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No Sew Tree Skirt

Yesterday I shared our new white Christmas tree. I’m back today to show you how I made my $15 no sew tree skirt. Seriously, this is one of the easiest and fastest DIYs ever. If you can trace with a marker and use scissors you’ll nail this project. Pinky swear.

No sew tree skirt!  Only cost $15 to make!

Although they don’t sell it anymore, Pottery Barn used to offer a white faux fur tree skirt for $129. I’m all about nice things, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Not when you can make a knock-off for $15. AmIright?

Alright, here’s what you’ll need:

• 2 yards of fabric (I got mine on sale at JoAnn for 50% off so it was only $15)
• scissors
• Sharpie marker
• another tree skirt to trace

white fur tree skirt supplies

Fold the fabric so the furry side is on the inside.

Fold the tree skirt in half and lay it on top of the fur fabric. Make sure the fold of the tree skirt matches the fold of the fabric.

making a white fur tree skirt

Carefully trace the tree skirt without getting your Sharpie on the tree skirt.

how to make a tree skirt

Cut out the fur tree skirt. I cut so the black Sharpie line would be on the fabric piece, not the tree skirt.

DIY tree skirt

Trace the tree hole.

make your own tree skirt

Cut it out.

no sew tree skirt

Cut a straight line from the tree hole to the edge of the tree skirt.

no sew DIY tree skirt

And you’re done!

I ironed my fur tree skirt after I cut it out so it would lay more flat, but you can iron the fabric before you cut out the tree skirt. Just be careful not to let your iron get too hot or it can melt the fabric.

NO SEW fur tree skirt!  Only cost $15 to make!

I used an older white felt tree skirt I had under the fur tree skirt to give it some volume. You could use a white sheet or tablecloth if you want to accomplish the same loftiness.

fur tree skirt

Stalk away!

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  1. Love this!!! Tree skirts are RIDICULOUSLY expensive and it drives me crazy. Right now I have a plaid blanket pretending it’s a tree skirt. I might be on the lookout for some cute fabric to make a real one with your method 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  2. What an easy solution! Another good tip would be to also add some fray away to the edges in case the fabric you have tends to fray! Love all the white!!

  3. Very pretty! And so simple. I’ve never seen fabric like that before. Very unique. And I love that you don’t have to hem.

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