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Christmas Entryway

With Emmett on the move, I didn’t get too crazy with the Christmas decorations in our entryway. But I did decorate the table just inside our front door and my vintage dresser.

When it came to the entryway table, I decided to work with the blue-gray color of the table and go with gray and white Christmas decorations.

I’ve been collecting these silver and white cone trees for years. I like how they don’t take up much space when stacked and stored away. They’re also pretty timeless, in my opinion. I feel the same way about the white ceramic houses from Target. I moved our wedding photo to the bottom shelf on the table and added some feather-covered trees I’ve had for years.

To light up the houses, I used a strand of battery-operated fairy lights. I stuck some lights in each house so they can glow at night. The battery pack is hidden under the silver tree on the left. I’m also hiding a reed diffuser in the white tree on the right. Sneaky, sneaky.

I kept my vintage dresser (my mom and her twin sister shared it as kids) pretty simple. The dresser is the prime spot for my ceramic Christmas tree my late aunt Pat made for my grandparents in 1980. I displayed our Christmas cards on this star-shaped holder in the same spot as last year. I’m starting to get concerned people didn’t update our new address, even though I put it front and center on last year’s Christmas card and included a blurb on the back that we built a house and moved, because we haven’t gotten our usual amount of cards this year.

I love this tree for two reasons. The first being that my Aunt Pat, my dad’s older sister who passed away when I was 10, made it. When she wasn’t working as a nurse at a boarding school, she was painting ceramics. She made my brother and I our own ceramic trees that my mom would put in our bedrooms every Christmas. And secondly, because it reminds me of my Grandma June’s and Grandpa Bob’s (although he was just “Grandpa” to me) house at Christmastime. Grandma June would always display it in their living room. So to me, it’s not just a tree– it’s remembering special people.

Here’s the white tree with blue bulbs Aunt Pat made for me.

One of the cool things about having a family of your own is starting traditions, which is why I bought this plate a couple years ago. I wanted a special plate the kids could set out for Santa’s cookies. This will be our first year using it because Owen finally gets the whole Santa thing. And since we never have milk in our house, I guess we’ll have to leave him some bottled water or something.

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  1. i just love the way you decorate. 🙂

  2. Rachel Steck says:

    The cone trees – I love those! With the white houses the table looks amazing. How special are those ceramic Christmas trees?! Leaving cookies and a beverage-of-some-sort (we never had milk either) is a great tradition.

  3. I read that those ceramic Christmas tree’s are popular now and they could be worth up to $200. I wish I still had mine. I love your cone tree’s. I have cone tree’s also but they have silver tinsel. I have a small village as well that I received as gifts. I love lighting them up. Love the white feather cones as well.

  4. I looooove the feather tree’s . But truthfully they are all beautiful. I also love your trees that your aunt made for you, how special. Your home looks beautiful . Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. Sometimes we left beer for Santa ?‍♀️ Give the man what he wants!

    1. Sarah in Indiana says:

      Haha? I was going to suggest that Santa might enjoy some whisky with his cookies. Or you could leave a shot of peppermint mocha creamer?

      1. Thhe question mark after the haha was supposed to be a period. I am not questioning whether I am amused. Or whether Santa should get alcohol. Yes to both.

  6. Dorinda Selke says:

    Loving it all, Chelsea. The entry table sets a mood ! Your vintage ceramic trees are gorgeous. I have one that I made probably 39 years ago before I got married. That tree has survived 7 moves ! Merry Christmas to all ! Hugs, Dorinda

  7. My grandparents had a ceramic tree just like that green one you showed. They didn’t bother with a regular christmas tree but put that up in their front window every Christmas. I still go back to those wonderful times every time I see one like that. I don’t know what ever happened to it when they passed away…..

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