No Soliciting Sign – Free Printable

I made the following free printable No Soliciting sign for the greater good. Because let’s be real with one another for a second. I’ve yet to hear one person say, “OMG, I love when solicitors ring my doorbell. They’re so fun to chat with! In fact, I invited one back for dinner next week.” That’s right. No one appreciates strangers ringing their doorbell during nap time, bedtime, or any time, really. If I want a lawn treatment, I’ll seek one out. If I want to know more about your religion, I’ll Google it. There’s no need to march up to my door and ask me.

The other day a pest control salesperson came through our neighborhood for a little door to door soliciting. She stopped by our house as our babysitter was walking out the door so I was trapped. I politely told her we weren’t interested and that we already use a pest control service. She proceeded to ask me what company it is. Then, when I said I didn’t have time to talk, she said, “Ok, I’ll just come back later.” No no no no NO. If I wanted her to come back later I would’ve said that. It’s these relentless solicitors who hold you hostage on your own front porch that have ruined it for solicitors everywhere.

And listen, I know these people are just trying to make a living but they know what they’re getting into. I think it’s widely known that solicitors don’t bring out the warm fuzzies in people. That’s like getting into nursing and not knowing there will be bodily fluids involved.

A No Soliciting Sign is Born

After my encounter with pushy pest control girl, I cooked up this No Solicitor sign. It’s to the point while also being humorous. The last line breaks the tension a little.

Don’t ring the doorbell. Don’t knock on the door. Don’t make it weird.

No Soliciting Sign - Free printable

I made the sign small in size because I like having an attractive front porch. Yes, this means solicitors will have to step foot on my front porch. But the hope is that they’ll read the sign before touching our doorbell, think to themselves “these people mean business”, turn around and walk away.

front porch with dark gray door and foliage planters

My hope is religious folk will also take the hint.

A couple months ago two Jehovah’s Witnesses rang the doorbell. I failed to look at our security cameras and opened the door thinking it was someone I was expecting. Then, I was forced to enter into the most awkward conversation I’d participated in that month. In case anyone is unaware, it’s extremely uncomfortable to open your door and have two complete strangers look up at you and say, “Good afternoon. May I read you a passage from Genesis?”

And you might be thinking, “What about Girl Scouts? Boy Scouts? Band/orchestra?” Well, like any neighborhood operating in 2019, ours has a Facebook group and parents post their kids’ fundraising efforts in the group.

funny no soliciting sign

See, our porch is welcoming with the wreath and big ‘hello’ doormat, but the small No Soliciting sign sends the message that while we’re nice people, you best not ring that doorbell.

hello doormat on top of plaid rug

You can download your own 2″ x 4″ No Soliciting sign below. Just right click that bad boy and save it to your computer. Print it. And attach with some tape. I used this tape.

For durability, I suggest printing the sign on card stock and laminating it. And for extra visibility, you can always string some fairy lights around it.

no soliciting sign

Here’s a different sign that will hopefully apply to anyone attempting to ring your doorbell.

We aren't interested sign

These signs are for personal use only.

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  1. I could not agree with you more! I’ve had a no soliciting sign up for a decade now and the sad truth is that people either ignore it altogether or think it doesn’t apply to them (religious, fundraisers, political campaigns, etc). Almost pointless but I keep hoping!

    1. Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t considered “solicitors”

  2. Thank you! I am going to differently give this a try.

  3. We had pre-readers ringing our doorbell all day wanting our little one to play, even when he was taking a nap! I made a small sign for our sidelight that was green on one side and red on the other. When I put him down I flipped it over to the red side, and his little friends understood that meant stop, don’t ring the doorbell, and come back later. It worked great!

  4. Rachel Steck says:

    Below is mine (yours is much nicer)

  5. Them: “Good afternoon. May I read you a passage from Genesis?”

    You, while shutting the door: “No” or, if you must, “No, thank you.”

    It’s your house – they aren’t guests – you didn’t invite them to preach – it’s OK to shut the door in their faces – really!

    Same goes for phone solicitors – hang up.


    1. Or phone solicitors – just don’t bother picking up – get caller ID and recognize marketer numbers. The more often you don’t answer, the less number of times they call. Failing to answer calls results in not getting your number sold to other marketeers.

  6. I have one in vinyl on my sidelight that says, “We don’t open the door for strangers or solicitors.” It rarely works and I’ve watched people read it, laugh and ring the doorbell. I would prefer a doorbell chime that sounds like a shotgun cock. 😬

  7. Your sign won’t work for Jehovah’s Witnesses because we are do not solicit.

    Some definition of soliciting include:
    – ask for or try to obtain (something) from someone.
    – ask (someone) for something.
    – accost someone and offer one’s or someone else’s services as a prostitute.

    We do none of these things. We only try to share the Bible’s message with people who are interested.

    1. And it’s too bad that you don’t accept the “I’m not interested”

      1. I totally agree and will be ordering a sign. We are Christian and attend church. However, any time the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons come to the door they are often very pushy and do Not take “No Thank You” for an answer. I should not have to further defend or explain my answer to strangers at my door.

    2. In my opinion Jehovah’s Witness’ are soliciting my attention and it is unwanted. Especially when it wakes my baby up from his nap. Printing this out!!!

    3. beverly e says:

      Pimpin’ for Jesus… Hustlin’ “the Word”…

  8. Thank you. I am expecting the JW to come tomorrow as they come every Tuesday. I have told them to not come back and my husband made it clear to not come back. That was two years ago. Ummmm THEY ARE BACK>>>>>>

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