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New Stairway Light

When it came to lighting selections while designing the house, I went with the most basic lighting package (no extra cost) because I didn’t really care for any of the lights our builder had to offer. That’s one the caveats of a production builder– options are limited and they aren’t that great.

The old stairway light wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t the look I was going for– I wanted more of a statement light in the stairway.

So we took it down and donated it to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore.

I had been eyeing the new light for months. I even went so far as to Photoshop it into a photo I took of the stairway at the model home– just to be absolutely sure it was the light I wanted.

One day, I was telling my mom about the light, a capiz-shell pendant, and she said she and my stepdad wanted to gift it to us as a house warming present, which was very sweet of them and really appreciated. They got us a water softener for our last house. So while the light isn’t as practical as a water softener, it’s definitely prettier.

I probably took way too many photos of the light, but I’m kind of in love with it so that’s my excuse.

Here’s how it looks like with the light on during the day. (I rarely turn it on during the day though, because so much light pours through those windows.)

I’m not going to lie, hanging the new light was pretty awful. My father-in-law is an electrician, so I enlisted him to help take down the old light and put up the new one. I’m pretty sure I have to wait a couple months before asking him for another favor. He did say he hopes I never want to change the light out again. I don’t think that will happen.

That’s my father-in-law on the 10 foot ladder, my 6’6″ brother-in-law standing on the other side of the ladder (you’re not supposed to do that) holding the light, and Brad providing assistance from the stairs while battling a bloody nose. Owen and I were there for moral support.

She was totally worth it though.

Right, my helpful light-installers?

Don’t ask me what it’s like to dust the light because I have no clue.

The capiz-shell pendant is a show stopper at night. I’ve been told it looks like the Times Square NYE ball from outside.

It’s hard to see in the photo, but it reflects these cool designs all over the ceiling and wall at night.

Hopefully our future neighbors appreciate it as much as I do.

While the lightbulb isn’t very hard to change, I still purchased a dimmable LED lightbulb that’s supposed to last 13+ years.

In case you’re considering this capiz-shell pendant, wait for it to go on sale. I kept an eye on it for a few months to see how low they would go on the price. When it went on sale for 30%, I told my mom. The shipping cost is a buzzkill though.

The light is currently 25% off, but I don’t think free shipping ever applies because it comes in such a large box.

 All in all, I feel like it’s a really good light for the price.

Don’t forget to leave me your 2017 gift guide suggestions here!

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  1. Rachel Steck says:

    I LOVE it!! I’d love to see how it looks from outside at night!

    1. You really want my neighbors to question my sanity, don’t you?

      I’ll try in a few days. It’s been really rainy here so the empty lots next door are really muddy.

      1. Rachel Steck says:

        Your neighbors will learn soon enough…LOL. {And they will love you}.
        That light is just awesome but let us know about the dusting. The dusting has me befuddled.

        1. Hah! When our last neighbors (in our old neighborhood) originally moved in, they told me they thought I was just really proud of everything since I was always taking photos. Haha!

          I think I’ll try one of those Swiffer dusters with the long handle.

  2. I see you were thinking the same of “how to dust”? Enjoy your new light.

    1. I’m hoping if I just open the windows the wind will blow the dust off. Hah! I actually think I’ll try one of those long Swiffer dusters.

      1. Sounds like a plan! Enjoy and keep smiling!

  3. To dust it, just use the canned air like you use on electronics and I bet it will work pretty well. It’s gorgeous!!!

  4. Ohhh that light is stunning!! I bet it’s amazing at night.

    We just bought a 10 year old builder grade house and our 2 story entryway has a main light and a second smaller light over the stairwell. I’m dying to replace them but finding 2 options is like… way too many options. But this light is STUNNING!! And props to the guys for their excellent installation.

    1. I don’t envy you. Choosing lights is so hard. Thankfully this one jumped out at me, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. But now I have to find something for our loft area at the top of the stairs that will coordinate. So I say choose one light that you LOVE and go from there.

  5. That is the prettiest light I have ever seen! So unique!

  6. Wow, that is beautiful! I can think of about six places I could put one. Too bad I am not a gazillionaire!

  7. Wait, how do you actually change the lightbulb? Also, my suggestion for dusting – a can of spray air (like for keyboards) or a blow dryer. That is if you can get close enough to the light to use it.

    1. There’s a little section on the very bottom of the light that twists off. It’s the size of one of the lotus flowers, so big enough to fit your hand in there. I just wanted to make sure we had a long lasting bulb because I don’t think either of us wants to lug the 10 foot ladder up the stairs for a while.

  8. The light is gorgeous. I have a Capiz Shell Christmas Tree that I purchased at Pier 1, I love it. After last year, I found that using my blow dryer (use the cool button) dusted it off quite nicely, you might want to try this as well. It will be hard since it hangs high, but I would think you would need to do it only twice a year!

  9. Whoa baby! I love this one more than the others I’ve seen. I love how it looks like little flowers. I love the placement of it. Did I mention I love it? Can you show me the shadows it puts on the walls plz and thanks. #needy

  10. It’s gorgeous – definitely worth the splurge!

  11. That light is stunning! What an amazing, generous gift 🙂

  12. Ice blossoms. Gorgeous!

  13. So pretty! Dusting it with a leaf blower sounds like a good idea right?!

  14. Looks gorgeous!! Your poor father in law. That looked like a bear to install.

    1. Yeah, he’s a trooper. Plus, it didn’t help that the light is 30 pounds and all the points on the flowers hurt my BIL’s and husband’s hands.

  15. I would have never thought to pick a light like that, but it’s gorgeous!

  16. carol plant says:

    Love the new light – since i cant do heights at all i would probably never get cleaned (ha ha!) but it sure it lovely – luckily you had good people installing it

  17. It’s beautiful! And today (22 Nov 17) it’s 40% off!

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