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I’ve been getting a lot of emails and comments asking where I buy Owen’s clothes so I thought I’d whip up a post and share where the majority of his wardrobe comes from.

I’m going to warn you, you’re going to see a lot of grays, blues, and greens. That’s because Owen looks best in those colors so that’s what I gravitated toward when I was putting together these boy clothes style boards(?). Yeah, I’m just going to call them style boards. Oh, and Owen doesn’t have all the clothes below. The kid has a lot of clothes, mostly due to excitable family members, but he only has a handful of the clothing below.

I like to invest in a handful of staple pieces Owen can wear over and over again. The one thing that comes to mind are these khaki pants I bought from Old Navy during their Black Friday sale. Whenever we go out, he’s usually wearing those pants (he’s wearing them here, here, here, here— and that’s only the times I took a pic and posted it on social media). I’m bummed that I didn’t buy another pair in the next size up. So if you happen to see those pants in a size 12-18 month in your local Old Navy store, let me know!

Let me also add that I rarely pay full retail price on clothing I purchased for Owen. I’ll typically wait for things to go on sale, or I’ll use a coupon/coupon code.

Okay, first up is Carter’s. I like Carter’s clothes because they’re stylish, fit Owen well, and they hold up– well, at least for a non-mobile 5 month old. I like the outfits because I can put him in the whole ensemble or split them up and create different outfits. They also have cute pajamas too. And in case you didn’t know, you can buy Carter’s clothes from the Carter’s website, Macy’s, Kohls, JCPenney, and I’m sure there’s more retailers out there, but those are the main ones I know of.

carters boy clothing

Baby Gap is another favorite of mine. The selection isn’t very colorful right now but I feel like it’ll pick up as we head toward spring and summer.

This past weekend Baby Gap was having 50% off sale styles, so I bought 6 pairs of pants (if there’s a style I really like, I’ll buy it in multiple sizes), 1 one-piece outfit, and 1 t-shirt for $55 (that includes tax, plus I got free shipping).

gap baby boy clothes

Old Navy is one of the top places I hit up. Most days Owen is in their jersey pants. That’s mainly for my convenience (ahem, 8-10 diaper changes per day) and his comfort (stretchy pants for life). Homeboy has a booty on him so taking regular pants or jeans on and off of him multiple times a day is exhausting for both of us.

They also have cute pajamas and fun accessories for boys.

old navy boys clothes

Another establishment I like to patronage is Target/ Their baby clothing is very reasonably priced– that white anchor onesie is $5 and the shoes are $5.99.

target baby boy clothes

I also find random things on Zulily, like this onesie.

You can also find stylish and affordable baby boy clothes at consignment stores, consignment events, church sales, eBay, and Facebook clothing sale groups. I really need to up my consignment store and event game.

Where’s your favorite place to shop for baby boy clothes?

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  1. All of the above! I also really love Gymboree! I hit up their sales racks when they’re having additional clearance and with a 20% off coupon, you can score some great finds! My absolute fav has to be Baby Gap though. I am a sucker for a cute cardigan and khakis!

  2. All 4 of my boys have grown up in Carter’s clothes. The pj’s go up to a size 12 so luckily I have 3 boys in them still 🙂 Another store I like is the Children’s Place but generally not until they hit the toddler sizes on up. Great for jeans, khakis and t-shirts. I used to buy all their special outfits at Gymboree. Definitely wait until things go on sale there and buy for the next year. I actually enjoy boys’ clothes and cringe when I have to buy girls clothing for gifts. Way too complicated for this boy mom!

    1. We love Carter’s too! They fit Owen pretty well, especially the pjs. I’ll have to check out Gymboree and The Children’s Place. I avoid the mall like the plague so I do a lot of online shopping but sometimes it’s not the same as going into the store and actually seeing that items. If I had a girl I’d probably just dress her in tunics and leggings all the time. Hah!

  3. Am really liking those khakis. Planning ahead has been my best offense in the pursuit of getting cute clothes as economically (ok, cheap) as possible. Particularly in trying to find boys clothing. I try to maximize consignment sales in my area, some have the added bonus of 50% off on the final sale day. Of course, planning ahead doesn’t always work – my 8 month old is growing out of the 12 mo size before my eyes. But for staples and many toys, consignment is hard to beat!

    1. Aren’t they? I’m so sad he’s almost too big for them, and they’re 6-12 month. Yeah, I really need to hit up more consignment sales.

  4. If any of your readers are from New Zealand (as I am), you can get Carters clothing from Farmers – they are super cute.

    1. Good to know, Helen! I love finding out where readers are from so I think it’s pretty cool that I have a reader in New Zealand!

  5. When my kids were little (youngest is almost 4) most of their clothes were gifts from baby showers or hand-me-downs. If I bought anything it was either from garage sales or the thrift store. I have to say though that I still get most of the kids clothes from thrift stores or hand-me-downs. Now that our oldest is nearing 9 we shop either Old Navy or Children’s Place for his pants. Boys are really hard on pants and you’ll be hard pressed to find pants in hand-me-downs after about size 3/4. There are never any knees left. l also buy some graphic t’s from Walmart and I always check in the thrift store and watch for their bag sales.

    1. I appreciate your thriftiness, Heidi! I figure boys are pretty tough on clothes, especially pants. And it seems they never outgrow that because even at 30 years old, Brad is hard on pants. Hah!

  6. I just love boys clothes (even though I have two girls!) I wish we had these stores in South Africa x

    1. I’m sure girls are fun to shop for too! I love all the fun prints they do with girls’ clothes. What baby clothing stores do you have in South Africa? I’ve heard of Spree but that’s it.

  7. I love all of the above! I love target because I can get low maintenance clothes for my boys to play outside for cheap. And very affordable. I love the gap and my boys only wear pants from there because they fit so perfect and they withstand a lot of wear and tear. I also like crazy 8 which I think it’s part of Gymboree.

  8. I pretty much shop at all the same places. Sadly, I never have luck with Target, which is odd because I spend all my money on everything else in that store! I also like Crazy 8 and our local schools are HUGE on kids resale events. I literally come home with big IKEA sized bags of clothes, most with price tags still on them!

  9. we have the same taste in baby clothes. Those are all of my favorites for both boys and girls. Costco sells Carter’s sets and pajamas for great prices. I also find sets at TJ Maxx often.

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