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Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Today I’m breaking down all the components of my front porch Christmas decorations.

front porch Christmas decorations

Holiday Greens Planters

When in doubt, always flank your steps with seasonal planters.

 To be completely honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with the Costco holiday planters this year. I’d say last year’s planters were the best I’ve gotten. I was going to re-pot and beef these up like I did with my garage planter, but then it got cold and I got even more mentally exhausted so here we are. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t terrible, especially for $30. And they last until February/March.

Costco outdoor planter

Isn’t it so pretty covered in snow?

Costco Christmas planter

Fresh Cedar Garland

Another Christmas front porch decoration must have: fresh cedar garland. I always get mine at Costco because you can’t beat the price. 25 feet of garland for $16-18. I like to go with two strands of garland for a more substantial look. The garland is hung on four nails, two on each side– one garland per each pair of nails.

In years past, I’ve added a strand of bigger clear bulbs. But this year, I decided to add two strands of regular white lights in addition to the big bulbs. I’ll never go back. In fact, next year I may do three or four strands of regular white lights. Keep scrolling to see what I mean.

front door decorated for Christmas with garland

Layered Doormats

You know I love a layered doormat year-round. The plaid indoor/outdoor rug lives in the porch all the time. But for the holidays, I strongly suggest busting out a holiday-themed top doormat. I’ve had this merry doormat for a few years. I’m pretty sure I’ll cry when it’s finally time to toss it. Red rain boots added for dramatic effect.

Large Lanterns

These two brass lanterns (similar) are almost always on the front porch. This year, I filled them with red, shatterproof ornaments and two strands of battery-operated fairy lights.

lantern with red ornaments

Mixing the different finishes of the ornaments adds dimension and visual interest instead of having all sparkly or all matte ornaments.

red ornaments with fairy lights

Glow Up

See how much the garland glows at night with the two strands of lights paired with the strand of big bulbs?

Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

front door decorated for Christmas with cedar garland and lights

Christmas front porch at night

Pretty But Also Normal

And lest you think our front porch is super fancy, I shall leave you with this– a full view of our front porch. We became Christmas inflatable people last year when I put this 6-foot tall Santa, I bought on clearance the year before, on the porch to our children’s delight. Emmett is positively smitten with Santa. Every day we have to greet Santa and identify all of his body parts and articles of clothing.

front porch Christmas decorations

Just goes to show that you can have pretty front porch Christmas decorations but also rock a big Santa inflatable. The best of both worlds.



mini white lights

C9 lights

DIY hydrangea wreath

inflatable Santa (similar)

brass lanterns (similar)

lantern fairy lights

red shatterproof ornaments (similar)

plaid indoor/outdoor rug


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  1. Gorgeous! It makes me feel better knowing you have an inflatable … I have resisted but they make the kids so so happy so I’m sure I’ll end up caving. Merry Christmas and as always beautiful content!

  2. I love the it all especially the red ornaments with white lights. I’m also in the inflatable club for my kids. My youngest has to say hello to Santa and Frosty everyday. Thanks for the inspiration and transparency hahaha

  3. The gold lanterns and balls are so pretty! Definitely going to put this on my list for next year. The more light the better! I lit the inside of my house up this year and everyday it helps me recover from the stress of virtual schooling my kids. 🤪 Altogether, very classy with. Pop of fun from the Santa! 😍

  4. Christeen says:

    Beautiful. I like the red ornaments and lights. And of course the inflatable, its adorable.

  5. I just saw your reel about how to make the wreath — genious!

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