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Baby Clothes, Granny Panties, and Pizza

Was it the awesome post title that lured you in? Good. My virtual candy worked.

Today’s post is a hodge podge of the highlights of my week. Super exciting stuff, you guys.

First, baby clothes.

I’m not gonna lie, shopping for baby boys is harder than shopping for girls. The selection just isn’t there. Well, selection for decent-looking clothes. I want my kid to look somewhat stylish, not like a walking billboard for Disney Pixar or a spokesmodel for teddy bears and elephants.

I’ve been finding cute clothes (on sale, because I’m cheap) at Old Navy, Baby Gap, and JCPenney lately. And thankfully, Baby Gap is having an awesome sale right now– online and in-store. I must confess that I hit up both. Although I feel like the prices on some of the stuff is better in-store (40% off red tags + 10% off if you’re a cardmember). But I did notice some things are on sale on the website that aren’t on sale in the store and vice versa.

baby gap sale

I purchased 16 items, in-store, for $94 the other day. That’s an average of $5.86 per item, which is less than I paid for some things I got at a big consignment sale a couple months ago. I stocked up on stuff the nug can wear once he’s born, in a few months, and next year– that includes shorts, pants, rompers, onesies, shirts, PJs, a sweater, and a hat. So if you’re looking for cute clothes for your kiddo definitely hit up Baby Gap this weekend.

Like I said above, I found some cute clothes at JCPenney (mostly Carter’s brand) last weekend during their 4th of July sale.

Well, this is what happened the other day when I received the items I purchased:

granny panties

I posted this on Instagram and Facebook and people kept telling me that I may want to hang on to these gems for after I have the nugget. I understand where they’re coming from (I’ve heard all about the granny panties and pads the size of Texas), but these bad boys are 100% nylon, and if I’m forced to wear such undergarments I’d prefer cotton.

I’m happy to report that I received my missing sheets yesterday– sans additional granny panties.

As for the two pairs of women’s briefs I received and JCP is allowing me to keep, those are going into my bachelorette party gift stash. I always give lingerie and a pair of humungous granny panties as a bachelorette party gift.

Moving right along, the other night Brad and I tried pizza on the grill for the first time. I bought some pre-made pizza dough at Trader Joe’s, which was very good by the way, and followed the directions that were on the package. We had some issues getting the doughy pizza onto the pizza stone because the directions said to preheat the stone on the grill. Then, I must not have oiled or floured the stone enough because the crust stuck to the stone. Someone on Instagram recommended cornmeal so we’ll try that next time to help with the sticking issue. I’m open to suggestions, especially when it comes to transferring the pizza onto the stone. Or am I supposed to build the pizza on the preheated stone? Help a sister out.

I will say that the pizza was delicious despite it being kind of a train wreck.


Well, that’s about it for my exciting week. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

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  1. I put my pizza dough on the pre-heated stone, no toppings, then flip it over after a few minutes and build the pizza on it. Both on the grill and in the oven, I find it helps cook the dough all the way and not burn the cheese. I’ve never had any luck getting a “pre-built” pizza off the pizza peel and onto the stone!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I managed to get it onto the stone by folding it into itself and then unfolding it. Hah! I’ll have to try your technique next time. Do you use anything special to keep the dough from sticking to the stone?

  2. We skip the stone, and use heavy-duty foil right on the grill grates. Grease it up, put the dough down, then flip and add toppings. it still gets a yummy char too.

    And as for baby boy clothes, I really like the Carter’s stuff! Some of it is very cutesy, but other stuff is very classic-looking. I find that they wash and wear REALLY well. Carter’s onesies are especially soft. The Old Navy stuff, not so much–I just actually took an ON onesie off my 4 month old son and replaced it with a Carter’s one this morning bc the ON one had stretched out in the neck so much, it was becoming an off-the-shoulder 80s thing. And he had only been wearing it for less than an hour.

    Baby Gap has cute stuff too, but I find for my string-bean baby giant (50% for weight, 99+% for height!), there’s too much room on the sides, and not enough room in length. For example, he was wearing 0-3 mo Carter’s stuff. but 3-6 mo Baby Gap.

    HOWEVER, I will say that both Old Navy and Baby Gap have some SERIOUSLY cute rompers, that my boy is currently spending most of his summer in. They are awesome! You just have to try a bunch of stuff and see what works for your babe. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the pizza tip!

      Yeah, between what I’ve purchased and what we got from baby showers, at least half of his clothes are Carter’s. I’m glad the rompers have worked out for you! I got a handful from ON and Gap so I hope they work out for the nug.

  3. Oh, no! I was a little sad about not being able to do hairbows, and rompers, and little Lilly dresses with my little guy. But I promise the boys’ stuff is super cute. Baby Gap has the most adorable little sweaters and stuff for them in the winter. Go splurge on some Janie and Jack stuff, too!

    Did you get any of the baby gap bundlers? They are a total lifesaver for those dozens of newborn diaper changes. Like these: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=94887&vid=1&pid=303103002

    1. I took Brad into Janie and Jack one day and he about died when he saw the prices. Haha! I’ll have to keep an eye out for sales and maybe splurge on a special occasion outfit.

      I have a few of those. I might have to get more because I hear they’re awesome for all the diaper changes.

  4. I hear you on the boys clothes. I have had the same issue for the last 7.5 years. I love Carter’s too, as someone mentioned above. That is where I still get a good chunk of his clothes. I don’t know what I will do when he can’t wear their clothes anymore. They go up to a size 7. I don’t care for all of the character shirts, etc. either.

    1. Yeah, I’d say at least half of his outfits are Carter’s. I like how you can typically find good sales on them and because they can be found in numerous stores (Kohls, JCP, Macy’s, etc.).

  5. awesome deal on the baby clothes and the granny panties are cracking me up. You can use one of those wooden paddle for the stone just be sure to flour the paddle when before you make you pizza on it so it will slide right onto the stone

    1. Our pizza stone came with a metal paddle but the pizza still didn’t want to slide on because it was so doughy. Now I guess I understand why some people say pizza making is an art form. Hah!

  6. Definitely use cornmeal. I’m terrible at transferring the dough to the preheated stone too. I need to get one of those pizza peels to help me out. Make sure you preheat the stone though or else it’ll crack when you put it in the heat.

  7. Adorable clothes! I dressed my son in a lot of polos and nice jeans and khakis. Little preppy boy lol. I definitely enjoy shopping for my baby girl a whole lot more!

    I find lots of great cheap clothes from local Facebook groups that are like online yard sales. So many nice hand me down clothes that are new or worn once for so cheap! One lady gave me an entire wardrobe worth of clothes for free because she was moving! So check that out too if you’re ok with gently used.

    1. I can’t find any tiny polo shirts, and it’s extremely disappointing. All I can find are 12M and up.

      I recently joined some of those FB groups so I’ll keep my eyes peeled for clothes on there. A few years ago I got a couple garbage bags of girls’ clothes for one of my clients who couldn’t afford winter clothes for her daughter (super sad situation) on Craigslist so I’ve kept good ole CL in mind too.

  8. Haha those panties are hilarious!

    Boys clothes are harder to find and boys are so rough on their clothes I’v always found that there is a smaller selection of second hands boys clothing. The Children’s Place clearance section both online and in store is my favourite place for kids clothing. Sometimes I get items for less than $1. That said, between puking newborns, and self feeding crawling babies I usually stick to 2 or 3 nice outfits for each age range and then onesies and pants/shorts for every day use. I don’t like anything with snaps or buttons on it either because it can be uncomfortable for babies while in bed, the car seat or a carrier. For older babies it can be a chocking hazard too.

    1. Haha sorry for the typos- I’m one handing it while nursing….

    2. Aren’t they? They’re seriously huge. I told Brad I could use them to swaddle the nugget.

      I need to add The Children’s Place to my sale stalking list. I’m not a huge fan of going to the mall so I’ll definitely check out their site. Thanks!

  9. ………. did somebody, somewhere, order granny panties and receive your sheets instead? That is the real tragedy in this scenario. I know if a person is going out of their way to order underwear online, they probably need it.

    1. Haha! But they were $70 king size sheets. Clearly she benefited more from the situation than I did. But I don’t know if she would’ve called JCP and said, “You sent me king size sheets instead of my $10/pair granny panties”.

  10. We don’t have any kids yet but I’ve been stocking up on neutrals from Ralph Lauren at Marshall’s/TJ Maxx! Being that you know you’re having a boy I’ve seen some really cute boy things there and of course the prices are amazing.

  11. We make pizzas a lot, sometimes on the grill and other times in the oven, but always on a pre-heated pizza stone. The key for me is to flour (or cornmeal, if you prefer, but I don’t love its flavor/texture) the pizza peel fairly generously before stretching the dough. Then to gently shake the peel again once the dough is on the board to make sure that it’s not sticking and there’s enough flour. You can add too much flour and you’ll be able to taste it, but after a few attempts you’ll figure out how much is enough.

    I then build the pizza and do some additional shaking to make sure everything is loose and ready to go before attempting to slide it onto the hot stone. If there are any sticky areas, I gently pry them off the board and slide some additional flour or cornmeal underneath the dough and then shake some more to make sure it’s ready to slide off the peel and onto the stone. Regarding the dough sticking to the stone, that shouldn’t happen if the stone is hot enough. I don’t know what temp we end up with on the grill, but when we use our oven we turn it up to 550 and the dough never sticks to the stone! Hope that helps!

  12. I love making pizzas and I always use the TJ’s dough (so yummy and so easy). I’ve never tried the pizza stone on the grill. I shape my dough on a big cutting board, drizzle some olive oil on it, cart it out to the grill and then flip it oiled-side down. Once that side is cooked nicely, I drizzle more olive oil, flip it all over, let it cook a bit more and build my pizza on top. Sometimes it comes out looking really nice, sometimes it is pretty jacked, but it’s always delicious.

    1. Isn’t the TJ’s dough delicious? We tried another pizza on the grill last week with different dough and it came out awesome. I need to head back to TJ’s and get more dough and try out my pizza stone techniques.

  13. Ha!ha! What an amazing story behind those two pairs of women’s briefs 😀 Well, you pizza look yummilicious as compare to the one I cook ( they are sheer disasters). Would you like to share some pizza making secrets? Be kind to me 😉

    1. Thanks! I plan on doing a post later this week or next week on pizza making. We made a pizza last week on the grill with the pizza stone and it turned out great.

  14. We are quite obsessed with Trader Joe’s pizza crust, but we have yet to cook on the grill. What a great idea! Whenever we cook it in the over though, we usually do put LOTS of flour beneath the dough so that it doesn’t stick.

    Also, I do not have a baby (yet), but I always find the cutest clothes for my friends’ babies at Marshalls/TJ Maxx and sometimes H&M. Usually pretty cheap too! I’m sure you’ve checked out those places but thought I’d share. 🙂

    1. I love TJ’s pizza dough! I figured out that cornmeal is the trick to keep it from sticking to the pizza stone on the grill, but I know not everyone likes the texture of cornmeal. I like it because it gives the crust a really crunchy bottom.

      I need to check out Marshalls/TJ Maxx. Brad and I went in H&M a couple weeks ago and everything was so smushed and unorganized I could barely find anything (think Forever 21 in a 12×12 space). I was also unimpressed by the lack of boy clothes they had. They had this HUGE girls’ section and the boys’ section was in a little corner. I might give them another try when we go to the mall later this week.

  15. Yep! Corn Meal is the secret!

  16. Purchase and build the pizza on a wooden pizza board – then you can slide the pizza onto the preheated stone.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Our pizza stone came with a metal pizza paddle but it still stuck. I’m guessing we should’ve put cornmeal on the paddle and built the pizza on top of that so it would slide off easier.

      1. My guess is you still may have sticking issues with a metal paddle. Definitely try the cornmeal. My mom always uses cornmeal when she makes pizza, along with the wooden paddle. We don’t make pizza very often (mainly Easter – its our little weird tradition) but I make my dough from scratch and prep the pizza on a holed pizza pan then place that pan on the pre-heated stone in the oven. That may be another option for you.

  17. We had the exact problem with the trader joe’s pizza crust. We tried to grill it at the same time as well. I think the pizza needs to go on the pizza stone ahead of time. My husband also suggested cornmeal next time. It’s funny, I watched an episode of the Kitchen and they were showing how to grill pizza and they showed the dough just going right on to the grates. Maybe you can’t use pre-made dough and have to make it from scratch,

    1. Thanks, Erin! We made another pizza last week (using different dough) and it came out great. We broke out the cornmeal and that made a huge difference. When we make our next pizza I’m going to take photos and write on a post on what worked for us.

  18. I definitely recommend Gymboree for cute kids clothes – they have good sales too if you look out. I’ve also found that the actual Carter’s stores have better deals than Kohls and so on. The stores often have 50% off or more, plus you can use coupons. For pricier stuff, Janie & Jack is good for boys clothes – but watch out for sticker shock. Way over-priced, but absolutely adorable. 🙂 I’ve managed to find a few great shirts on sale for my son – polos and rugbys and dress shirts. 🙂 I would say a majority of stuff we buy is from Carter’s – it’s lasted really well!! Also, there are some really great consignment kids sales at churches in our area, and I’ve lucked out there, so that’s a source you might want to look into. I’ve found stuff with tags attached – because they always receive way more than they need, especially that first year!

    And I see you’ve already had success with the corn meal for your pizza, but that was my suggestion. I also use olive oil, but that’s because I use a gluten free crust which is unlike regular dough at first – it’s very gooey. I also use a pizza grill pan that I bought at Crate and Barrel. Makes it super easy. We grill pizza every weekend! 🙂

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