10 Fun and Creative Classroom Valentine’s Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a special time for kids to express their appreciation for their classmates and friends. Instead of traditional store-bought valentines, consider customizable valentines that your child would like to give to classmates.

Consumable Valentines Ideas

I love a consumable Valentine. There are numerous options– cookies, chips, crackers, candy, and more.


I put together these Cookies and Milk themed Valentines for Emmett’s preschool class in 2021. I purchased the cookies in bulk from Costco.

The Valentine cards can be purchased from Etsy and printed on regular printer paper or card stock.

Hole punch the card and attach it to the bag of cookies with bakers twine.

Cookies and milk classroom Valentine. Small bag of cookies with attached card that reads "Valentine, we go together like cookies and milk"


These super hero sucker Valentines are adorable. The only time consuming aspect with these would be cutting out each cape. But it’s a doable activity while catching up on your favorite TV show. If your kid is good with scissors, they can help.


  1. Buy chips in bulk.
  2. Buy and print chip themed Valentines.
  3. Sign name and cut out Valentines.
  4. Attach Valentine cards to bags of chips.

Purchase Chip Valentine cards here.


Goldfish– a popular choice amongst the 10 and under crowd.

With this Valentine, you make a cut at the top of the fishbowl so a Goldfish package can be attached.

Pirate’s Booty

When your kid likes pirates, but you prefer a consumable Valentine.

Pirate’s Booty Valentine

Small Toy Valentines


Got a car-lover? Owen passed out these car themed Valentines to his preschool classmates in 2020. I can’t find the exact Valentine I used for these, but this one is very similar. The cars are secured to the Valentine cards with washi tape.

Pop Its

Owen loved the Pop It Valentines, he did them two years in a row. Pop It keychains can be purchased in bulk for as little as $7 for 30. Print the Valentine cards, have your kid sign their name, cut them out, hole punch in the corner, and add the keychain.

The printable Valentine card we used is no longer available, but this one is very similar. This printable Valentine card is another great option with multiple colors.


Listen, Play-Doh is better than slime.

Play-Doh Valentines / mini Play-Doh

LEGO / Building Blocks

Amazon has tons of building block Valentine options and a lot of them come with everything.

Water Bottle Stickers

This is a cute idea! The youth seem to be very into decorating their water bottles these days.

water bottle stickers Valentines / water bottle stickers

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