Big Sale Days 2023

I’m going to share my favorite finds from all three retailers here. I’ll update this post often so keep checking back throughout the day. Use the Table of Contents to easily navigate to things that are of interest to you.

Keep in mind that now is a great time to grab birthday and Christmas gifts!

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Japanese Washcloths

My favorite Japanese washcloths are on sale! I recently switched to these from a standard poof loofah, which harbor bacteria, even with regular washings. Japanese washcloths dry faster, which leads to less bacteria. The exfoliation is top notch. Don’t forget to click the 10% off coupon!

Bissell Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

An Amazon Prime Day staple. I bought our Bissell Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner last year during Prime Days. It came in clutch this past spring when Emmett vomited all over our carpeted hallway upstairs. I’m happy to report it got the stain out. It’s on sale for $86!

Apple AirTags

If you follow my Stories on IG you know I love AirTags. I keep them in every day items like my purse and the kids’ backpacks. I also use them in suitcases when we travel. You can even buy dog and cat collars that will hold an AirTag. Get a 4 pack of AirTags for less than $89!

AirTag Key Rings

I have all of my AirTags in these silicone key rings. I like that they make it easier to grip the AirTags, and because they are different colors, I can color code each AirTag in my Find My app. Score a 4 pack for less than $9!

12-Inch Shower SqueeGee

This 12-inch shower squeegee is the reason why I don’t have to deep clean our shower very often. I know it’ll sound excessive to some, but every night, after we’re done showering, we take two minutes to squeegee our entire shower (glass, tiled walls and floor).

Waterproof Cellphone Pouch

We love this waterproof phone pouch! It’s perfect for a beach or water-related vacation or outing. I used it at Great Wolf Lodge a couple months ago and got some really cute videos of the kids. It’s on sale for less than $6!

Bag Hanger

I bought this polished gold bag hanger a few months ago after a friend recommended it. I love how it’s compact and doesn’t take up much space in my purse. I’ve used it while out at restaurants, and it works perfectly! A great gift idea! It’s on sale for 32% off!

Clip-On Light Kit

I use this clip on light kit for Zoom calls. Is it necessary? No. But it makes me look brighter and more awake. I like how I can clip it on my laptop. It can also clip onto a phone. Grab one for 30% off!

Clip-On Book Light

I originally bought one of this clip-on book lights for Owen to use when we read before bed. Then, I bought myself one to use when I’d embroidery in bed at night. We love a multi-purpose product! It holds a charge for a long time. On sale for less than $10! Some colors are more inexpensive than others so click through the options if color doesn’t matter to you.

Snap Circuits

We bought this Snap Circuits electronics exploration kit for Owen (age 9) last year during Black Friday. He loves it! Other Snap Circuits kits are also on sale!

Shower Filter

Last year, we installed this shower filter on our primary shower head. It has helped my highlighted hair from getting brassy and our skin feels less dry. Don’t forget to click the 15% off coupon!

Mattress Protector

I have these mattress protectors on the kids’ beds. They’re great for containing any nighttime accidents and they come in clutch when you have a barfer. Emmett exorcist vomited on his bed last year, and the mattress protector did its job. I also used one of our spare mattress protectors to protect his headboard, and I’m glad I did. Make sure you click the coupon!

Womens Blazer

The white blazer I wore for the cocktail party at BHG Stylemaker last year is on sale! It comes in an array of colors.

Shoe Bags for Travel

I bought these transparent shoe bags a while back, and I love them. They’re classier than the Target shopping bags I used to put my shoes in when I traveled.

Mini Fan

I originally bought this handheld fan to dry my makeup setting spray. But I’ve gotten more use out of it than just for that this past summer. It fits perfectly in my purse.

Neck Fan

My neck fan is on sale! A must have for summer.

Necklace Layering Clasp

This necklace layering clasp is such a handy product. If you wear multiple necklaces (I wear three), this magnetic clasp allows you to connect all your necklaces so you don’t have to put on each individual necklace.

Initial Necklace

I recently bought two of these initial necklaces with the boys’ initials. I took the E charm off of its chain and put it on the O chain so they’d both be on the same chain. They’re a decent Kate Spade initial charm dupe.

Outdoor Color Changing Landscape Floodlights

These outdoor color changing floodlights are great! Maximum effect with minimal effort. See them in action here.

Outdoor Smart Plug

The outdoor smart plug we use for the color changing flood lights and other holiday lights is on sale for $16! It’s compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

Indoor Smart Plugs

Our indoor smart plugs are on sale! These are great for lamps, Christmas trees, etc! Google Home and Alexa compatible.

Kids Smart Toothbrush Gaming Experience

I recently bought Owen this manual smart toothbrush that turns teeth brushing into a gaming experience for kids. It’s on sale for $10! It’s so cool, and he actually looks forward to brushing his teeth. You can download the free gaming app on your smartphone or a tablet. Owen uses his iPad. He earns diamonds for brushing different areas of his mouth, and then he can buy things with his diamonds. I’ll share a video of him using the toothbrush on my Instagram Stories. They also have a powered toothbrush, and it’s on sale for $20. I know lots of dentists say we should brush our kids teeth until they’re 10, but by the end of the day with these feral children, the last thing I want to do is wrestle them and brush their teeth for 2 minutes. So I’ve chosen to phone in this personal care activity. And Owen saw the dentist a couple weeks ago, and they said he’s doing a great job brushing his teeth. *drops mic*

Air Purifiers

Our air purifiers are on sale! I’ve never seen them this low. We have the bigger air purifier in our bedroom because it’s such a large room. The kids have the smaller air purifiers in their bedrooms. I bought them last fall when we had a lot of allergy symptoms, especially Owen. He’d wake up with a phlegmy throat. But after I put the air purifier in his room, his symptoms improved.

If you buy the smaller air purifier, I highly recommend getting a cover as well. The cover extends the life of the filter. I remove our covers about once a month, shake them off outside, and then wash them in the washing machine and hang to dry.

USB Charging Port

We have this charging port in our office area to charge the kids’ tablets and our security cameras. It’s nice having two outlets and two USB ports.

Portable Phone Charger

I LOVE this portable phone charger so much I own two. I can get multiple charges out of it and it charges fast.

Favorite Giant Umbrella

I LOVE this massive 68″ umbrella so much, we own three. Perfect for the bus stop on rainy days and for shade at outdoor sports events!

Landscape Spotlights

Ahhh! My landscape spotlights are on sale! Click here to see them in action! Buy the warm white.

Magnetic Tiles

Select MagnaTiles and Picasso Tiles are on sale! Owen and Emmett play with these nonstop. And trust me, these things are durable.

Favorite Pillows

Our favorite pillows are on sale! Nearly 150,000 4.5 star reviews. Enough said. Don’t forget to click the 20% off coupon!

Screen Cleaner Tool

I recently bought this screen cleaner tool to clean my phone and ipad screen. It does a great job cleaning screens. And I like how compact it is. It doesn’t come with cleaner, so I added this screen cleaner we use and love to the spray bottle.

Fake Rings

My fake rings are on sale! These are great for travel, if your real rings don’t fit, or just because.


My favorite leggings are on sale for $20! I bought a pair during the July Prime Days, and I’m hooked. They’re buttery soft, and they don’t roll.


20% off at Spanx!

Faux Leather Leggings

I love their faux leather leggings.

Fleece-Lined Faux Leather Leggings

I recently bought a pair of the new fleece-lined faux leather leggings, and they’re great. A lot warmer than the original faux leggings. If I had to choose between these and the unlined faux leather leggings, I’d go with these, especially if you live somewhere with 4 seasons.

Mid-Thigh Shorts Shapewear

My go-to shapewear is 20% off. I have two pairs of these. They’re a Level 2 support, so they provide some shaping without being super restrictive. I also like how they’re lightweight.


25% off site-wide. Use code CYBERAF for an additional 15% off!


I like their bodysuits, specifically their cotton-blend short-sleeve bodysuit.

Old Navy

50% off everything at Old Navy!


The official joggers of 221 are on sale for $20! I own three pairs of these, and I’m not ashamed to say it.


This is called a dynamic fleece half-zip sweatshirt, but that’s really misleading. It doesn’t feel like fleece, and I wouldn’t call it a sweatshirt. It’s dressier than a regular cotton hoodie and it gives off Lulu vibes. It looks really cute layered under a vest. I own it in wishbone and black.

Puffer Vest

This quilted puffer vest looks more expensive than the current $25 pricetag. It pairs really well with the half-zip I mentioned above. Throw in the joggers and you have a cute athleisure outfit.

Racerback Tank

If you see me during summer, there’s a 90% chance I’m wearing this breathable racerback tank. On sale for less than $8!

Flannel Shirt

I bought this fleece button down shirt for the holiday season (red tartan). It comes in an array of colorways.


I bought a couple of these beanies this fall because I wanted some cute, warm hats. Lots of colors. On sale for less than $8!


50%-60% off at Gap!


My fall, winter, and spring uniform consists of the official joggers of 221, a hoodie, a puffer vest, and the official athletic shoes of 221. This is my current fav, traditional hoodie. Since it’s a men’s hoodie, I size down one size. I own it in at least four colors.

Pajama Joggers

OMG I LOVE THESE. I change into these pajoggers every night when we go upstairs and start the bedtime routine for the kids. Then I stay in them until I take a shower. If I wore pants to bed, I’d wear these. They’re so soft. They are on the thin side when stretched (see: bending over), so I’ll only wear these around the house. On sale for $17!

Cableknit Sweater

I wore this classic camel-colored, cableknit sweater for Thanksgiving this year. I wanted a more fitted look so I sized down one size.

Denim Jacket

I bought this denim jacket this year. The color reads lighter on their website than it is in person. I’m very picky about jean jackets, and I love this one. Great length and shape. 1% Elastane for a little bit of stretch.

Winter Coat

My winter coat is on sale for $75-$99! You can buy it in 4 colors for $75-$99 at Nordstrom Rack. But sizes are limited in certain colors and you have to pay $9.95 for shipping if the order is under $89.

You can also purchase it from Macy’s in black or navy. Sizes XS-XXL available in both colors. Free shipping.

I love it because it has a massive hood which is great for blocking the wind at the bus stop. It also has an inner zippered bib.

Ballard Designs

25%-75% off + free shipping at Ballard Designs!


I love Ballard’s pleated, block print lampshades. I have them in our living room, bedroom, loft, and guest bedroom. They’re a great way to dress up a lamp and add some pattern to a room.


Naturalizer is having a big sale on shoes. They carry narrow, medium, and wide widths.

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