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Home Office Details

Thanks for all your amazingly sweet comments yesterday about my home office makeover reveal. You guys are the bomb diggity.

Today I’m sharing some more details about the makeover and where I purchased everything. And you know how I like transparency, so I’m also sharing the approximate cost of the makeover. I’m going to give the prices of things I specifically purchased for the makeover.

ikea expedit

Wall color: Voyage by Valspar… $30

Workstation: 6×6 Ikea Expedit (now called Kallax) shelving unit and Expedit (Kallax) desk… $200 + $50 = $250 (BUT it was technically free to me because I cashed out some credit card points I acquired through paying for our wedding expenses.)

White boxes and magazine files: Ikea Kassett… $55

Pink boxes: Hobby Lobby… $35

Bridal bouquet canvas: Canvas On Demand (Groupon)… $45

ball canning jars used for craft storage


Clear Ball mason jelly jars: Goodwill… $12

Turquoise Ball mason jars: Yard sale and Goodwill

Bakers twine: eBay (18 spools)

Washi tape: Target

Vintage thread spools: Grandma

Buttons: JoAnn Fabric

printer cart

Printer cart: Gift

Greeting card organizer: Gift via Amazon.com (read about it here)

Here’s the before and after of the printer cart. I used spray paint to spruce it up a bit.

printer cart before and after

home office makeover 2

Chair: Craigslist

Table: Goodwill… $9

Whale:  Kohls

Pillow: Home Goods

Blanket: Handmade gift

Curtains: Target… $20

craft room makeover 1

Gallery wall frames: Ikea (full details here)… ~$100

Katie Daisy print: Katie Daisy… $15

Sewing cabinet: Gift… but, the makeover cost around $40 (read about the makeover here)

Pink storage box: Kohls (read about the makeover here)

Apothecary jars: Micheal’s and Home Goods

Pink threads: thrift shop and grandma

craft room makeover

Fabric covered faux nailhead trimmed memo board:  Upcycled old cork board… $12 (read about the makeover here)

home office hydrangeas

Pink vase: Gift

Personalized lucite tray: DIY project… $15 (read about it here)

Gold polka dot candle holder: Target

Small white bowl: Goodwill

stenciled file cabinet

File cabinet: Gift (read about the makeover here)

Calendar: Anne Taintor via Amazon.com… $13

TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: $651 – $250 (gift card from credit card points) = $401

A room makeover for less than $500? Not too bad.

Who’s itching to go to Ikea now?
Any other questions?

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  1. Melissa G says:

    We are looking for a house. We sold ours 3 years ago and have been renting, waiting for the “right” house to come along. Once we are moved, I am hitting Ikea. It’s 2 hours away, but I have a very long list!

    Love your makeover. Is that paint color more gray or blue? Hard to tell in pictures.

  2. Just catching up on the reveal and details all at once. Love it! It feels so fresh and relaxing. Not a bad place to work! The details definitely make the space–good work!!

  3. It’s beautiful! Wishing I had a room just for crafting. 🙂

  4. I am TOTALLy itching to get to IKEA!!! I have been wanting to go there for a few weeks to pick up some other things, and now I just added a few more to my list. Your office really is beautiful…great job!

  5. Oh em gee! I’m in love with this makeover! I’m sooooo borrowing some ideas for my office. I’ve been looking at thrift stores for the perfect desk, but dang, that Ikea one would solve my storage problems AND look nice an modern, which I LOVE.

  6. Love, love. Your office space looks so great. We finally moved and have space for an office I’m itching to re do mine. Great inspiration here! Are you white shelves in your office from IKEA too?

  7. Toni Lampman says:

    Wish we had an Ikea near me. Not one within travel distance, only have the online option and I like to see things in person most of the time before buying.

    Love the makeover though. I would love to have my own Craft room but do not have enough room in the house!

  8. Thanks so much for this source list! Love all the thrift store finds! I have those same curtains from Target in my living room … love how inexpensive yet beautiful and classic they are!

  9. Just so you know, not only is your style beautiful, but so are your photography skills. Everything is so bright and crisp it sears my corneas with style everytime. I think I squint when I read your blog. In a good way:) Love it

    Britt@ Creating Space for Five

  10. It’s gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous. I love the white with touches of pink and blue!

  11. Peggy Sullivan says:

    Love reading your blog! And I LOVE your dry sense of humor!! What a gift to be able to write the way you (possibly) speak and with humor and encouragement at the same time. Oh, and thanks for sending the storm to all of us in the Northeast. Really. I was so ready for a snow day! Loved seeing your posts from the park~~I grew up near Chicago and miss the midwest; also remember family weekend trips to Turkey Run State Park as a kid. Keep writing! And painting, etc. You are an inspiration.

  12. I’m wondering, did you actually assemble the Expedit? I mean, you didn’t share the step-by-step, so how do we even know you did it? 😉

    It really looks lively. And much more expensive than it was. The fact that you even remember what things cost make you amazing. I can’t even remember what I spent for lunch today. Dd I even eat lunch?

  13. This looks great, Chelsea!
    I love how bright and clean it all looks – would definitely love to spend time here!

    I think the printer cart is my favorite part – I would have never thought of painting the top a bold color like that, but it looks awesome.

    And yes, I definitely want to go to IKEA now… maybe once I can walk again I’ll go on a shopping spree! haha 😉

  14. Tess @heartsoulfamily says:

    Love love love it!!

  15. Where is that adorable pink clock from?

  16. What is the paint color?

  17. I love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Your room is gorgeous. I love the colors and the shelving. It looks like such an inspiring place to work. Can I ask you why you chose to face the closet, though, instead of the window?

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I put the chair on that side of the desk mostly for the photo. It didn’t look very welcoming with the back of the chair facing the camera/door.

  19. LOVE!!!! I love this room, the closest IKEA is 7 hours away. Someday I will get there with a rental truck and get everything on my list. I have to say though, the blanket over the chair is amazing!! I so secretly wish I could knit like that. It looks so warm and cozy. Thank you for sharing!

  20. I must ask you, where in your Hobby Lobby did you find the gorgeous pink boxes? I found some ok…. Canvas bins from TJ Maxx but I’m not entirely happy with the look.

    I must admit I was so inspired by your room I went out and got the Expedit 4shelf bookcase and desk this weekend and I am having the most difficult time with the finding storage containers I like in here. Ikea did have some extremely bright…not quite magenta more like an odd shade of pink.

  21. What color /brand did you use for the turquoise????

  22. Could you please tell me how you attached the desk to the bookshelf unit? I want to make this for my sewing room. Thanks so much.

  23. Christina says:

    Love your makeover and your cleverness with prices and ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  24. HI! I know this seems like a silly question but do you know what color white you used for the baseboards etc in this room or do you have a go to color? I’m having such an issue finding a white for my trim!

  25. Katie Eckenrode says:

    So….I am currently working on creating an office space for myself at home and I have a question about your desk. I looked up the Kallax system on the Ikea website and the table that is shown with it looks slightly different from yours. The one on the Ikea site has two legs, but yours is a solid side. Did you mix up the Ikea pieces and custom create that? Or is that how they used to sell the expedit?

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