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White Christmas Tree Decor

It’s finally happening! I’m sharing our white Christmas tree decor! It’s been so gloomy here lately, and the other morning the sun came out for about an hour so I scrambled to take photos.

Originally, I was going to go with our green fake Christmas tree. But a couple days after Brad lugged it down from the attic I said, “You know what? I think I want to go with the white tree.” My epiphany was met with a blank stare from my lovely husband. So back up into the attic he went to retrieve my white tree.

My initial plan for the tree was to do a white, silver, and turquoise theme. I started by putting all the white and silver stuff on the tree first and I was really digging it. But I still went ahead with the turquoise and silver ornaments and started hanging them on the tree. But I didn’t really like how it was turning out. So I’m pretty sure the words I said to myself were “Screw it, let’s go all white with a little bit of silver”. And that’s exactly what I did.

It’s very winter wonderlandy. Yes, ‘wonderlandy’ is a word in the dictionary.

White Christmas tree with white and silver decorations

This tree is really hard to photograph. It always looks pinkish in photos, but it’s not in person. It’s also a lot prettier in person than in photos. I’d invite you over to see it with your own eyeballs, but I’m sure we’d start talking and before we knew, we’d waste an entire afternoon, and I’m kind of busy this time of year. So it’s not you, it’s me.

White Christmas tree with white and silver decorations

I wrapped the gifts in four different papers: white with silver polka dots, silver with silver polka dots, silver faux bois, and silver plaid.

white and silver gifts

I used a bunch of white picks from JoAnn Fabric, Michael’s, and Factory Direct Craft (FDC).

I didn’t intend on buying picks from FDC but JoAnn sold out of the big berry picks, and I needed more so I resorted to FDC.

White Christmas tree with white and silver decorations

The presents turned out well if I do say so myself. I used a few different wrapping techniques with the ribbon and bows. Most involve cheating. Let me know if you’d like more info on that subject.

silver and white christmas gifts

The only true ornaments I hung on the tree are these little guys that look like snowballs.

White Christmas tree with white and silver decorations

Once I figured out what I was going to do it was super easy to put the tree together. I just started shoving picks all over the place.

White Christmas tree with white and silver decorations

Before I put the picks in, I wrapped this pretty, sparkly garland from Michael’s around the tree. I figure I can keep it and use it on future Christmas trees.

white sparkly christmas tree

Here’s what the tree looks like around 5PM when it’s getting dark outside.

White Christmas tree with white and silver decorations

And here’s how it looks at night with all the lights turned off.

White Christmas tree with white and silver decorations

People have asked how Owen has done with the tree, and I have to say that he’s been pretty good about keeping his paws off of it. I think the tree being the opposite of colorful helps.

Although yesterday he suddenly became very interested in the tree and the presents under it. He ended up pushing a gift, which happened to be his (I’m pretty sure he can read his own name at 16 months. #Gifted. Just kidding. He can’t read.) in to the kitchen. Then he returned to the tree and pulled a snowball ornament off. Oh, and then after lunch I found a piece of a chicken nugget in the tree.

But I promise that is the most contact he’s had with the tree in a couple weeks.

White Christmas tree with white and silver decorations

Source List

pre-lit Christmas tree … Kohls.com circa 2012

no sew faux fur tree skirt … DIY | tutorial found here

snowball ornaments … JoAnn Fabric | this year

sparkly garland … Michael’s | this year

white floral picks … JoAnn Fabric, Michael’s, Factory Direct Craft | this year

gift wrap … Target | circa 2014 and Hobby Lobby | this year

white and silver polka dot ribbon … JoAnn Fabric | this year

white faux fur stockings … Target | this year | find them here

White Christmas tree with white and silver decorations

Next week I’ll share the rest of our dining room area, where the tree is located.

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  1. If you have time to go over how you made bows for your Christmas presents I could use some help. I tried making fabric bows from Pinterest and it didn’t work out so I went with the premade stick on bows. Great job with the tree!

    1. Sure! I’ll try to take some photos this weekend and post on Monday or Tuesday so it gives people a couple days to beef up their presents before Christmas Eve. Would that work?

      1. Yes please do this! Yours look so beautiful

  2. This is amazing. So classic & gorgeous. Also…I like cheating! Tell me more about this cheat-wrapping. 😉

    Visiting from LorimerLiving.Com
    XO, Jaclyn

  3. I loooooove it! Your tree looks so beautiful at night! If we get a second tree, I want this to be it!!

  4. Love it! The gifts just set off the tree and the chicken nugget is especially sweet. Love your humor.

  5. Love your tree! My hubs would never go for a white tree! He makes fun of my tiny pink tree that I got when I was first on my own. I let the kiddo set it up and she loves it! Also, I get the white theme you have to do something with our nonwinter wonderlandy it’s been outside in Indiana. Haha

  6. Beautiful! And I LOVE those pre-made gift bows that you used that look like hair bows, I’ve never seen them before. I’ve always used the pre-made round bows and I’m not a big fan of those (haha, rhyming not intentional). Where did you get those pre-made gift bows/hair bows?? Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jen! I made those bows! I’m going to do a post on how I made them this week, mostly likely tomorrow (Monday) so check back!

  7. It looks beautiful! I do not like white Christmas trees, when i see them on the stores for sale, but you made this perfect!

  8. Normally I’m a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decor, but I love this tree! The nighttime photos are amazing. And I just love a lit star tree topper. Great job!

  9. Your tree is lovely. I went and got a bunch of after Christmas stuff to make a white tree for next year…I think my husband thinks I’m crazy, but after seeing your tree, I’m going to go for it! I decided to use white feather boas in my white tree to go with my feather wreath and feather mantle garland. We’ll see how things turn out next Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful tree photos. Happy New Year

  10. I’ve just discovered Bloglovin’ and your blog. Your tree was beautiful!
    Something so small, but mother to mother we can always share fun family ideas. The comment about “you were sure your son could read at 18 months”, love it. ❤️
    Until my kids could read, I would use pictures of them as gift tags, so they knew who the gift was for. Especially helpful having two or more under reading age. I would crop it smaller and craft it on to a nicer paper, creating a Christmas tag. It was fun for me and them. ❤️
    Although I’m sure he is brilliant and will be reading by next Christmas. ?
    I will follow your blog and happy new year!

  11. Really impressive and sure to impress Christmas guests!! Thanks for sharing!

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