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So I can enjoy some time with Emmett and get acclimated to life with a newborn and a toddler, I asked some of my blog buddies to play along and answer some hard-hitting questions about pregnancy and motherhood. I did the same thing after I had Owen, if you want to check out those.

Today, my sweet, world traveling friend, Tammy from Pink Peppermint Design is sharing her experiences and insights. Tammy and her family moved to Salt Lake City last year and recently finished renovating their 1987 fixer upper. Their entryway is drool-worthy.

What did you enjoy about being pregnant?
It’s pretty awesome to make a person. When there is a little person moving around in your belly it’s kind of amazing. Plus, you get to park in those cool parking spaces right up front at the mall that are reserved for pregnant people. 😉

What did you NOT enjoy about being pregnant?
Random people coming up and touching my stomach! 😉 . I felt like having a pregnant belly was like a magnet for strangers at Target to come out of the woodwork and touch me. lol!

What did you miss most during your pregnancy/pregnancies (booze, sushi, lifting heavy objects, being able to fit into tight spaces, etc.)?
Being able to bend over to pick things up, tie my shoes, paint my toenails etc. Boy does that belly get in the way! 😉

Any interesting pregnancy cravings?
I always wanted Panda Express Orange Chicken. Weird, I know. Especially since every time I ate it I had to throw up!

Any interesting pregnancy aversions?
Everything smelled bad to me. EVERYTHING! We had just bought a new refrigerator and I honestly thought it had something wrong with it. No matter where I was in the house, I could smell a horrible smell whenever anyone opened it and it immediately made me throw up. I remember collapsing on the floor one night crying because I just couldn’t believe that we were going to have to buy ANOTHER new fridge because this one smelled so bad. Gotta love how ridiculous those pregnancy hormones make you!

If you weren’t married to your spouse and could choose one celebrity to father your children, who would that be and why?
Hmmm…if we’re talking about characters people have played, I’d definitely have to go with Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Let’s pretend you’re a mega celebrity, what would you name your baby/babies (i.e. Pilot Inspektor, Chicago West, Fifi Trixiebell)?
This is a tough one! Maybe just for fun we’ll combine two places/things I love… Bellagio Taco. We’ll call her Bella for short. 😉

What are the three baby products you couldn’t live without?
Things change so fast in baby-land! Every time I shop for baby stuff there is something new and more amazing than what I had with my babies.
1. A sleep sack was a must for us…kept me from having to worry about my terrible swaddling skills.
2. A noise maker of some kind for sleeping…a phone app, fan…something that makes some great white noise. It makes it easier for everyone to sleep!
3. Bouncy Chair/Swing- let’s you get something done during the day!

Must have postpartum product.
Well, I don’t just run around saying this to everyone, but since you are all Chelsea’s readers, I know you like it real so I’ll be honest…a suppository. Don’t let them release you from the hospital without one…you can thank me later. 😉

What’s one thing you didn’t know about babies before you had your own?
I am a bit of a control freak. I was under the mistaken assumption that you could really train your little person to do just about anything you wanted. Well, news flash: they totally come with their own little personalities fully ingrained in them. While I was able to teach them and coerce them eventually to do things, they definitely have their own opinions about things and what they like right from the get-go. It has been funny to watch my kids as they grow, those personalities that they came with from day one are still very much who they are today.

If I offered to care for your child/children for 48 hours what would do, where would you go, etc.?
Ooh! Whatever big city was close by ( I LOVE NYC!) with awesome shops, fun restaurants and things to see…and a hotel with a comfortable bed and black out curtains so I can sleep in!

Any sage mom advice you’d like to share?
Don’t read too many books and compare yourself to other moms and kids. Go with your gut, relax and things will work themselves out. I think we work ourselves up too much comparing our kids and our situations to others…how old were they when they started walking? when did they sleep through the night? etc. If you are struggling to breast feed, are a working mom dealing with mom guilt…all those things…they work themselves out. Use a bottle if it makes your life easier. Don’t feel guilty about going to work. Everyone survives and adapts to their own unique situation and it works. Everyone will always have an opinion about how you are doing things, but just be comfortable with you and what works for your family.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more about the whole comparison thing! I think we spend too much time thinking and worrying about what everyone else is doing as parents. I love this advice.

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