Preggo/Mom Series: The Lilypad Cottage

Since Emmett is 3 months now, I should probably stop hardcore riding this maternity leave train. So today is our last installment of the Preggo/Mom Series. I know you’re very sad.

My very talented and funny friend Kelly from The Lilypad Cottage is sharing her experiences and insights. Kelly lives on a lake in western Michigan with her husband and two kids. And if you aren’t following her, you’re missing out.

What did you enjoy about being pregnant?
Nothing. Well no, I take it back I liked the feeling of my baby bumping around in there and obviously the end result of having my sweet kids, but I really on the whole was not a fan of being pregnant.

What did you NOT enjoy about being pregnant?
Morning sickness. I was so sick with my daughter all of the time. That and cankles.

What did you miss most during your pregnancy/pregnancies (booze, sushi, lifting heavy objects, being able to fit into tight spaces, etc.)?
Wine! The ease of moving around, seeing my feet, lying on my stomach.

Any interesting pregnancy cravings?
I only wanted pizza hut personal pan pizzas and sliced cucumbers.

Any interesting pregnancy aversions?
I could not handle onions being anywhere near me.

If you weren’t married to your spouse and could choose one celebrity to father your children, who would that be and why?
Probably Hugh Grant, because my favorite movie is Love Actually and I want my kids to have a British accent.

Let’s pretend you’re a mega celebrity, what would you name your baby/babies (i.e. Pilot Inspektor, Chicago West, Fifi Trixiebell)?
My husband’s name is Daniel Jack and he wanted to name our son Jack Daniels. He thought it was hilarious (and still does) and oddly didn’t understand why I wouldn’t want to name my only son after a bottle of whiskey.

What are the three baby products you couldn’t live without?
My kids are 10 and 6 so I don’t think they even have the same baby products anymore. I feel like they have so many amazing gadgets now, I would have loved to have a video monitor! I still think I might need one.

Must have postpartum product.
Wine and pajama pants.

What’s one thing you didn’t know about babies before you had your own?
The whole belly button falling off thing completely freaked me out.

If I offered to care for your child/children for 48 hours what would do, where would you go, etc.?
I would drive to Chicago for the weekend, shop, spa and eat in a nice quiet restaurant.

Any sage mom advice you’d like to share?
Find a group of mom’s in the same stage as you. Having friends to share poopy diaper stories with and who are right there with you helps so much.

Do you have a funny pregnancy, birth, or motherhood story you’d like to share?
My biggest parenting failure thus far is not explaining to my daughter you shouldn’t lick the merry go round when it’s 10 degrees out. That was not a phone call I ever expected from the kindergarten teacher…

Kelly’s Top Three Blog Posts
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