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Hidden Kitchen Command Center

You may remember a couple years ago when I made my hidden kitchen command center. Well, I had to say goodbye to that organizer when we had our kitchen cabinets refaced. I really missed having a kitchen command center, so I decided to make another one.

The awesome thing about this command center is that it’s not permanent because I used damage-free adhesives. So it’s perfect for homeowners or renters.

Here’s what I started with– the boring inside of a kitchen cabinet door.

hidden organizer before

Materials Needed:

 Two cork board squares (I hot glued two together)
One dry-erase board and marker
Washi tape
Push pins (I used my DIY push pins)
Items to organize, such as keys, photos, notes, gift cards, etc.
Command™ Quartz Key Rail
Command™ Medium Picture Hanging Strips – this project used four sets

Note: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Grab your cork board square, dry-erase board, Command™ Medium Picture Hanging Strips and Command™ Quartz Key Rail. Determine where you want to create your hidden kitchen command center and follow all surface prep instructions on the back of the packaging.

command brand picture hanging strips

2. Following package instructions, apply the Command™ Medium Picture Hanging Strips to the back of your cork board square. This project used one set on top and one set on the bottom of the square.

hidden organizer cork

3. Repeat step 2 to attach additional picture hanging strips to the back of the dry-erase board.

kitchen dry erase board

4. Mount the dry-erase board and cork board square on the inside of the kitchen cabinet door.

5. Following package instructions, adhere the Command™ Quartz Key Rail above the cork board square and dry-erase board.

kitchen key rail

6. Now get your organization on! Use push pins to hang important notes, receipts and more on the cork board, and write reminders on the dry-erase board. Use washi tape to add photos, invitations, and other mementos.

kitchen command center

I use the dry erase board to write random appointment and bill reminders. We also jot down shopping list items we need. Before I leave for the store, I take a photo of the list with the camera on my phone.

The dry erase board I purchased is magnetic, so I stuck some car wash coupons to the board too.

kitchen command center

I use the cork board to hang up announcements from friends and family members (wedding invitations, shower invites, birth announcements, etc.), appointment cards, important receipts, and gift cards.

I’m trying to keep our fridge free from clutter, so I used washi tape to hang our save the date magnets from our wedding, an ultrasound photo of Owen, and my breastmilk storage guidelines magnet. Washi tape is awesome because it’s easy to remove– perfect for renters.

hidden kitchen organizer 3

My wallet was stolen out of my purse when I was in high school. The ordeal scarred me for life. Don’t worry– the assailant (a classmate of mine) was later turned in (by her father) and was hauled off to juvenile hall in handcuffs from my high school. When I got my wallet back, the chick took everything out of it but the pennies. Super classy.

Anyway, I had about $100 in gift certificates (back when there were gift certificates instead of gift cards) from Christmas and $40 in cash in my wallet. I felt terrible because my parents had gifted me those, and they were gone forever. Due to this incident, I only carry gift cards in my purse if I’m going to the store(s) the gift cards pertain to. So I keep our gift cards in a pocket I created from the corner of a folder. If I’m heading to Target, for example, I’ll grab my Target gift card and put it in my purse.

So the moral of my story is to not carry hundreds of dollars of gift cards around in your wallet or purse.

organize gift cards

I love this key rail. It’s where we hang our spare keys and business cards.

Whenever we get a business card from someone important, like our HVAC guy, I hole punch the card and put it on a binder ring. I didn’t want to broadcast our appliance repairman’s info all over the Internet so I used my blogger business card.

organize keys

Another thing I loved about this project was that it took less than 30 minutes to complete.

Hidden kitchen command center! Non-permanent so it's prefect for homeowners OR renters!

This post is brought to your by Command™ Brand. As always, opinions are 100% my own.

This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Awesome!!!
    As usual, such a great post. such great ideas especially the gift cards (Sorry about your ordeal! Terrible when someone steals something from you)
    Once again, thank you for a great idea.

    Thanks Chelsea

  2. Cassandra says:

    How do you hang the things on the door without them hitting the shelves in the cabinet? I don’t think I have enough room in between.

    1. There’s about an inch of space between the door and the shelves when the door is closed. The only things that could bump the shelf are the keys so I made sure I put the key rail high enough to account for that.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Great post!

    Have you used OpenWallet.com yet? We use it for all of our Target Gift cards and it’s awesome because they scan your phone and the amount gets deducted. That way you never forget your gift cards!

  4. Brilliant Chelsea! I so need to get this organized! I love my Command hooks though, I use them for everything! Since we got the new puppy, she chews on the dish towels if we hang them on the cabinet knobs under the sink like we used to, so I just stuck a few Command hooks on the side of the upper cabinets next to the sink so the towels are safe and out of the way!

  5. I love Command strips, you can use them for practically anything. I like how ya did it on the inside of the cabinet.

  6. Super cute command center! I love that it’s hidden but very accessible. I had my wallet stolen once, and it was right after I had started a new job so I had my social security card in there, which I don’t normally carry. Trying to replace your driver’s license without a social security card and vice versa is nearly impossible!!

  7. Ashley Bee says:

    Great idea!

    ….And this is the perfect example of a well-executed sponsored post. Makes sense, relevant to your blog, actually really useful project for everyday life, products aren’t too in-your-face… etc. etc.


  8. That key hanger upper thingie is cool. I need to get one. We keep losing our mailbox key in the bottomless bit of our junk drawer.

  9. Great idea – love that it is hidden and helps keep the kitchen looking tidy, yet you are organized!

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