Favorite Things 2023

Welcome to my Favorite Things 2023! These are things I bought and loved this year.

1. Japanese Washcloths

I recently made the switch to Japanese washcloths after reading that the shower poof loofahs are havens for bacteria– even when washing the poofs regularly. Japanese washcloths dry a lot faster than poofs so it’s harder for bacteria to grow on them. The exfoliation factor is great. The Japanese washcloths I use are long sheets of material so some people cut them in half or thirds. I like that they’re long because I can hold an end in each hand and move the washcloth back and forth on my back. For laundering, I toss mine in a lingerie bag and wash it about once a week. I cut a little slit in my washcloth and hang it on a suction cup hook in our shower.

2. Everyday Hoodie

My winter uniform is this bra (#5 on this list), a tank, hoodie, and the official 221 joggers. After trying numerous hoodies, this is the hoodie I loved. I like that it has a pouch– you can never have too many pockets. It’s a men’s hoodie, so I sized down one size. But if you like an oversized fit, stick with your regular size. It comes in a multitude of colors.

3. Pajoggers

A couple months ago, I discovered these pajama joggers. I don’t like wearing pants to bed, but I wanted something I could wear in the evenings between dinner and going to bed. These are amazing. They’re incredibly soft. I’ve shared the pajoggers on Instagram and everyone who’s purchased them loves them too. Well, no one has messaged me yet (that I’ve seen) saying they’re trash.

4. Plug-In Flying Insect Trap

When I brought in my succulents for winter, I also brought in a gnat infestation. Yeah, that was fun. I found these plug-in flying insect traps on Amazon and figured I’d give them a try. I put two near my succulents and, how does the saying go– like gnats to a blue light? They work! I also put a trap by my regular houseplants and it caught some more. This is a must if you have indoor houseplants.

5. Bra

My summer uniform involves racerback tanks. So this year, I wanted to find a comfortable racerback bra. I love this bra. Love it. Love. It. The fabric is soft and there’s no poky underwire. I wear the racerback or the adjustable strap version almost everyday. If you’re on the busty side, it may not offer the support you desire. The sizing chart in the listing is helpful and accurate IMO.

6. Necklace Layering Clasp

If you wear multiple necklaces simultaneously, allow me to introduce you to the necklace layering clasp. You attach your necklaces to the clasp. When it’s time to put on your necklaces, pull the clasp apart (it’s a strong magnet), put the necklaces on your neck, and stick the clasp back together. The necklace layering clasp has also kept my necklaces from getting tangled.

7. Purse Hanger

I discovered this handy tool earlier this year. I’ve had purse hangers in the past but they weren’t as compact at this purse hanger. If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer idea– this is it.

8. Chopper

I make a lot of chili during the winter months and this chopper has made chopping onions and peppers so much easier and faster. Less knife injuries? Yes, please. The chopper is also great for people with dexterity difficulties.

9. Nipple Covers

Yes, nipple covers. If only our ancestors could see us now. I wear these when I go bra less. Call me old fashioned (because the newest trend is bras with nipple inserts), but I want to dim the headlights. I’ve worn my nipple covers a handful of times and they’ve never fallen off.

10. Watch

I really like the look of the Cartier Panthère watch, but I don’t have $27,500 to drop on one. If someone would like to gift me one, I will accept the gift with an open wrist. But in the meantime, I found a similar-looking Panthère watch for less than $70. It’s a good watch. It tells time and hasn’t tarnished. None of the CZs have fallen out. So according to Girl Math, I made $27,430.

11. Tennis Bracelet

Like I said above, I have Dom Perignon tastes on a Veuve Clicquot budget. This year I added these tennis bracelets to my bracelet collection. There’s also an option to buy only the yellow gold or white gold and not both. They give off good sparkle, and I won’t cry if I lose one because it cost $17, not $3,000. If you’re interested, I have everything I wear in my stack listed here.

12. Dry Shampoo

I know everyone swears their dry shampoo is the best. And I’m one of them. This dry shampoo is also endorsed by my hair stylist. Works great. Smells good. Don’t want to fully commit? Buy the travel size and give it a try.

13. Jewelry Cleaner

Another great stocking stuffer! This year, I read on Reddit that jewelry stores buy this jewelry cleaner, put their label on it, and mark it up 100%. I appreciate the hustle. But I’m cheap. Well, and I don’t have a go-to local jeweler. I love this jewelry cleaner. It makes my ring and earrings so sparkly. To use it, I drop my jewels in a small ramekin, and add two pumps of the cleaner. I let them sit in the foam for 30-60 seconds. Then, I use a toothbrush (cheapo ones your dentist gives you) to scrub the jewelry. Rinse. Towel dry. The same brand also makes a portable jewelry cleaner that I own and love. Plus, it gets great reviews.

14. Vitamin C Serum

If you follow me on Instagram or read my Daily Skincare Products and Routine blog post, you’ve seen me hyping this Vitamin C serum. It’s amazing. I use it in the morning after cleansing my face. There’s a noticeable difference in my skin after using it. It has the same ingredients as the expensive, Skinceuticals Vitamin C Serum ($182), but it’s a fraction of the cost. Warning: it smells like hot dog water. But so does the expensive stuff. The hot dog water smell dissipates so rest assured, you won’t smell like a Frankfurter all day. So ask yourself– do I want $180 hot dog water Vit C serum or $20 hot dog water Vit C serum?

15. Hat

This is my favorite everyday hat because it’s lightweight and breathable. It’s perfect during summer when I want to keep the sun off my face. They wash up really well too. I’ve gotten marks on my white hat and the stains came out with no issues.

16. Box Cutter

I bought this ceramic blade box cutter during the July Prime Day. It’s great. Highly recommend. I keep the box cutter in the drawer of the console table by our front door so I can tear into my packages ASAP.

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  1. Hi Chelsea. Thank you for another great list. The link for racerback bra goes to a different style. I would love to check out the bra.

  2. Hi Chelsea. Forgot to add , that the link for your bracelet stack was not working for me. Thank you again.

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