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Home Office Makeover Reveal

Today’s the day! My home office/craft room makeover reveal. I hope it lives up to your expectations.

This room makeover has been in the works for hmm 17 months. The process was slow. Obviously. This goes to show that rooms don’t come together over night. Remember that.

I must say I really love my office. It’s my woman cave. The place where I can display as many pink and feminine things as I want. Forget about man caves, every chick should have a woman cave.

home office makeover

Let’s start with the largest piece of furniture in the room– the Ikea Expedit workstation. I decided on this behemoth because it seemed like a good storage solution for my office. So in May, 2012 Brad and I made the 2 hour drive to Cincinnati, home of the nearest Ikea, to get the workstation, white storage boxes, picture frames, shelves, and some chocolate.

Brad started on the Expedit shelving unit when we got home and had it assembled in an hour. I don’t know why people complain about assembling Ikea furniture. Tip: don’t use the supplied dinky Allen wrenches. Get a cordless drill. And a beefcake husband. You’re welcome for the free tip.

NOTE: The Expedit has since been discontinued, its nearly identical replacement is called Kallax.

ikea expedit

I’m not an overly girly person. Don’t let this room give you the impression I’m the bubble gum and rainbows cheerleader type. I’m not. I just like the color pink. I mean, our wedding colors were pink and green.

home office details

Speaking of weddings, I tried to sell my DIY wedding program box and card box after our wedding but that didn’t pan out so they’re hanging out on top of the Expedit. I had my wedding bouquet immortalized on canvas this past summer. But I still didn’t have the guts to throw away my gross, dried up bouquet. It’s in the wedding program box.

ikea expedit

I originally bought these shelves (from Ikea) for our guest bathroom but they were too deep, so I put them in the office. The Ball mason jelly jars I thrifted a while back fit perfectly on the shelves. I also store my turquoise Ball mason jars on the top shelf.

ball canning jars used for craft storage

I store various craft and sewing supplies in the jelly jars– washi tape, bakers twine, buttons, and vintage thread spools.

ball mason jars used for craft storage

This wooden cart was given to us by Brad’s grandma. I brightened it up with a little spray paint. I use it to house our printer, modem, router, my greeting card box, and some of my books.

printer cart

I created a little sitting area/reading nook with one of the chairs I purchased off Craigslist and a table I scored at Goodwill for $9 on half-off Saturday. The table looked a little rough, so I freshened up with a coat of white spray paint.

home office chair and side table

The blanket has made previous appearances on the blog– it was a wedding present knit by my Great Aunt. The pillow’s twin has made an appearance on the blog too.

chair with chevron pillow

I showed you how I tackled the gallery wall a few weeks ago. The process wasn’t as painful as I thought it’d be.

craft room makeover

white gallery wall

I spruced up my grandma Mildred’s sewing cabinet a year ago. And I showed you how I took the storage box from ugly green to pretty pink last year.

craft room

Thrifted tatting threads and vintage thread spools are displayed in apothecary jars.

pink threads

Last year I covered my teenage cork board I stole from my parent’s basement with fabric and pushed 5,000 thumbtacks along the edge to give it a nailhead trimmed look. I get phantom pains in my fingers when I look at it. Just kidding. Kind of.

craft room makeover

No room reveal post is complete without fresh flowers. Write that down.

I picked up these hydrangeas for under $5 at our local grocery store. Two of them were in the clearance section for $.89. $.89! And these puppies have lasted well over a week. They look pretty nice next to my DIY lucite tray, no?

home office hydrangeas

I’m not opening those closet doors and showing you what’s inside. . . yet. I have a little DIY project planned for the closet. Hopefully, I’ll get to it within the next 5 years.

The C monogram hanging on my closet door is from college, and the canvas bag is my super cool Two Twenty One bag. I’m legit.

craft room makeover

Oh look, it’s my stenciled file cabinet.

I had it under the desk, but I didn’t like how it was somewhat hidden so I put it here. It fits perfectly in this spot.

stenciled file cabinet

The Expedit is pretty awesome. It holds a whole lot of stuff. Which is really nice for me because my home office really is my home office. I’m a self-employed developmental therapist, and I provide in-home therapy in clients’ homes so my home office is my home base. This room also serves as the Two Twenty One headquarters and my craft room. Therefore, I have a lot of stuff. I’m able to store my work related necessities (client files, paperwork, books) along with my blogging, crafting, and personal items in the Expedit.

ikea expedit for home office

NOTE:  Here’s an updated photo of the desk in my home office. I finally found a chair (Cynthia Rowley via HomeGoods) I liked, and I added a desktop to the space.

office chair

Finally, no room reveal post is complete without the appropriate before and after photos.

home office makeover

I hope you enjoyed the home office/craft room tour!

 Find out more details about the makeover, where I purchased everything, and the approximate cost of the makeover HERE.

Budget home office makeover!

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  1. OH MY it is beautiful! Girly, but not too girly, sophisticated but fun!
    Love it! Great job!
    Lots of Love

  2. Looks great!!! I see it pinned many times over! 🙂 I think I’d just sit in there all day and stare at it’s loveliness!!

    1. Barb Hesselgrave says:

      Looks beautiful. I am going to try to use your ideas in my new home in Yorktown, Indiana, which is just up the road from your home. Too bad we aren’t neighbors so you could come over and give me ideas.

      1. Congrats on the new home, Barb! You know, I’ve lived in Indiana my entire life, and I’ve never been to Yorktown/Muncie. I’ll have to put it on my list of places to visit. And if we were neighbors and I came over I’d expect lots of cookies. 😉

  3. WOW!! It looks great! I love that you mixed “old” and “new”. The craigslisted chair is gorgeous!! I love that and mason jars with the brand new shelves.

    By the way, I used to make 8 hours trips to Pittsburgh before Ikea made it to Cincinnati. I am super glad it it here, now!

  4. Great Job! Love the colors and how they flow through the room. The work you put in really paid off. Time to enjoy!

  5. Love this room! What color did you use on the walls?

    1. Thanks, Lauren! It’s Voyage by Valspar.

  6. Chelsea, this is beautiful! I have the expedit also, but mine looks nothing like that! I am inspired. When we move and I get a new room that is crammed with junk, this is happening. Very nice!

  7. Beautiful, Chelsea!! I can see why it took so long – it’s PERFECT. Love the white furniture; it’s so clean and elegant. And I STILL need to go to IKEA, though I won’t be buying any food items there! 😉

  8. Oh Chelsea it is absolutely gorgeous! I love how light and bright it is and all of your storage solutions are awesome. When can I come over and craft?! 😉

    1. Thanks, Mandy! Anytime! 😉

  9. GAH!!!! Love, love, LUUUURVE it!!! The pink, blue, & white just look so fresh and girly and clean! Can you come help me finish my office?? I have a lot of aqua & white, and I have been trying to figure out whether to incorporate a 3rd color. I love all of the different jars that you used to display everything, (I am obsessed with my aqua Ball jars, too!) and those storage boxes are so pretty!! Can’t wait to read more of the deets tomorrow! GORGEOUS!!

  10. I absolutely love this post! It’s inspiring and has great timing, I’m making the 3 hour trek out to the Charlotte Ikea this weekend. I think it’s sweet that you use so many of your family’s gifts and furniture in your design, makes it so much more personalized. Thanks for all the great photos.

  11. Love everything about it! Makes me want to make over my home office ASAP. Hopefully after my wedding this summer, I can start tackling it. Amazing job!

  12. I think you get an A. I would of given you an A+ but I deducted for not getting the office turned in on schedule. I would never do that you know (my nose just grew). My favorite thing? The canvas of your wedding flowers. Why? It makes the room come alive.


  13. Umm… seriously GORGEOUS! I’m so happy you got rid of that purple wall. I can totally see your style all over this new space. And it’s so organized!! Super jealous over here. I’m in love!!

  14. Brenda B. says:

    I am in awe of your office makeover! It’s just perfect.. I want to drive over 3 hrs. to that same IKEA and get that same storage unit for my wall in a spare bedroom, so that I can store all my yarn.. Thanks for sharing this journey with us on your blog! I look forward to your posts! Blessings..

  15. You did an amazing job! Everything came together so nicely. It always pays to take your time, because then you’ll never be disappointed with your final project. I just LOVE this space!! 🙂

  16. This. Looks. Amazing It actually makes me really want an Expedit for toy storage. I think you’ve sold me. Although, my way of decorating would never look as good as yours.

    I also love the way you have positioned your desk in the room. Really posh. Everything looks fabulous.

    Consider yourself pinned.

  17. It looks fantastic! We have an Expedit and I always have a hard time styling it – the openings seems too deep/too square/not big enough….but you totally managed to pull it off.

  18. This looks so amazing!! I’ve been decorating my home office in my head (it’s being built) and I don’t think I could ever make it look as pretty as yours. Everything just falls into place perfectly in this room! Love love love it!

  19. OMG – this room is perfect! I wish I could move in. VERY inspiring…my office is a work in progress; seeing your room has made me suddenly want to get into gear and finish my room. : ) Thanks so much for sharing.

  20. Wow, Chelsea! This is just beautiful. Makes me so happy to know that you have a gorgeous space like this to let your creativity loose! You are one talented woman, that’s for sure!

  21. I personally love pink and purple. I am glad you made the space your own!

  22. Alison Schluenz says:

    Oh my goodness, it looks great! I can’t believe I was just looking at that exact same Expedit bookshelf/desk combo yesterday on the Ikea website while I was home from work because of another mega-blizzard! Except I can’t go to Ikea because the nearest for me is in Schaumburg (by Chicago) but now I know I definitely want this office set up! Great work! I agree, it takes a long time for a whole room to come together!

  23. Wow, you office turned out great. It is so beautiful, feminine and down right pretty! I love the Expedit and desk set up and all the simple organization to you added. You will definitely enjoy this space and be inspired in it. Great job.
    All the best,

  24. Melanie @ S{Thomp}ing Ground says:

    I love this so much! It’s beautiful! It’s funny because before reading this I would have said I don’t like pink, but now I was this space! It’s the perfect mix of girly and sophisticated. Thank you for the inspiration for when I tackle my home office! I love that you were honest about the length of time it took. Sometimes I see things like this and feel like I could beer tackle it, but I love seeing how small steps at a time can get you there. It’s truly a gorgeous space and I hope you are just loving your time spent there as much as I imagine I would! 🙂

  25. Chelsea,
    This is the best re-do I have ever seen and love the color pink too! Pink is not just for girls , you should see how cute my 3 year old little dark skinned grandson looks in his pink shirt! What a great job you did on everything and your pictures were wonderful. Thank you for sharing the sentiment attached to some of your belongings, very nice!

  26. Seriously… love how clean and organized your craft room is… Very spacious too! I use to have the large Expedit but my craft room shrunk in size in our new home so we had to downsize to the smaller one and then stacked another smaller expedit on top. Your room is beautiful! You should be proud!

  27. Your office is fabulous!! I love how light and bright it is.

  28. carol jane says:

    Beautiful office. So pretty. What color did you use on the walls? Oh and the brand too?

    1. Thanks, Carol! It’s Voyage by Valspar.

  29. I was JUST looking at the Expedit unit online last night. My only concern is that I’d like to use the table for cutting fabric and other projects and I’m not sure it’s big enough. BUT, I just had a crazy idea…would it be possible to attached two of the desk parts to the bookshelf? Make it a huge work surface instead of a desk?

    1. Two desks would be too wide for the 6×6 Expedit (the largest they make). The 6×6 is 75″ wide. One desk is 45″ so two would be wider than the shelving unit. Unless that wouldn’t bother you. The desk is 45″ x 30 3/4 ” so it’s a sizable surface to work on. Good luck!

      1. and how did you purchase the desk? does it come that way or do you have to custom build it?

  30. I just gasped out loud!! This looks so amazing and girly and just PERFECT! I really love the colors you chose. Can I please come to your office to do some work? 🙂 But seriously, great job girl!

  31. I am trying not to be jealous. As the room looks inviting, homey and pretty. The pink is delightful.

  32. Your office is beautiful!! I only wish I could steal a room out of our house to accomplish this. Great job!

  33. Completely amazing. It looks gorgeous! I want to move into that room and never ever leave. The storage shelf unit thing is awesome, and I really love the little reading nook, too. Great job!

  34. Fabulous make over!!!

    I’m planning on using your cork board idea for both of my girls. I heart easy diy projects! Love your bouquet photo on canvas!

  35. Girrrlllll you rocked this makeover! I love all of the little details and the upcycling of old furniture. I don’t know if I’d ever get any work done in there because I’d be too busy staring at all of the prettiness 🙂

  36. This came out AWESOME! I like all of the jars you use as both storage and decorative items. I definitely need to make better use of all of my jars and containers.
    With Luck

  37. Gorgeous, just, gorgeous!
    I am with you, I don’t see why people complain about assembling Ikea furniture either.

  38. It looks amazing! I’m fully expecting a ton of productivity to happen in there now! May I suggest that you take on a project for me? Possibly redoing a toddler room? 😉

  39. It’s so pretty! Having pink in your office just makes it cuter, in my opinion. It’s nicely balanced with the white and other colors =)

  40. I love every single thing about this office!! It looks great!

  41. I love the Expedit! I really wish I had seen it before I bought my West Elm desk. So much storage! Love the room!

  42. Loving your,
    Home Office Makeover, the lovely light and airy feel the room now has, your choice of furniture is Practical and stylish, it now looks like a very serene Working environment, inspiring even. Your project has given me lots of great top tips, to help me makeover our study. I’m no longer lost for ideas, and I have a solid place to start from now. Thank you so much for sharing all your great ideas, and the photo’s are fabulous… Dee xx

  43. It looks wonderful! So bright and airy. What a fantastic transformation!!

  44. I love love love it! Great colors and I’m still drooling over your file cabinet makeover!

  45. Looks fantastic! Love the colors and can just picture you sitting there in your chair sitting back looking around the room with a smile cause it’s so pretty 🙂 Yay for WOman’s Caves!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! The desk comes with an attachment mechanism. Yep, it’s also Ikea.

  46. WOW!! So lovely. I think my favorite part is the sitting area. It just looks so cozy – I’d love to read a magazine there!!

  47. This is so lovely! I bet it feels amazing to sit down to work in there everyday! I am in total agreement on the Woman Cave!

  48. Holy Gorgeous!! I bet you’re so glad it’s finished! My favorite part is the reading nook. I am a sucker for a cozy space….

    Where did you find your small spools of baker’s twine? And I assume your filing boxes on the expedit are also Ikea?

  49. WOWZA!!! I absolutely love this office! It’s a perfect woman cave…now if we only had the extra bedroom to make 1 whole room just for me, that would be fab! 😉 I too am in the process of creating a craft space in our only spare bedroom. I say space, because the room is tiny, therefore my crafting area will be even smaller. Sigh. Anyways, love your craft room…it gives this girl even more inspiration! 🙂

  50. Woah!!! This is completely gorgeous!! I am seriously IN LOVE with everything (especially those white Ikea storage boxes:) They are so totally effective and so totally cheap too! My favorite part has to be the way you displayed the progress throughout the years in the last photo collage:) How, if you don’t mind me asking, did you do that…….is it a PSD template……do share (if you want to:)
    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!
    xoxo, Brooke

    1. Thanks so much, Brooke! The boxes are definitely effective and cheap! I made the collage in Photoshop but I didn’t use a template. I placed the images, outlined them, and added the circles and text. You can always make collages with PicMonkey, and then open the collage in Photoshop to add text. Hope this helps!

  51. It’s beautiful! Where did you get the desk from?

    1. Thanks, Liz! The entire workstation (shelving unit and desk) is from Ikea.

      1. Chelsea,

        I love the desk, but I am wondering how does it stand. I can’t tell if its attached on the inside or not. It looks like it’s floating.

  52. What a beautiful craft room. I love all your pretty thread!! It’s total eye candy 🙂 Great tour. Your office looks so pretty now, and you’re surrounded by lots of your fab DIY makeovers too, bonus! Just gorgeous!!

  53. Your office is AMAZING!!! It is so pretty! And it looks really functional too.

    If only we had an Ikea closer to us huh?! We make the trek about 1-2 times a year with a big ‘ole list 🙂


  54. Wow! Can I move in? I think I’d actually want to “work” if I had an office like yours! You did a fabulous job!

  55. One word: STUNNING! Wow, Chelsea, this really is gorgeous. I think I would just sit there and stare at it all the time and never get any work done. Seriously, amazing job. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    ~Abby =)

  56. Your office is beautiful. On behalf of the whole internet, I am jealous of your woman cave.

    Also, where did you get the awesome (ceramic? plaster? painted plastic?) whale? It’s so fun! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Rachel! The ceramic whale is from Kohls. I got it a few weeks ago so it’s probably still available.

  57. Love how everything turned out, Chelsea! So pretty and pink. (My favorites are all the display jars.) Wonderful transformation!

  58. GORGEOUS! Some people just know how to nail it when decorating, and you are one of them!! It’s perfectly put together, so fresh and bright. I just love this space! The little jelly jars displays are my favorite!! Great transformation!

  59. Hi Chelsea,
    I’m a new follower of your blog and I really enjoy it! This office makeover reveal could not have come at a better time, I’m just doing my office, for the first time in our current house, and I absolutely love what you did! My office will be pink, white with some splashes of red. I thought about the IKEA piece too, but I had already made a desk from an old door that I love, so I had to go a different way, still in progress. Thanks for sharing such great organizational ideas and a gorgeous, happy work space.

    Cathy 🙂

  60. I love everything about this! I wish I had the space for the Expedit shelf. It’s my favorite!

  61. Great make over job to your office, if I have this kind of office I will indeed increase my productivity and choose to spend longer hours.

  62. I have been going back and forth for a while now on if I should buy the Ikea Expedit Workstation. After looking at your office with it I am for sure going to buy it!

  63. This room is gorgeous!!! I love everything about it. We have the Expedit shelving in my living room and love it!! We also went with those same cardboard boxes and were very sad when they started falling apart after a short while. If you ever need to replace them, I actually sell some cubes that would work perfect with your theme. The party punch chevron colors would look beautiful. http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/Catalog/Product/242/index.html

    Again. I LOVE this!!! I will dream about having an office like this someday. 🙂

  64. This room is an example of styling PERFECTION. The way you styled that expedit is totally sending my heart into orbit. Outrageous. I am SO in love with this. Going to share on FB right this second!

    1. Hah! Good question. I have a laptop and it happened to be in my living room when I took the photos.

  65. Wow! It’s beautiful! I love the color scheme.. and I definitely feel like I need to invest in an Expedit.. good storage is definitely something I need!

  66. Chelsea!!! I’m so in love with this space!! Every last detail is perfection and I LOVE all the pink!

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who takes forever making over a space! My master bedroom is taking so long!

  67. My favorite thing has to be the filing cabinet or your wedding bouquet canvas print. Great post, and you have such a lovely office.

  68. Looks so pretty. Love the colour combo and all the organisation. Love it.

  69. Love this room! IKEA has the best craft room furniture! And I especially love the feminine touches around the room! It’s the perfect place to get away with so much pink! I just redid my craft room as well!! Visiting from Crafty Scrappy Happy Link Party!

  70. Well, I’m adding my name to the long list of commenters here to tell you this is a beautiful craft space. So bright!
    I’m jealous! Coming over from Happy Hour at DD&D

  71. Your room is fantastic, Chelsea! I’m a big fan of IKEA office furniture, especially the Expedit — so very versatile and clean looking. I have several pieces in my craft room, which is going to be getting an updated reveal this next week. If I didn’t have to cook the occasional meal or wash a load of laundry, I doubt I would ever leave my “room!”

  72. Drooling!! Seriously. What I would give to just be able to keep items on my shelves, let alone have them so beautifully filled and organized!
    haha I’ll just keep pretending that I can work in this space until my littles aren’t so little any more.

  73. That is so beautiful! I would almost have a hard time getting work done in such a pretty room because I wouldn’t want to make a mess!

  74. hubba hubba hubba!!! your woman cave is amazing! i have a vision for my woman cave as well… it involves a lot of pink, orange, gray, and absolutely none of my husband’s opinions 🙂

  75. absolutely gorgeous! i love how clean everything is with all the white and then those great splashes of color! Pinning for when I have my own craft room instead of my dining room table. 🙂

  76. WOW! This is SO SO beautiful! I’d want to spend pretty much all day in there, I reckon.

    I found you on Serenity Now x

  77. I love this room! Where did you get the pink boxes? My favorite color of course!

  78. What a beautiful makeover! I cannot decide what is my favorite part. I love the art on the walls, but I also love how clever you were with storage and organization. I will definitely be using some of these ideas. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  79. It’s amazing and inspiring. Oh Wow! You’ve got my planning wheels turning. Pinned it!

    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original link party is open.

  80. Super adorable space! You guys did a terrific job! I also think you styled it perfectly! Thank you for sharing this!

  81. Pretty! I love how that you went all out and made it so feminine. Good point on the side table from Goodwill! I see those all the time, and think about what they could look like, but I always worry they’ll be too dated with the undulating legs (stands? posts? I’m not sure what to call those). Clearly I was wrong!

  82. Hi, I’m visiting from Design, Dining + Diapers. Your home office makeover is absolutely beautiful! I love everything about it. Great job! I’m pinning it to my dream sewing and craft room board. Have a great day!


  83. This is SUCH a gorgeous space!! I’m just drooling over every detail! Love what you did here!! Cheers to an amazing job!

  84. I love your new woman cave, almost as much as the fact that you called it your woman cave. I am also considering ikea’s expedit for my future craft space – you make it look stylish and not canned. Awesome job.

  85. Love the new woman cave so much! How heavenly to have a place for everything (and a space that’s beautiful to work in!).

  86. My hubby and I share our creative space. My side is all filled with crafty stuff and his is all filled with hunting and reloading equipment. I am still trying to find a balance between making it girly enough for me, but not too girly for him! It is definitely a work in progress! Your room is gorgeous. I love the colors and how organized it is. What a great space to work in. 🙂

  87. Love this transformation! I just found a couple of vintage spools of thread from my grandmother and was thinking about putting them in a jar. Yours looks so beautiful that I think I am going to have to go for it. What an inspiring space!

  88. OMG it’s simply gorgeous!!! I was at ikea just yesterday, good thing I didn’t see your post before that or I would have purchased the whole furniture despite not having room to place it!! Haha thanks for sharing!
    Love from Italy

  89. Illeanna knapp says:

    Hi ! This is amazing and something to be so proud of! We are currently in process of building my dream craft room…it is a step by step process and not a quick one. Once it is complete it will be my little oasis!…thnks for sharing your room! It’s beautiful!

  90. Hello! I stumbled upon your site via Pinterest while i was looking for a curtain tutorial (thank you). I also have an Expedit setup, but I thought I should urge you to check out the drawer, paper sorter, and cabinet door options for the cubbies. I especially enjoy the drawers for easy access to pens, pencils and the like. Look forward to keeping up with you.

  91. This is beautiful! I have been dreaming of that same desk for a few months now for the same type of space! It is good to see it in a room! I must get this desk…the closest Ikea to me is also 2 hours away (Minneapolis.) There need to be more Ikea’s in the world…it would be a happier place! Great makeover!

  92. Chelsea, your blog is awesome! I am a self-professed Pinterest addict and normally I’m not much of a blog reader, but I am actually bookmarking yours! Your ideas are actually doable and affordable, and I love your sense of humour! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  93. Your office is darling! I had to visit a fellow Indy Girl blogger via Thrifty Decor Chick, and love what you did — plus I totally agree that a girl cave is a must . . . especially living in my house with three boys!

  94. This makeover looks great! My sister and I just put together a bunch of those bookcases and they aren’t hard at all but you are totally right about the tiny wrench thing! I discovered this on Thrifty Decor Chick! I am a new Indiana blogger! And an IU alum as well:) We live in West Carmel now. Your site is awesome and very impressive! It is so much to learn, this blogging world. Can’t wait to follow you along. Stop by and say hello! It am so excited to learn about other local bloggers!! BTW, love the color combo for your wedding attire. I saw the green dresses in your picture wall! So pretty!


  95. Love love love your room. Very nice and tidy and neat and organized. Love the colors you used. Beautiful. TFS ana

  96. Marcie Smith says:

    Wow, beautiful room. I really like the shelves!!! will have to check those out. They really look sturdy, witch is hard to find these days. TFS

  97. WOW! This office is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the Ikea shelving and the crisp & clean look of the whites paired with all the pink and other bright colors!

    I too have that little gold polka dotted glass votive holder from Target. We’re twins!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  98. where did you get that lovely desk chair?

  99. This room is the biznass. So fantastical!

  100. I really love this work space but I have to ask where did you get the pink storage bins like your whitre ones from ikea? I am having to take my office/craft room and put it into our bedroom and i think this is very compact and will work great in our room!

  101. I really love this work space but I have to ask where did you get the pink storage bins like your white ones from ikea? I am having to take my office/craft room and put it into our bedroom and i think this is very compact and will work great in our room!

  102. What a beautiful room! The colors are so soft and pretty and gives such an elegant yet relaxing look to the room. I know you have to love working in there; it’s so pretty. I keep seeing this Ikea Expedit unit popping up in many decorating blogs. Does that table/desk come with the book shelves? We went to Ikea about a month ago but it is such a hugh place and on a Sunday, it was swamped with people. They’ve got the place laid out so you have to go into every dept. whether you want to or not, it’s like a maze! My husband is not very mobile and we didn’t see wheelchairs till we were on our way out. Finally had to ask an employee how to get out of the store. We had gone up/down on the elevators trying to find an exit. We weren’t the only ones as there were others trying to do the same. Finally the young lady told us to follow her and she used a keycard to open the exit door for us. Did you already have the beautiful chair or buy it after you purchased the bookcase work station? Does everything come in a box and you have to put it together or is the bookcase delivered like that?

  103. I love, love, love it. I think anyone could work in this room. Thanks for sharing!

  104. BEAUTIFUL!!! Love how all the colors look together!

  105. Looks terrific!! And great post! Look forward to reading more,

  106. Connie Boyd says:

    Love it, but curious where you found the pink storage boxes? Hope you can help.

  107. This room is beautiful and inspirational and now I know what to do with my loft space that I use as an office/craft room.

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    granite floor tiles tend to accent a kitchen well. Price
    can greatly range when shopping for kitchen materials, but choosing the cheapest materials won’t always save you money as they might wear
    out prematurely.

  109. I love the your DIY office… looks gorgeous! Can you please tell me where you purchased the pink storage boxes?
    Thank you!!

  110. All I can say is wow! I am looking for a file cabinet where did you get yours?

  111. Very pretty! What color did you use to paint your walls?

  112. Very nice. I am torn between an almost identical layout for my office and using 2 Expedit units starting from the corner, with a small desk along the wall in between, with a second desk perpendicular to the first. Sort of making a corner desk with space above it for a magnetic whiteboard and open shelves. Been thinking it over for 2 years now so I know what you mean when you say it takes a long time for a room to come together!

  113. Found your blog when I was looking for office ideas using Ikea Expedit. What are the storage bins you are using here? I like the look of Expedit, but the big square bins that go with it are huge and a little too big for what I want. You seems to have a variety of different sizes.

  114. Elianne Naut says:

    I love the office make over. I’m the process of updating my office and I just love the paint color. What is it??

  115. Loved, loved, loved it. The blanket from your great aunt it gorgeous. Would she be willing to share her pattern or where she got it? Really great that it was all one color…shows off the stitches so well!

  116. LOVE this office!! Makes me really sad that Expedit is being discontinued. They have something like it but no 5×5 yet or a desk extension. Maybe they’ll have it later down the line

  117. Looks great. I LOVE the Expedit collection. Did you still want to sell the wedding program box and card box? I might be interested!
    Email me? 🙂

  118. Natalie Stephenson says:

    Hi there Chelsea,
    I am the Social Media Manager for Nufloors Flooring in Canada… I also write their blogs for them. I want to let you know that we chose to feature one of the Makeovers posted on your website! Our blog will give you full recognition and have LINKS to your website.
    Please let me know if you are ok with this extra exposure?… If so, I will also send you a LINK to the Blog once it’s LIVE later next week!

    Thank you!

    Natalie Stephenson

  119. Hi! I’m Brent. I’ve heard that the French tutoring, German tuition, Spanish tutoring and 11 Plus tuition at bespoke languages tuition are the best around. Can anyone confirm this? We’ve been told they’re global?

  120. I absolutely love every stitch of you new home office! Love the color pallet! Beatiful job and worth all the months in the making! Beautiful job girl!

  121. I love your Home Office! I am recently redoing my office/craft/homeschool room and looking for ideas online. I have boys so I may not do pink, but I love it in your space. Very gorgeous. Thank you for being inspiring.

  122. So beautiful designs! I want to make my office space at home just like this one. Thanks a lot for sharing these ideas! I will definitely use them all. Regards!

  123. Kara Smith says:

    I love the room especially the white and pastel colorsl. But where is your computer?

    1. Thanks, Kara! My laptop was my sole computer at the time, and I would work on it while sitting in our living room a lot so I forgot to put it in the office for the photos (doh!). Since finishing the office, I got a desktop computer that I work from most of the time. Here’s an updated post about the chair I added and it includes a photo with the my new desk set up, which includes the computer. https://www.twotwentyone.net/2014/02/home-office-update/

  124. Beautiful room! I found you while searching for lighting ideas for my craft room. What kind of lighting do you have for night time?

    1. Thanks, Elaine! I use a floor lamp that’s behind the blue chair in the corner. I just realized you can’t really see it because of the shots I posted. Anyway, it’s nothing fancy. I wish our house had overhead lights, or at least hook-ups, in the smaller bedrooms but it doesn’t.

  125. I love it! I may steal the printer organizer idea. We were going to build one but I would rather upcycle. The entire room is beautiful.

  126. How do you like having the natural lighting behind you? I am looking to replicate this using the Kallax system but I am afraid the window being behind me will make for an awkward lighting position. Advice? Love the entire setup!

  127. This looks lovely! 🙂 You have inspired me during my own office re-design. Thank you!

  128. Love your woman cave Chelsea! I love pink too, and not overly girly, just love them. Thanks for sharing your very inspiring room!

  129. Katforever18 says:

    Hey Chelsea, I wanted to tell you what a beautiful room you have. I love your black & white chair. My husband & I are getting ready to sell our home & I hope to be able to find a home where I can set up a sewing room. I have all of my stuff divided between 2 rooms, 1 upstairs with no A/C & 1 down, & neither were ever really set up or organized. Anyway, I’m sorry if you’ve answered this before, I didn’t read all the previous comments, but did you stencil your filing cabinet yourself & if so how long did it take & were you wishing you had never started it during the middle of it? I have 2 filing cabinets that I have a huge old desk top on & I would love to stencil them but if 1 was a PAIN I’d hate to get started with the first one & then not want to do the other. Plus, do you remember where you got your stencil, I love the design? Again you have a GREAT Room!! 🙂

  130. This is gorgeous!

    Where did you get the banker’s boxes for the storage unit?

    Thanks so much!

  131. I especially like the desk. How does it attach? Where did you purchase it? Does it fold out of the way? Please send info on the desk!
    Beautiful job on your woman cave! Bravo!!!

  132. This is really neat for a home office. I mean, really neat! This is cool!

  133. WoW!! Really beautiful post.. All ideas are awesome. I like your idea of change storage box color green to pretty pink last year.

  134. Tina Keil says:

    Did the desk and shelves come together? I would also like to know does the table fold up? It’s so pretty and organized awesome job.

  135. I am completely in love with your room, colors,design, everything..Wow!! All the best from Croatia!

  136. Sara Borgeson says:

    Everything about this is so pretty! Do you know if they make the Kallax workstation this tall, with 5 cubbies by 5 cubbies? Everything I see on their site is 4 by 4 cubbies, only 5 feet tall. I really want one as tall as yours. I wish they still made this same one. I’m four hours from an Ikea so I’m planning ahead.

  137. Love you room! Can you tell me if the table folds up or is easy to remove/put in place? I’d like to do something similar, but would want to be able to add the table only when needed to save space in the room I will be using.

  138. Hi Chelsea,
    I’m late to this post…about 5 years late! 🙂 So goes the way of browsing on Pinterest. Late as I am, I could not leave your beautiful, creative and smart office/craft room without telling you how much I enjoyed browsing every last detail. Your delightful choice of colors, fabulous and pretty methods of storage and attention to detail in your space are an absolute invitation to inspiration! If I attempted to list each delightful detail, I’d still be commenting five paragraphs down. You have given me some great ideas (I’m in the midst of craft/office space makeover). Our last child has moved to another state to attend law school, so we’re moving my space to another floor of the house. A daunting project, but I’m excited. Thank you for your help and creativity! Have a peaceful Sunday!

  139. I LOVE it. This is just about perfect. I am going to ‘borrow’ your idea for my home office. Thanks!

  140. Jennifer Collins says:

    Hi, I have been scouring the internet for a home office / craft room and stumbled across your blog. I’m pretty sure your home office is as close to what I have “in my head” so far! It’s beautiful! (Bonus: I have an Ikea only 45 min away from home, YAY) One question — how big is your room? ie., what are the dimensions?
    I like that Kallex wall-o’-shelves but am afraid it might dwarf the room. Thought I’d ask if you wouldn’t mind sharing. Thanks in advance for your help!
    P.S. Your entire website is really pretty — I am getting alot of inspiration from it! Thanks!

  141. Marnie Ungeran says:

    I so love this… how did you attach the desk to the cube thing and where did they come from… I assume the cube piece is Ikea… but where is the desk from?

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