What kind of camera do you use?
From the beginning of the blog in February, 2011 up until December, 2012, I used a Canon Rebel XT. From December, 2012 until now, I’ve used my Canon 7D. I’ve also used my iPhone (4s and now 5s) to take photos for the blog (see here and here). I wrote a post about taking better smartphone photos here. And I do all of my photo editing with Photoshop CS6, but I recommend more budget-friendly photo editing programs here.

Can you recommend a good starter DSLR camera?
I think the Canon Rebel T3i is a good starter DSLR camera. I’ve used one before (borrowed a friend’s) and was happy with how it performed.

What lenses do you use?
The lenses I currently use most often are:
Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8
Canon 50mm f/1.8

Your photos are nice and bright, what’s your trick?
I try to take photos when there’s plenty of natural light. For example, I always photograph our living room in the morning because the windows face east. I also edit my photos in Photoshop CS6, and sometimes I use studio photography lights to provide extra light.

I want to start a blog, any tips?
My biggest tip is to not get into blogging because you think it’ll be fast, easy money. Because that myth/assumption isn’t true. At all. I didn’t start to break even (I spent more money on projects than the money I took in from the blog) until I was about 2 years into blogging. You have to love blogging. If you make it a job and all about money, it’ll consume you and you’ll start to dislike it instead of loving it.

I did two blog posts answering specific questions about blogging back in early 2013 if you want to check those out.
Let’s Talk Blog (Part One)
Let’s Talk Blog (Part Two)

Where did you get the pink storage boxes in your home office?
Hobby Lobby

What products do you use to style your curly hair?
Tutorial coming soon! I promise. Keep bugging me so I follow through.

Do you do design consults?
No. I’m too indecisive when it comes to making decor decisions in my own house, let alone someone else’s. Trust me, it’s for the best.

Is your library card catalog for sale?
Nope. Sorry.

What kind of dog is Jack?
Jack is 100% mutt. We got him from a shelter when he was a pup (rescue dogs are the best!). Our vet calls him a puggle mix. We think he’s a mixture of pug, beagle, black lab, pit, and probably 3 other breeds.

Please explain your day job.
I’m an early intervention developmental therapist (DT). I work with kiddos ages 0-3 with developmental delays (specifically cognitive, speech, and social) and their families in their homes.

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