Preggo/Mom Series: How To Nest For Less

Today, the delightful Erin from How To Nest For Less is sharing her experiences and insights.

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What did you enjoy about being pregnant?
Not having to suck in my stomach all the time… did you want the truth? HA. But also I just felt hormonally balanced in a weird way. I absolutely LOVED being pregnant.

What did you NOT enjoy about being pregnant?
My feet swelling every single night to the point where I couldn’t get shoes on. Woof. And I was extremely tired during the day, like barely functional. Luckily at the time I worked for my brother-in-law and we kept an air mattress in one of the spare offices. Yeah, if I ever get pregnant again I don’t know how I’d deal with the lack of energy!

What did you miss most during your pregnancy/pregnancies (booze, sushi, lifting heavy objects, being able to fit into tight spaces, etc.)?
Sushi and Bud Light. I have a slight obsession with both.

Any interesting pregnancy cravings?
St. Louis Bread Company (or Panera Bread to you folks who live outside STL). Their chicken salad sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup were basically my dinner for 9 months. Hmm… not much has changed since then.


Any interesting pregnancy aversions?
Sour cream. Seriously made me yack. I could smell it from across the room and wouldn’t step foot in a Mexican restaurant during my second trimester.

If you weren’t married to your spouse and could choose one celebrity to father your children, who would that be and why?
Joseph Gordon Levitt. Simply adorable smile, plus he can sing, dance, act. And did you ever see him do the lip sync battle on Jimmy Fallon? Swoon.

What are the three baby products you couldn’t live without?
Ooh, good question! Binkies, Target brand diapers (they had the stretchy sides but were way cheaper than Huggies), and our Chicco infant car seat. That thing was so easy to click in and out of the base!

What’s one thing you didn’t know about babies before you had your own?
Even though I have like 21 nieces and nephews, I didn’t know that babies had such bad gas! Well, at least mine did. I actually think that was the main reason she cried. Gas drops were a life saver. Didn’t leave home without them!

If I offered to care for your child/children for 48 hours what would do, where would you go, etc.?
Probably head to the lake with my husband and our friends. I’m obsessed with any water activity so I wouldn’t mind soaking up the sun, floating in the Lake, and cruising in the boat for 48 hours.

Any sage mom advice you’d like to share?
Don’t register for every little thing just because it’s available. Trust me, you won’t use half of it. If you have a bed, food and clothes (and maybe a binkie or two) for the kid, you’ll do just fine. It’s ok to sit up and night and cry because you never sleep anymore. It’s a phase and will grow out of it! And RELAX. You’ve got this.

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  1. Cravings….scrambled eggs…LOTS and LOTS of scrambled eggs.
    Aversions….bananas and ground pepper. Seriously had to hold my breath to open the pantry door because the pepper sitting on the spices shelf would hit me like a ton of bricks. Yack!!!

  2. I’ll definitely be swooned if it’s Joseph! Loved this interview with Erin. I could totally relate with that sour cream — it was my fave though without my baby bump.

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