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DIY High Chair Garland

I got some requests to show how I made the DIY high chair garland, or high chair banner, for Owen’s 1st birthday party. So here you go!

How to make a highchair banner

You can make this super cute fabric banner for any occasion– birthdays, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc.

It looks great on mantels, walls, and even secured to the front of pieces of furniture. It’s not limited to only high chairs, my friends.

DIY High Chair Garland Supplies

And what’s awesome about it, is that there’s no sewing or hot glue involved. All you need are:

1. scissors, or my recommended tool of choice– a rotary cutter

2. fabric

3. parachute cord

Seriously, if you don’t have a rotary cutter, get one. They’re great for making long cuts. I have this rotary cutting set, and I love it.


You’re also going to need your fabric and some parachute cord (found in the jewelry section at JoAnn Fabric– use a 40% off coupon!).

For the fabric, I’d get 1/2 yard of each fabric, assuming you’re going to use 4 different fabrics.

fabric banner supplies

How to Make a High Chair Banner

1. Cut Fabric into Strips

Cut your strips of fabric. I always cut mine 4″ wide. The length depends on how long you want the garland to be. If you want a 12″ drop, cut strips that are about 25-26″ long because you’ll be folding it in half, essentially, but some of the fabric will bunch in the middle so account for that. Keep in mind, you can trim the fabric once you’re done.

2. Cut Parachute Cord to Size

Then, cut your parachute cord to size. Since you can always cut some length off once you’re done, I’d say to give yourself some extra length just in case.

3. Secure the Fabric to the Cord

Start by laying a piece of fabric and cord like pictured below.

fabric garland

Grab one tail and feed it over the cord and through the head of the fabric.

how to make fabric garland

Feed the other tail through.

how to make fabric banner

Pull the tails.

highchair fabric banner

Pull some more.

fabric garland how to

I found that if I pull on each end of the cord, it will bunch up the fabric more.

You can also fold the bottom of the fabric up and under so it’s not showing.

highchair garland

For reference, this is what the back looks like.

fabric garland instructions

Keep repeating this until you have your desired amount of fabric.

That’s it– you’ve made a DIY high chair banner! This is a super easy project to execute. I thought it added the right amount of decoration to Owen’s highchair for his birthday party, and everyone absolutely loved it.

As you can see, I used five Command Brand small, clear hooks to secure the birthday highchair banner to the highchair.


In case you’re interested, in how I made the ‘one’ paper pinwheel banner, check out this tutorial for making paper medallions.

Next, I printed the o-n-e on card stock, cut them out and hot glued them to the middle of each medallion. I used a hole punch to make two holes in each medallion and then I fed ribbon through the holes. Then, I secured the one banner on top of the DIY high chair garland.

highchair garland

barnyard birthday 1

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  1. Its really very pretty! The colours look amazing with each other! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Truly adorable! I will definitely make this.

  3. Lauren Walter says:

    I love love the fabric backdrops. About how much fabric did you buy of each pattern – 1/2 yard? 1/4? I know this is a little smaller then the back drop you made for your reveal party

    1. Thanks, Lauren! That’s a good point– sorry I didn’t specify that in the post. I did the math and since each strip is around 4 inches and there’s 4 strips, that’s 16 inches. So I’d say to get 1/2 yard of fabric.

  4. Awww…that’s so cute! Great idea to make the high chair more festive for a birthday.

  5. Absolutely adorable! I love his birthday party theme and how you added so many special touches.

    Thanks so much for sharing your creativity at the The DIY Collective this week! Please come back next week to show off your latest project!

    Have an awesome week!
    ~ Ashley

  6. Love this! Made one for my granddaughter’s 1st bday, but am wondering how you attached it to the high chair. According the command hook site, they don’t recommend them for use on plastic surfaces.

    1. I’d like to know that too!

  7. What program/software did you use to print your O N E banner/sign? Having trouble making the letter that large-

  8. LOVE this! Just made it for my boys birthday party in the two hours he was napping 🙂 I used a 25′ length and it looks great! ( A bit shorter than the pictures shown but I didn’t pull it super tight at the top). This was an amazing find. Thank you so much!!!

  9. leanna stokes says:

    How long does the parachute cord need to be…approximately for high chair banner? I dont have the chairs to measure as im makin for someone else. Can you give me an at least length to be safe?

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