I’m Chelsea!

I started blogging in 2010 with my now-retired wedding blog where I shared the things I was creating for our June, 2011 wedding. As the wedding approached, I knew I couldn’t keep blogging about the wedding once it was over, so I created two twenty one. I’ve spent the last 11 years sharing home decor, gardening, organization, recipes, my favorite products, gift guides, major life events, and much more. I’ve even published a 2000 word blog post about my right breast. No topic is too taboo for two twenty one.

what does two twenty one mean?

When I was naming my blog in 2010, I wanted a name that could be general— something that wouldn’t put me in a box. So I decided to go with a number. 221. The number 221 has been a common number throughout my life. It’s the address of my late great grandparents’ home, where I lived for a short time when I was a baby. 221 is also the address of the house I grew up in until I was 12 years old. It’s also the address of the first home my husband and I purchased together in 2009. And finally, for now, my youngest son was unintentionally born on 2-21.

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The history of Two Twenty One

the beginning

My great-grandparents’ house, which I briefly lived in, with house number 221

childhood home

The house I lived in until I was 12, with house number 221

our first home

The first house my husband and I bought, with house number 221

Fast Facts

  • 37/F/Indianapolis, Indiana
  • My husband and I met at Indiana University in 2005. He was in a fraternity, I was in a sorority. We married in our college town.
  • We have two boys. Owen is 7 and Emmett is 4.
  • I’m 5’10”, which is why I may look like a giant standing next to others in photos.
  • English is my first language, sarcasm and humor are my second and third languages.
  • I have naturally curly hair. You can read all about how I style my curls here.
  • I love scouring estate sales, thrift stores, and FBMP for antique and vintage treasures. 
  • Much of my creativity was developed during my 13 years in 4-H. My projects of choice were cake decorating, photography, foods, tin punch, recycled articles, and flower arranging. I get the rest of my creativity from my mom.
  • I grew up in a small, Mayberry-esque town in Northwest Indiana.

random Facts

  • I hate the feeling of nail polish on my fingernails. It’s like tiny weights on my nails. 
  • I once accidentally interrupted a speech being given by Padma Lakshmi by dropping a can of Diet Coke on the floor. It exploded and started spinning, spraying everyone within a 5 foot radius.
  • My bedtime routine is like in the movies. I always lotion up my hands before crawling under the covers.
  • I prefer audiobooks to handheld books.