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Witch Hat Wreath

You know I love a quick, easy, and inexpensive DIY project. Well, today’s witch hat wreath definitely falls under that category.

How to make a witch hat wreath! Easy and inexpensive!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own witch hat wreath:

witch hat
feather boa
plastic shopping bags
packaging tape
piece of ribbon
hot glue and glue gun

witch hat wreath materials

Begin by gluing your boa to your witch hat. I put a dab of glue about every 6 inches.

make witch hat wreath

Now your hat has a little more pizzazz.

witch wreath

Stuff the top part of the witch hat with plastic shopping bags. Secure the bags with some packaging tape.

wtich hat wreath 2

Use a piece of ribbon to make a hanger, gluing it on each side, but leaving a little slack in the middle.

how to make witch hat wreath

Voila! A gorgeous Halloween wreath that won’t break the bank.

In case you’re wondering, I only spent a couple dollars to make this wreath (all I had to buy was the hat) because I already had some boas laying around. Yes, there are boas just laying around my house.

But you can find boas at craft stores and some big box stores. Just remember to take your coupons to the craft stores!

witch hat wreath

And here’s our completed Halloween porch.

halloween front porch

I bought the spider web lights at Walmart for like $5, and then I used pipe cleaners to attach some 2 for $1 spiders from Dollar Tree.


You can find the tutorial on my tomato cage Halloween tree here.

halloween decoration tree

And the tutorial for my $5 witch legs can be found here.

wirch legs

Happy Halloween!

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