Highway 40 Yard Sale

This past weekend my best friend, Natalie, drove down from Chicago to experience the Highway 40 yard sale with me. I took to Craigslist before her arrival to determine our garage sale action plan. What’s that you ask? It’s a 4-day yard sale that runs 824 miles from Maryland to Missouri– all along Highway 40, which happens to cut through the Indianapolis area. Score.

We set out around 8:00 AM Saturday morning. Our first stop was a multi-booth yard sale of sorts.

highway 40 yard sale


Historic National Road Yard Sale

It didn’t take me long to spot my first find of the day– a vintage scale for $10. I love its blueish turquoise face. And the fact that it’s from Chicago.

Historic National Road Yard Sale

A couple yard sale stops later, we hit a blogger’s paradise. Blue Ball mason jars, old wooden crates, and vintage scales galore. I could picture blogger heads exploding everywhere.

Highway 40 Yard Sale

I thought this vendor had quite a few blue Ball mason jars until I looked under the table they were setting on and spotted a crate and box full of more jars.

Historic National Road Yard Sale


Hwy 40 yard sale

Natalie and I walked away with four blue Ball mason jars for $5. Yes, 4 for $5. I bet your mind is blown. Looking back, I should have bought all of them, turned around, and resold them like crack to other bloggers. Maybe next time.

This vendor also had vintage scales.

Historic National Road Yard Sale Highway 40

And vintage wooden crates and milk cans.

Highway 40 Garage Sale

The vendor made the mistake of telling me that she has a big yard sale every fall at her house. Needless to say, I know where I’ll be the weekend after Labor Day this year.

They had quite a few vintage things at our next yard sale stop.

Highway 40 Sale

I picked up a vintage “Indiana Hurryin’ Hoosiers” 7UP bottle for Brad’s office, which is decorated in Indiana University stuff, while at this particular sale.

We stopped at a couple more yard sales before our final stop at a antique mall, where vendors had set up booths outside the antique mall. Some booths were good, and some were filled with crap.

Dented box of Nice ‘N Easy, anyone?
Highway 40 Sale

I may or may not have grabbed one of these toy snakes, threw it at Natalie, and yelled “AHHH!” Natalie may or may not have screamed and instinctively slapped my arm really hard. It was totally worth it though.

But not all the booths were bad. I found (and purchased) a vintage Anchor Hocking hobnail milk glass ice bucket for $5 at one booth.

One booth had some great old windows, wooden crates, and Ball mason jars.

Highway 40 Sale

We walked around the antique mall on the property before calling it a day. This is where I spotted an old Avon perfume bottle shaped like a spool of thread and thimble that was in my grandma’s sewing things that I inherited. Natalie picked up the bottle and proceeded to spill the 30 year old perfume on herself. I coughed and gagged every time I came within a 3 feet radius of her. Have I mentioned that I have a sensitive sense of smell? I was going to make her hitch hike home. But she said she was sorry, and lucky for her (and me) I keep wet wipes in my car.

Keep in mind that we only drove 13 miles of the 824 miles of yard sales. Seriously, imagine the possibilities!

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  1. I can so see Natalie doing that – she is so funny!!! Thank goodness for wet wipes. 🙂 Those vintage milk crates and jugs are amazing – and I can’t wait to see what you do with the Ball jars!

  2. You’re a nicer friend..I would have made her walk. 😛

    Sweet finds! My blogger mind is officially blown.

  3. Sooooo lucky! What a yardsale!!! I get giddy thinking about it…. Wish Dallas had something like that and I’d be in Heaven.

  4. Um.. yeah, I’d roadtrip with you. And I’m not kidding! My bro/sis-in-law lives in Broadripple, so we’re always trying to plan a visit 🙂

  5. That looks so fun! I LOVE the scale you bought–that is fantastic. And I so wish I could have taken home one of those old windows . . . they’re gorgeous!

  6. I need to look that up! I am CRAZY for a good yard sale!! And Missouri is a close neighbor to my North so I may just see ya next year!

  7. Ugh I am dying to do this!!! I am on my way in Indy in a matter of moments…may have to make a few extra stops!

  8. My blogger head just exploded! I’ve never heard of this, even though Missouri is right next door to me. I’ll have to mark my calendar!

  9. i have NEVER heard of anything like this…it’s amazing!!! i think i would be camping out so i didn’t miss anything! that scale is awesome…and those blue jars…i would have bought them off you 😉

  10. WOW! That looks amazing. I cant believe the deal you got on those mason jars (at the raleigh flea market last week ONE was $8). I also love the milk glass!

  11. Amazing finds! I’m totally down for a trip next year if that’s not creepy to say haha My best friend lives in Indianapolis and I’ve been meaning to make a trip out there for 4 years now!

  12. I live in muskingum county, and love flea markets! The rt. 40 event is best for us, it’s close, and helps us since we are both disabled. When is the event closest to zanesville, Ohio?

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