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Guest Bathroom Reveal and Makeover {DIY}

Hey, friends! Get excited because I have a room reveal for you today– the restroom you would use if you were to ever visit me. Our guest bathroom!

I know. Exciting, right?

Let’s start from the beginning. When we bought our house in 2009 the entire house was painted a shade of tan. The guest bathroom was one of the first rooms I painted. I went with a turquoise blue color (Crystal Sea by Valspar). It photographs more blue than blue/green. I had a black and white shower curtain with matching, and oh-so-stunning, tissue holder. Two black and white photographs I took were thrown on the wall, and I called it a day… for nearly 3 years.

I’d been wanting to makeover the bathroom for a while, but I could never find a shower curtain that I loved. UNTIL, a fateful day at Goodwill Outlet. You may remember how I told you back in May in my Thrifting Tips and Tricks (Part Two) post that I scored an epic find while digging through those big blue bins.

That find? A shower curtain. When I first spotted it balled up in a bin, I thought, “Self, that’s a fun pattern. I wonder what that ball of fabric is.” Then I lifted it up and touched it. And I thought, “Self, this is quality fabric, and it’s a shower curtain. Nice.” I was curious and looked for a tag. I’m pretty sure my eyeballs bulged out of my pretty little head when I read the tag.

And I thought, “SELF! YOU FOUND A POTTERY BARN SHOWER CURTAIN AT GOODWILL OUTLET! GOODWILL OUTLET!” I shoved that shower curtain in my cart faster than you could say “Pottery Barn jacquard tile shower curtain for $.50”. Then I became paranoid, and I thought those around me would know about the treasure in my cart. But luckily no one tried to take it from me, but if they did, they would have had to pry it from my dead, lifeless fingers. Note: Keep in mind that I found the shower curtain at Goodwill OUTLET. It’s where you pay by the pound. It’s $.79 per pound for textiles. I bought the shower curtain with other things, so I don’t know exactly how much I paid for it. $.50 just sounded like a good amount because I doubt it weighs more than a pound. Also, note that I stopped shopping at all Goodwill stores in 2013. Read more about that here.

So I took the shower-curtain-find-of-the-decade as a sign, and the shower curtain became my inspiration for the bathroom restyle. I mean, who wouldn’t take that as a sign from the Goodwill Gods?

We removed the old towel rack. Seriously, could the previous owners have chosen an uglier towel rack? Don’t answer that. I’m sure there are uglier ones out there.

We put up a new one, which is actually a coat rack. Works for us our guests.

Then I hung my wedding anniversary gift from Brad above the towel rack. Did you know that traditionally your first wedding anniversary gift theme is paper? Brad got me this awesome Indiana watercolor reprint I’ve been coveting for months. I got Brad (and me (I’m a slick one, I tell ya)) tickets to Zac Brown Band. Art print = paper. Concert tickets = paper. We clearly rocked the first wedding anniversary gift tradition. Bring on year 2: cotton.

Then we added a shelf above the toilet. I added some canisters for cotton balls and Q-tips.

The Ode to Outkast print was created by yours truly. Sing it with me now! “Ain’t nobody dope as me. I’m dressed so fresh and so clean. (So fresh and so clean clean.)  Don’t you think I’m so sexy? I’m dressed so fresh and so clean. (So fresh and so clean clean.)”  And because I love each and every one of you, I’m sharing the print here.

Who wants to sit on a boring toilet? Not I. So I jazzed it up with some colorful and intriguing books (tutorial here) and a blogger must– a blue Mason jar with pretty flowers.

That’s one beautiful commode if I do say so myself.

If you’re a faithful reader you’ve already seen these photos in my fabric covered book post from last week. High five, faithful readers.

Eventually, I’d like to paint the vanity. The honey oak just doesn’t do anything for me. The flooring will remain vinyl faux tile. We’re in a recession, people. So please don’t suggest that we change that. Because it’s not happening.

Click here for the full details on this restyle, like how much cheddar we dropped, and where we purchased everything. Transparency: it’s a good thing.
bathroom makeover
Click here to get the So Fresh, So Clean printable! Read how I stock our guest bathroom here!
budget bathroom makeover
What are your thoughts on the makeover?
Have you ever found something while thrifting that you almost peed yourself you were so excited?
Is Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean” stuck in your head now? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

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  1. Duuude, I love me a good round of “so fresh and so clean clean” after I clean – anything, really.

    The shower curtain is a FIND. I’m impressed.

  2. Beautiful makeover!! Such a great score with that shower curtain!! I’m going to Goodwill today & I can only hope to get a great find like that 😉 Love the bathroom!!

    -Liz Marie

  3. Great Goodwill find! I love the pattern and your added touches. Super cute! You just never know what you’ll find while thrifting! Happy Monday! –Kristin

  4. Oh goodness. How will I sleep tonight? The suspense is killing me!!

    A $0.50 shower curtain. A be-a-utiful shower curtain for $0.50. I hate you. But I love how your room turned out!!!

  5. So pretty! And what is this Goodwill Outlet goodness that you speak of? I have never heard of such a place. You basically stole that curtain.

  6. Looks great! I love the shower curtain. I can’t believe you found it at Goodwill! I can never quite find the awesome stuff there. I know it’s hiding somewhere.

  7. Super cute. I’m in the process of redecorating. My guest bathroom is my current obsession. I’ve been to Home Goods 3 times this week! Husband is not happy! lol

  8. This looks beautiful! So jealous of your shower curtain. So so jealous. The look of your guest bath is almost identical to the plan I have for this house . . . bright and fresh and happy and plenty of blues and greens. I love it! And I’m very eager to hear your exciting news . . . hint? One little hint please?

  9. You are so cute. I love your makeover and that shower curtain…now that is a real steal! I’m jealous. I’m always looking for great shower curtains to cut up to make pillow covers, as I have shower doors in my home. I surely would have been eyeing that in your cart! 🙂 The only thing I was gonna suggest was painting that vanity. I had that horrible honey oak in my bathroon and I got them painted. I love them now. Great job on the makeover!

  10. The room looks so cheerful and pretty now! I love the wall color and I’m so jealous of your Goodwill find! Can’t wait to hear the big news 🙂

  11. LOVE that shower curtain & the whole bathroom. I think painting the vanity will do a lot to update the bathroom.

  12. Nice work.. Your bathroom looks so fresh and bright’ I love finding a great goodwill deal.. We have the outlet by the pound but it’s very rare I find something of quality

  13. That Outkast print is KILLER! If I ever come to your house and use your pretty new guest bathroom, don’t even think I’m above putting it in my purse, yo.

  14. Oh how I love Goodwill deals…& your shower curtain!!!! Major steal of the year…or decade. 🙂

  15. So cute and bright and perfectly fresh!! I hope you don’t have too many guests going in there and doing ‘thay bizness’ — it’s too cute for that! 🙂 And I’m thinking my totally exciting news will have to wait til Wed bc she hasn’t announced yet!!??!!??

  16. if i was a guest in your house, i would want nothing more than to sit on that toilet and read about the pigeons. Is that weird? Hopefully not :).

    i love that shower curtain. i wish there was a goodwill outlet around here!!

  17. Looks great! And what a find, you lucky lady!! P.S. Love the Ball jar and the Indiana print since I’m an Indiana girl turned Southern transplant. Great job on the makeover!

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  18. Now you hit the jackpot, finding that PB shower curtain at the GW outlet…love it!! Your guest bath looks great too.

  19. I love the bathroom, and I need to know where this Goodwill outlet is that you find these great things at!!!

    We are going to try the rustoleum cabinet refinish kit on our oak cabinets (bathrooms and kitchen)… I can’t stand the Honey Oak in our house!!

    1. Thanks, Ginny! And thanks for the link! You’re the second person to mention the stained vanity today. Jessie, the classy chick behind Imperfectly Polished, is one of my local blog friends. I actually saw her on Sunday and complimented her on the awesome transformation. It’s a small blogging world, I tell ya.

  20. Chelsea,

    Okay….it goes without saying that I love the bathroom. But a few other things I found just as amazing. Number 1…..I talk to myself at thrift stores, too. Number 2…..that there is a Goodwill outlet.


    Have a great day rock star!

  21. i love the green with the turquoise, i definitely wouldn’t think to do that. interesting to me is that the shower curtain was made in israel. you just don’t see that on many things, and i never would have thought that a pb shower curtain would be, you know? great find!

  22. Ooooh so pretty (not talking about the old towel rack here lol). I love how the pink green and blue coordinate. Not my style but now, looking at this, I think I may have to rethink my style. LOVE THIS!

  23. I love your new bathroom. So pretty! I love your writing style. You crack me up!

  24. If your news is what I think it is, I am so excited!! …That you and Oprah are giving away cars right?? 😉

    Your bathroom looks so bright and fresh – I love it!

  25. My Goodwill would never mark any shower curtain 50 cents much less a Pottery Barn one! Your bathroom is so fresh & so clean looking now! Good job.

  26. That is beautiful. I love how fresh and pretty it is without being overly feminine. Especially for a guest bath. And I am jealous of your goodwill outlet. I need to find one of those!

  27. LOVE the paint color and the shower curtain. I am currently undergoing a DIY bathroom makeover. Too many cute ideas. Well done.

  28. My husband and I do the traditional gifts, too. We both got tickets for our first anniversary, last year I got a Colts jersey for cotton, and this year I got new boots for leather. 🙂 (He’s getting a Saddleback leather travel kit just as soon as we have the extra cash.) I love your shower curtain – how awesome that you found it at Goodwill!

  29. My husband and I do the traditional gifts, too. We both got tickets for our first anniversary, last year I got a Colts jersey for cotton, and this year I got new boots for leather. 🙂 (He’s getting a Saddleback leather travel kit just as soon as we have the extra cash.) I love your shower curtain – how awesome that you found it at Goodwill!

  30. I found this post via HOH because I wanted to see the “twin” bathroom! LOL I also went to the Pottery Barn website to check out their shower curtain prices. I live in Canada and we don’t have PB here… $90 for a shower curtain? My eyes bugged out of my head! People actually buy this stuff for $90? The cheapest one is on sale for $50… I complain if my shower curtain is $15!
    So for you to get it at 50 cents is a real steal! Good for you!

  31. Wonderfully creative bathroom designs. So vibrant and alluring. Thanks for sharing.

  32. I like the makeover. So since it’s sitting on the back of the toilet, does that make the book titled “Pigeons” actually a stool pigeon?

  33. Pretty! I say if the flooring ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Love the shower curtain. (:

  34. Lovely! Such a wonderfully fresh bathroom.
    Way to go!
    Thanks for sharing.

  35. I just discovered your makeover. I love the shower curtain…what a great find! We’ve just updated our bathroom and I have been wondering what type of towel bar to put up, but I wanted something different and something that would hold more than one bath towel. I was going to get a double towel bar, but I like your idea instead. Tomorrow I will be off to Lowes for a coat rack. And it certainly won’t be costing me as much as those towel bars! Thanks for sharing your beautiful room with us.

  36. What a beautiful bathroom. I love the pops of color and the shower curtain is amazing. Nothing like a bright, bold pattern.

    xo curtain show

  37. I’m way late to this party… but I love your makeover! I had to comment because the house we bought last year (our FIRST!) came with those same honey-oak cabinets. I used the java gel stain (the one ALL OVER Pinterest) on both bathrooms, and absolutely love it! It was so easy. Each bathroom took 4-5 days to complete, but only about 20-30 minutes each day was “active” work time, the rest of it was drying time between coats. The gel comes in other colors too, I just liked the super dark espresso for our house. Now to attempt the kitchen cabinets… hah! (Oh, and I went to the Goodwill Outlet in Indy once on a whim, when we were visiting my family in Plainfield. It was an… interesting… experience. Holy. Cow.)

  38. So glad I stumbled across your blog! You have inspired me to tackle my guest bath ASAP!
    Love your blog…I too get EXCITED, very excited indeed over my treasures!

  39. This may seem like a stupid question…but where is your toilet paper holder? This looks like the same size bathroom as the one that I am currently renovating, and I’m not happy with the placement of mine. I wanted to put a towel rack up similar to yours, but that is kind of the only place for a TP holder. I always thought the towels would get in the way of the TP, but if yours works then that’ll be the proof I need.

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  41. AbracaDebra says:

    Love your refreshed design! And to find that shower curtain at the Goodwill Outlet gives me goosebumps! My latest find? Cole-Haan Nike pumps for $3.99, down from $298 retail! Have you asked your readers about their Goodwill ‘miracle’ purchases? I think being there at the right time is the secret! And keeping an open mind is important. When I go to find something specific I’m usually disappointed.

  42. Goodwill is AWESOME! Great find and now I will be adding a hook thingy to my list of honey do’s….GENIUS!

  43. Pam Soward says:

    I like your new bathroom! This is my first visit to your blog, after seeing the post on Pinterest about the baby room.
    I am curious about the bathroom. The photo shows a yellow pre-formed tub enclosure, then magically disappears and you have blue paint. What was involved in removing the enclosure?
    I like your ideas and DIYs, keep up the fun posts!

  44. Hi Chelsea, I actually like both shower curtains and artwork in the before and after! Great Goodwill find! Thanks for sharing it all with us! Blessings, Janet

  45. I love all of the colorful accents here – from the steal of a shower curtain to the Outkast art and covered books. Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday!

  46. An inexpensive suggestion for small space…paint your vanity the same color as the wall but in a higher gloss finish than the walls. Bathroom will look twice as large.

  47. I totally love your makeover ideas and tips. It looks so awesome yet simple. Simplicity is beauty indeed, especially in your bathroom ideas it certainly applies. Thanks for these!

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