office organization 6

Now I feel like I need to add some sort of organizer on that piece of empty wall.

office organization after

 I’m thinking about making something for all my mail that I let pile up on the kitchen island. Brad is always on me about my leaning towers of mail because like with my aversion to putting away laundry, I hate going through my mail because once you hit a certain age mail isn’t fun to open because it’s only bills, statements, or junk. AmIright?

Check out more about my home office, including the makeover and a bunch of DIYs, below!

This post is brought to you by Command™ Brand. As always, opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Christine F. says:

    Looks great! Inspires me to do the same to the side of my Kallax.

    QQ – where did you get your calendar? It’s gorgeous!

    1. Thanks!

      It’s actually a 2014 calendar by Rifle Paper Co. but I can’t bring myself to take it down because it’s so pretty. Haha!

  2. Sara Warfel says:

    “once you hit a certain age mail isn’t fun to open ” is absolutely right! I am at fault of having leaning piles of mail too. I have great thought of getting it into order, but lack on the follow through. Would love to see if you come up with a solution!

  3. What happened to your bulletin board? wasn’t it in that spot?

  4. Great DIY ideas. Thanks for the post.

  5. I’m also in search of wall spaces in my house to organise stuff!! Love what you have done.
    BTW, Aren’t those scissors reachable for your lil one? Maybe not now, but you may have to think of shifting them to hang a little higher or keep them somewhere in a drawer in a few days!! I’ve a 3 year old and believe me, they always find a way to grab these things and when they do, you get a mini heart attack of sorts!! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Prachi! Yeah, they’re reachable but Owen isn’t allowed in my home office at the moment because there’s too much stuff that needs to be moved to higher ground, so we always keep a baby gate up. It’s a nice hurdling work out every time I want to go in and out. Hah! Thanks for checking!

  6. Love the smartphone holder! I can envision 5 -6 of them lined up next to each other with the size of our family. I am all about freeing up counter space. It’s nice they have the cut out for the cord at the bottom too. I looked for it at Staples while I was there today but no luck.

  7. I love the way you’ve organized your office, and I’m wondering if you could post about what hides in the bins on your shelving unit. I am usually successful with the aesthetics of organizing, but I struggle with functionality…
    I would love to see what goes where (like in your nursery dresser post)! I hope you haven’t answered this question before and I’m missing it!

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