I’m Lovin’ #6

I don’t do my I’m Lovin’ posts very often because I tend to wait a few months, compile things that I like, and then purge on you guys. And today is you’re lucky day! I’m sharing a lovely array of items that I’m currently digging.I'm Lovin 1

 1. Skinny Pop
Have you guys tried Skinny Pop popcorn? If not, you need to because it’s so good. White Cheddar is my favorite. Plus, it’s only 43 calories per one cup of popcorn. But just because the word ‘skinny’ is in the name doesn’t mean that you should eat the entire bag in one sitting.

2. Aztec Secret
I finally tried this face mask last week after the container sat in my bathroom for 7 months. Procrastinate much? You mix the powder with apple cider vinegar, slather it on your face, and wait about 15-20 minutes. The hardest part it getting it off your face. But HOLY SMOKES I wish I took before and after photos because the pores on my nose and cheeks were almost nonexistent. Not to mention, my face felt like butter. Seriously, you have to try this stuff out. It’s less than $8 for a one-pound container, plus throw in a couple more bucks for apple cider vinegar, so it’s very economical.

3. Jack Black lip balm
I’m kind of a lip balm snob. Mostly because that’s the only thing I wear on my kisser. I came across this lip balm, and after reading some reviews online, I bought a tube of the mint and shea butter, and I love it. The feeling of it is perfect– not too sticky, not too slimy. And I feel like the mint plumps up my lips a bit.

4. booties
Specifically, these ankle boots. I don’t hide the fact that I have man feet. I mean, they’re kind of hard to hide based on their size because I wear a woman’s 11 wide. As you can imagine, finding fashionable shoes that also fit is hard to do. When I came across these boots and saw that they came in regular AND wide width I figured why not, I have nothing to lose. So I bought them (with a 40% off coupon + free shipping) and to my amazement they fit and they’re cute. If you have wide feet and have had a hard time finding boots that fit, definitely check them out.

5. fall dresses
I bought this dress for $16 a couple weeks ago, and I love it. I also got this dress. It’s no lie that I’m a big fan of shorter dresses with leggings. I tend to buy a couple inexpensive dresses each season and wear them with my all time favorite leggings, which are also available in sizes 1X-3X.

6. personalized bar necklace
Last month, I bought myself this personalized bar necklace with Owen’s name stamped on it. I love how it goes with everything. But I will warn you that it’s on the smaller size, and you can’t see the name unless you get really close. Which is fine by me because I don’t necessarily need a giant billboard necklace with my kid’s name on it.

Have you tried any of the things that I’m currently loving? If there’s something that you’re currently obsessed with, let me know!

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  1. I’ve been wearing opaque tights + short dresses all fall and as it gets colder, it’s been moving into leggings territory (Lula Roe makes my favorite leggings, they feel like butter and wear so well). Have you taken a break from the podcast? It seems like it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a new one!

    1. I’ll have to look into those! I love my Zellas because they wear really well and get softer as time goes on. Yeah, it’s been hard trying to track down bloggers and make our schedules work so we can chat for 45-60 minutes. I’m hoping to get some done before Christmas, and then really start back up after the New Year when bloggers are a lot less busy (Nov-Dec is a crazy busy time for most bloggers). This might come off wrong, but it makes me happy that you miss it! I haven’t gotten a ton of feedback about the podcast so I figured most people didn’t really care about it.

      1. I miss the podcasts as well! They are really enjoyable!

  2. How do you mix the mask? Any specific proportions? The jar say equal parts of acv and water but really doesn’t say how much clay. I’m trying it this morning:)

  3. Love those booties! I have size 12 feet, I guess I need them to hold up y 6’1″ frame, always appreciative of a potential lead on new shoes! Also think I am going to order the mask. Thanks again!

    1. Right?! I’m 5’10” so I guess that’s why my body requires the 11 wide feet. I’m always willing to share the shoe love for my larger feet friends because it’s so hard to find good shoes. You’ll LOVE the mask!

  4. Hi Chelsea,
    I’ve been using a red clay mask for over 50 years. First tried it in cosmetology school. My daughter has been using it for about 25 yrs and we both have complexion that’s ‘enviable’ for our ages. Don’t wait so long to use it again! ?

  5. Skinny Pop is so good!!! Their white cheddar is my favorite but I love their sweet ones too.

  6. Hi! New reader here. I came over from your 221 Talk with Kelly from VATW!

    I can’t resist trying all-natural face products, and I don’t have a mask or exfoliation routine currently. After reading this post, I ran over to Whole Foods and got a jar of the clay. The mask was so fun and I did feel the pulsating/heat effect. Plus it’s basically making a mud pie and smearing it on your face, which was oddly relaxing. I didn’t see skin-clearing benefits just yet but I’m excited to do it regularly and see if it clears things up and minimizes pores! Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. So glad you found me, Shannon! And I’m glad you enjoyed the mask! My best friend did it the other night– she didn’t notice immediate pore shrinkage like me but she said her face was super smooth after using it. Hopefully after continued use it gives all of us crazy good looking skin!

  7. LOVE Zella Live In leggings! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t wear them to workout! haha! I’ve been subbing in the elementary schools in my area & these have been perfect for under tunics & with boots! Love them! The wide waistband is perfection! Have you ever tried the Hue leggings from Nordstrom that the gal from Pinterest Told Me To always talks about? Just curious as to how these stack up!

    🙂 Jamie

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