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Owen Meets Emmett

Toward the end of my pregnancy, I thought it would be a great idea to have the moments of Owen meeting Emmett photographed. I mean, you meet your little brother only once.

The original plan was for Owen to come to the hospital with his grandparents and meet Emmett. But when Brad and I got to the hospital, we saw a sign posted saying children under the age of 14 weren’t allowed in the childbirth center due to the flu. I completely understood the rationale, but I was upset– it would’ve been nice to have been warned beforehand. Not only was I upset Owen couldn’t meet his brother as soon as possible, but I didn’t want to go days without seeing Owen.

But everything worked out for the best. We had the photos taken at home, where Owen was more relaxed and himself. I think he would’ve been distracted at the hospital, especially because I was in a hospital bed and hooked up to an IV.

The photos speak for themselves– Owen was completely smitten with his little brother.

I have the photos in chronological order, starting with the moment I walked into the room holding Emmett.

This is my most favorite photo.

Frame worthy.

It was Owen’s idea to grab the white blanket from his bed and snuggle with Emmett in our bed.

I love that we also got some photos of Emmett in his coming home outfit.

A couple weeks before Emmett was born, I took Owen to Target to pick out a present for his little brother. He chose the gray elephant stuffed animal. He ran up to Emmett’s nursery to get the elephant and a rattle and brought them back downstairs for Emmett.

If you’re bringing home a new baby to a sibling or siblings, I highly recommend hiring a photographer to capture the moments. We’ll cherish these photos of our two boys forever.

People have asked how Owen is adjusting to having a baby brother. And the answer is very well. Owen loves Emmett. Every morning he runs into our bedroom and wants to see and love on his little brother. If Emmett is making sounds in his mamaroo, Owen will run over to him and give him his pacifier. And if Emmett is fussing because he’s hungry, Owen will tell me Emmett needs my ‘boo boobs’.

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  1. Absolutely precious photos! Congratulations on another handsome little boy!

  2. Congratulations! Precious pictures of your boys❤️ Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures with us.

  3. The photos turned out great! I’m so glad I was there to see the boys meet in person.

  4. Alison S. says:

    These are the most precious photos! So much love and joy!

  5. A beautiful way for your two adorable boys to bond.

  6. Valerie Chernoff says:

    Those pictures are so precious and really captures the moment, wish we thought of that back in the day.

  7. Rachel Steck says:

    These photos are so sweet and precious. What a great idea to have their first meeting photographed, what a treasure. So happy for you all! Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. These are so precious. They made me tear up. I’m having a baby girl in June and have a 3 year old son so now I want to hire a photographer for their meeting. It never occured to me that my son may not be able to visit us in the hospital though. Thanks for sharing this special moment.

  9. Just beautiful! What a great idea to have a photographer for this moment. I think you are going to have a fantastic year, and all the difficulties with the house are going to melt away, as you are wrapped in joy with your little ones!

  10. These pictures literally gave me goose bumps! They are beautiful, Chelsea. Makes me think if it would be super cheesy to do the same but with my Yorkie meeting his baby sister when she comes in the summer 🙂

  11. Kerri Fernandes says:

    That’s my favorite picture too! So much excitement!

  12. Darlene Joy Gwilliam says:

    Two beautiful angels!

  13. My 2 year old was upset seeing me in the hospital after his brother was born. It was confusing for everyone because I couldn’t get up to hold him and he was afraid of the hospital bed….all that to say, I agree it was probably for the best your kiddos met for the time at home. These pictures are wonderful!

  14. These are the best! I literally teared up a little looking at them. So amazing. Enjoy those little boys!

  15. These pictures are adorable and I love this idea. Can’t wait to do this in a few months when my son meets his new sibling!

  16. Jessica C says:

    How SWEET are these photos?????!!!!! Absolutely beautiful memories to treasure forever!

  17. Oh my these are the sweetest photos! Owen’s joy is truly evident in all of the photos. My son will be just over 2.5 month when our new baby arrives at the end of May/early June. He’s strongly in denial of what is to come. Any other tips you have to offer on how you prepared Owen for his brother would be appreciated =) Enjoy these early days. They’re so precious.

  18. These are just precious Chelsea! You have such a sweet family. Hope you are doing well!

  19. Katie Dean says:

    These are the most precious photos, ever! You will keep these photos so close to you forever. Congratulations to you + your family!

  20. Adorable!!!!! sweet moments! so adorable.

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