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Pink Christmas Tree

The other night, we had a neighborhood holiday house walk where a handful of us opened up our houses for neighbors to walk through and see our Christmas decorations. One of our neighbors said “Oh, a pink Christmas tree. You must have a girl.” I said, “No, I have two boys. That tree is for me.”

pink christmas tree

I put the pink tree, which is covered in sweet treats, in the same spot last year. I didn’t want to take down the artwork on the wall so I decided to work with it. And since there’s pink in the print, I took it as a sign to put the pink tree back on the table.

The tree is covered in gingerbread houses, gum drops, ice cream cones, slices of cake, lollipops, cupcakes, cookies, macarons, donuts, and one of my favorites– a waffle. There’s also a red KitchenAid mixer. I’ve collected the ornaments over the last few years. Many are from Michael’s and Macy’s.

dessert christmas ornaments

I put out the white and pink bottlebrush trees again but changed things up and added a red, pink, and white felt ball garland. The felt ball garland is originally intended for Valentine’s Day, but it works for Christmas as well. So keep that in mind when trying to use the decorations you already have.

pink and white bottlebrush trees

I’ve scored most of the ornaments at after Christmas sales, so always keep your eyes peeled if you’re out shopping.

cupcake christmas ornament

I think I’m either going to have to stop collecting ornaments or get a bigger tree at this point.

4 foot pink tree

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  1. I love this tree!!!! I now need a pink tree!!!! It’s so cute!

  2. Linda Rubin says:

    I love it. So soft.

  3. Karen L.L. says:


  4. Rachel Steck says:

    Bigger tree for sure – love these ornaments!

  5. I have that waffle too, and it’s one of my favs! I have a 5 foot pink tree in my front window with non traditional colored and whimsical ornaments, and a 7.5 foot tree that’s all sweets themed. Do you know where you got those gumdrops? I have been looking for some for 2 years and can’t find any that look as nice as yours!

  6. Diane Janusz says:

    Love it and your decorations. Good for you with your own tree. In Cincinnati there is a mammography center with a pink tree that they keep up all year. It is comforting to many of the ladies there

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