Highway 40 Yard Sale-ing

Remember how I hit it up the Highway 40 yard sale with my BFF last year? Well, I did it again. But this time I dragged Brad along with me, braving the rain and mud. We started kind of late, but the rain worked in our favor in that aspect because not a lot of people were out. But the rain also deterred some people from opening their sales.

Our first stop was at my favorite lady’s set up because she had some great treasures last year. She didn’t disappoint this year. I picked up four blue ball mason jars. I’ve never seen jars like the two large blue Ball mason jars before so I had to snatch two of them. The lady said they’re hard to find, which probably explains the $8 each price tag. But I was fine with that because, like I said, I’ve never seen that size of Ball mason jar before. She sold me the two medium size jars for $3 each. I picked up the small jar at an indoor antique and farmers market for $2.

vintage blue ball mason jars

I love using these as vases because any color of flower looks great in them.

vintage blue ball mason jar

I also grabbed three clear Ball mason jars at the antique and farmers market for $2 each. I plan to use them in my home office/craft room for storage.

vintage ball mason jars

These vintage Pyrex bowls were at my favorite lady’s place. She saw me eyeing them and said she’d make me a deal. They were marked $20 for the set, but she sold them to me for $15. I’m already madly in love with the pink bowl.

vintage pyrex bowls

That sums up my treasures.

Now, onto a story that is completely unrelated to the highway 40 sale:

Later Saturday evening, after returning from yard sale-ing, I made a quick to the grocery store. On my way home I saw something in the road just inside the center turn lane. As I got closer I saw that it was a turtle. A big snapping turtle. It wasn’t even half way finished crossing the road, and I couldn’t let it get hit. So I spun around, positioned myself in the turn lane, turned on my hazards, and took a photo on my phone. Duh. What else was I supposed to do?

 As I was in the center turn lane a few other cars passed me from the opposite direction. I saw one lady look at the turtle and mouth “OH MY GOSH!” She ended up turning around and coming back to help me. By the time the lady came back the turtle had made its way into the other lane of traffic so I moved my car into the lane and put on my hazards. She parked ahead of the turtle and me and got out of her car. So I got out of my car. This was probably a mistake because the turtle freaked out and attempted to go back in its shell. The lady grabbed some Frisbees out of her car, and we attempted to scoop the turtle out of the road. This didn’t work very well because this sucker was at least 10 pounds. At least. We ended up getting the turtle into the grass on the side of the road but the silly thing turned itself around and faced the road. We kept saying we needed a man and ended up flagging down a man who was out on a walk with his wife. He got the turtle latch onto a Frisbee and he drug it a few feet into the grass, facing a field instead of the road.

turtle in the road

So there you have it, the heroic story of how I saved a turtle from vehicular manslaughter.

Have you ever hit up the Highway 40 sale?
Do you have an obsession with vintage Ball mason jars and Pyrex?
Have you ever saved a turtle’s life?

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  1. I almost got ran over by a golf cart one time rescuing a turtle…no lie. Glad you saved him 🙂

  2. Thanks for saving the turtle. My dad ran one over when driving back from the lake as a kid and I haven’t forgot! Very traumatic.
    Great finds at the garage sale too. I love those blue mason jars.

  3. Love your garage sale finds! And yes, I have stopped on the side of the road to relocate a large snapping turtle to safer ground as well.

  4. Ooo, good finds. I really like those Pyrex bowls. I may also have a small Pyrex addiction.

    As for the turtle, I probably wouldn’t have seen it. I’m a horrible driver. Remember that.

  5. Great finds!!! And good job saving the turtle! I was just telling my little boy the other day about all my turtle saving adventures from when I lived in FL. I’ve stopped and carried multiple turtles across the road. I just can’t let them get hit! 🙂

  6. So…we were meant to be friends. I am a lover of mason jars and pyrex too. And my husband and I have saved a turtle that was crossing the road too! I couldn’t let him get hit! I’m so glad you stopped to help him…even if he is sort or scary looking..ha!

  7. Love the pyrex! Way to be a turtle hero. I betcha right now, he’s wowing all his little turtle friends with your tale of bravery and heroic rescue. You’ll be a turtle legend!

  8. Barbara Hesselgrave says:

    I am so glad you saved the turtle. I am guessing he is a snapping turtle. The poor guy was confused in his effort to get to his home. It’s so tough for the animals to survive in our crowded world. THANK YOU from a turtle/bird/tree lover!

  9. Since I don’t know where hwy. 40 is I probably have not ever gone on the sale route. I do have my fair share of Mason’s tucked into the cabinet that I never seem to remember to use, and a few Atlas as well. As for the turtle I have saved many but last week I was too late for one and it was a terrible scene.


  10. An intense turtle rescue. I”m impressed!

    And great finds! I have a couple of those big Ball jars, and I think $8 is pretty fair. I try to stick to $4 and under for any other size. I’m very scientific with my blue balls.

  11. Sierraamist says:

    I have the Pyrex bowls and I love them. They were one of the first things my mom bought me for our first home. It looks like you are missing the small blue bowl to complete your set. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

  12. Angela L. says:

    I just started reading your blog…love it!!! My friend and I have also saved a turtle from being run over. The thing was huge and made a weird hissing noise at us when we got close to it. We had our tennis rackets in the trunk, so we used those to make him cross the road and lift him up over the curb.

    Also, awesome bell jar finds. My mom collects the blue bell jars and she freaked out when I bought her one of the big ones, she didn’t know they came in that size.

  13. I love in England, we don’t get turtles crossing the road! Glad you saved him though! Loving that pink Pyrex bowl!

  14. *live! Although love is probably true too!

  15. I have the same red Pyrex bowl of my grandmothers and I LOVE it. She used to always serve her famous macaroni and cheese in it and I treasure that thing. I also was able to get quite of few of their Mason jars and my mom the Blue ones….which I better be getting one day.

  16. LOVE the treasures you found! And yes, I live in Florida, so I save turtles as often as I can!

  17. Yes, I have saved a turtle. A big snapping turtle. I was walking near a busy road and saw this large turtle taking his sweet time to cross. I stopped traffic in both directions, thinking he would cross soon, but he just stopped right in the middle. I was not to be outmaneuvered, so I grabbed some very large sticks and gave him some guidance. I must have looked quite entertaining, because I swear I saw people laughing in their cars when they were able to pass.

  18. As the owner of a pet tortoise … thank you for saving the turtle! Would be terrible if the poor little guy had met his end on the road.

  19. Is it snapping turtle mating season!? Last Friday I was on a walk and saw a turtle in the middle of the road slowly moving. I saw cars coming around the corner fast, so I ran like a crazy person into the road whaling my arms so they wouldn’t hit me and stop before they reached the turtle. He was a big guy and I waited for him to cross the grass and then work the other 2 lanes, me playing crossing gaurd, so he could safely get to a field. Later that night, a friend a few states away posted a snapping turtle crossing the street near her & now you post about one too.

  20. That sounds like so much fun!! Btw, I totally need you to come decorate my new house. Seriously.

    And I totally stopped traffic for a turtle at lunch today!

  21. Tess @ heartsoulfamily says:

    Nice sale score! For reference (and to highlight how great your finds are) those vintage mason jars retail here in Australia for $30+ for small ones and $49+ for the large ones… Ouch right? Australia is one big expensive island!

  22. One time I saw someone hit a momma duck that had her babies right behind her. I was so distraught that I called 911 as I tried to herd all the baby ducks off the road. It was awful!

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