$20 Thrift Shop Challenge

You can only imagine my excitement last week when Sherry from YHL announced the (Completely Unofficial) Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge.

No idea what I’m talking about? Well, these two fellows Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, who just so happen to be white rappers, got together and created the Thrift Shop song. Finally, thrifter’s have an anthem. And I have a reason to go around calling people cold a$$ honkies. It’s such a momentous song my best friend, Natalie, promised to play it at my funeral should I die before her. Now that’s friendship, people.

So I put $20 in my pocket and hit up one of my favorite thrift shops to pop some tags.
Hello, Andrew Jackson.


Now, before I show you what I scored, I’ll share with you some of the treasures from the song that I spotted while scouring the racks.

While they aren’t gator or green, they’re still awesome. And I bet you wish you had a pair.

gator shoes

House slippers. These are super classy house slippers. You could totally pass these off as real shoes, and no one would know how fuzzy and soft they are on the inside.

house slippers

Some dookie brown leather jackets.

thrift shop challenge

A skeet blanket. Space Jam, anyone?

skeet blanket

The Velcros.

velcro shoes

A big a$$ coat.

thrift shop challenge

Alright. So I only found one thing I wanted to bring home with me. A gold pocketbook. For $2.66. Booyah.

gold clutch

I’ve been looking for a shiny clutch to go with the outfit I’m wearing for my birthday dinner tonight. But before I brought this bad boy home it had to pass my smell test. As many of you know, I have a very sensitive sense of smell. So yes, I was the weirdo casually attempting to sniff out a purse at the thrift shop. Thankfully this little beauty passed the stank test. A dryer sheet put inside the clutch overnight is all it needed.

A Clorox wipe later and this gem is ready to go. It looks smokin’ with the necklace I’m wearing tonight, no? (The necklace is a J. Crew cupcake necklace knock off. Psh. I frequent thrift shops, like I’m going to pay $118 for a necklace.)  I’ll do my best to post a photo of my full ensemble on the Instagram (@twotwentyone) tonight if you’d like to stalk me.

gold clutch 1

Want to see some of my thrift shop finds from the past? Go here or here or here.

Are you a tag popper?
Did you participate in the Thrift Shop Challenge?
What did you score?

Great news! Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s album ‘The Heist’ (MP3 version) is on sale for $3.99 on Amazon.


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  1. What are some of your favorite thrift/antique places in Indy? I’ve found a few that are OK, but I haven’t found much great stuff! I could really use your expertise!

    1. The Goodwill Outlets are good but it’s hit or miss and you have to be mentally prepared when you go in. Value World is good. There are some hole in the wall ones I want to try out soon, but they’re in kind of sketch neighborhoods so I’m waiting for my best friend to come to town so we can go together.

  2. I go to the thrift shops often and the Pottery Barn shower curtain was a great find! I don’t mind buying someone else’s used stuff because most it is still in good and perfect condition. And if they’re not, they can be washed and/or restored to perfect.

    1. You could have lifted it at Haven last year. Now I know what NOT to bring this year. I’m watching you, Hankins.

  3. I love that song! I don’s see any of “your granddad’s clothes” but the stuff you got “looks incredible”

  4. Girl you crack me up! I just discovered that song the other day and it is so hilarious. I’m addicted to thrift shopping right now…I’ve found some great clothes and stuff for our house at Goodwill recently. Love the clutch!

  5. I love all of your finds! Sooo Macklemore-Awesome. I can’t believe you only spent $2.66!!

  6. I love the clutch! I got the gold Marc Jacobs when it went on clearance at Target from that Neimans. It wasn’t $2.66 though. I LOVE that necklace. Can’t wait to see the whole ensemble tonight on IG!

  7. I love that clutch, and that necklace and Happy Birthday!!! I didn’t find anything from the song on my adventure, but I had fun trying some random stuff on!!

  8. I love your clutch! It looks perfect paired with your necklace!

    I got a brass French horn and a set of 6 vintage photos from Alaska. I also found some dookie brown leather jackets and the Pro Wings with velcro that I actually stuck my feet in. Not my proudest moment haha

  9. Great find! Thrifting has never been so fun as the challenge has been. I found some home decor stuff… and I coveted a big a$$ coat myself! 🙂

  10. Score! It can be hard to find purses that aren’t all janky, but you did well. Love that necklace, too. I wouldn’t pay the J. Crew price for it, either.

    Stopping by from YHL. It’s been fun seeing what everybody got!

  11. Happy birthday! Mine is tomorrow!

    Dude, I LOVE that necklace – do you mind sharing where you got it?

  12. I had so much fun with this challenge and it looks like you did too! 🙂

  13. Last week I found an cute little bench and an awesomely printed pillowcase at the Goodwill. Going to paint bench, take said pillowcase and reupholster the cushion with it. I tried to hide my finds but my husband saw it inthe garage and said I needed therapy for DIY -ness.

    I am in IN also, and just found your blog through IHeartOrganizing. I love it!

  14. Jessie G. says:

    Yo, you found THE VELCROS!


  15. Ooohh.. where did you find the necklace?

  16. Oh, that clutch is hella tight. So classy. What a fun challenge this has been!! And, SO STOKED to hear that you also randomly sniff things. My husband (while making fun of me) says that my “super-sniffer” is my super power. Lame super power…

  17. Damn gurl, you one cold a$$ honkey! Mad props for incorporating “skeet blankets” and classic 90’s children’s movies in the same post. You’re my hero.

  18. Hi, just popping over from YHL. The clutch is cute but it is awesome with that necklace! Great find 🙂

  19. that clutch is really beautiful! but those houseslipper/loafers are pretty sweet, too. i may have taken a chance on them had they been my size… 😉

  20. Omigosh — decades of thrif store shopping and have NEVER seen anything like that coat. Now I really want to know who wore it and in what context!

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