Fall Back Patio

We’ve always spent a decent amount of time out on our back patio in the fall. Last year we didn’t get to as much because Owen was only a couple months old, and I never wanted him to get too chilly. But now that he’s nearly 14 months and walking we’re outside a lot. And I will say, having a fenced in yard with a little one is definitely a plus.

Since we’re in the backyard a lot, I thought I’d add some fall decorations.

back porch decorated for fall

We added the patio furniture and outdoor rug back in the spring of 2014. We really like it, the only somewhat annoying part is bringing the cushions in when it’s supposed to rain. We’re still trying to figure out a storage solution instead of stacking the cushions and pillows in our dining room area.

back patio decorated for fall

In one corner, I planted a mum in one of my planters that I always keep on the patio.

fall outdoor decorations

I grabbed one of my apple baskets and filled it with gourds. Well, after I did my clear, plastic food storage container trick.

gourds in apple basket

I have a few wood slices that I keep in our shed, so I brought one out and added some pumpkins and a gourd.

mums and pumpkins

And since Owen loves to play with anything with wheels, I worked some of his hand-me-down vehicles, that used to be Brad’s when he was little, into the decor.

tractor with gourd

You can keep your pumpkin spice lattes. I’ll take all the mums.

orange mums

Don’t worry, we move the grill away from our house when we use it. You wouldn’t believe how many comments I get on our back patio makeover about our grill being too close to the house. In case you don’t know, a hot grill will melt vinyl siding.

Unfortunately, our new neighbors (first time homeowners) didn’t know that, and they now have warped siding on the back of their house where their grill is. So remember that, friends– move your grill a few feet away from any structures.

fall back porch

Aren’t these mums gorgeous?

pink mums

As you can see, more of Brad’s Owen’s toys worked their way into the decor.

fall back patio

We plan on carving the big pumpkins with Owen this week. Don’t worry, we won’t give him our sharpest knife.

pumpkins 1

I’ve decided that buying the small bay of straw was a mistake.

Shortly after taking these photos, Owen discovered that he can pull the straw out and sprinkle it all over the patio. But I guess it could be worse.


He also didn’t think that the gourds required transportation, so he promptly removed them from all the tractors and dump truck.

toy tractor and gourds

As you can see, I went all out on the centerpiece for the table– three pie pumpkins.

pumpkin centerpiece

We’re looking forward to spending more fall evenings out on the patio before it gets too chilly in the evening. And before it gets dark at 5PM. The shorter days are my least favorite part about winter. If it’s going to be cold it might as well be light outside until 9PM. Who’s with me?

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  1. Love all the fall touches! I really should pick up some apple baskets! Where do you get your large planters? I think it’s time I invest in some good (non plastic) ones.

    1. Thanks, Meghan! Most of my large planters are from HomeGoods, BUT I always make sure they have a drainage hole in the bottom before I purchase. A lot of their planters don’t have holes in the bottom, which is annoying. The turquoise planter with the orange mum is from Lowe’s.

  2. I second the above question. I’ve been looking for a planter that color and I can’t seem to find any. I like that design!

    1. That planter is from Lowe’s. I picked it up this spring so I don’t know if they’ll bring that exact design next year, but they might have something similar. I also get a lot of my planters at HomeGoods, but I always make sure they have drainage holes.

      1. I need to look at Lowes. The one place I haven’t made an attempt to look at yet, lol.

  3. I love those huge mums & the red tractor!!! We used to use our back patio a lot , but for some reason haven’t much this year at all! I guess it’s time for fires & to add some cute pumpkins like yours :)! Happy Monday, Chelsea!


  4. I love that rug that you chose! The color really pops with the pumpkins and all the fall decorations. Those tractors are so cute, could they be worth some money? You have a very inviting patio!

    1. Thanks, Jerilynn! I love the rug, too! And it’s held up really well over the past two summers. I don’t know if the tractors are worth any money. They might be but I doubt it’s anything too significant.

  5. Hi,

    Your patio looks great- I also moved my cushions in and out of the house/garage for years and finally bought a pretty storage bin for them. It was so nice I ditched the patio coffee table in favor of it, and I use the cushions way more than before. We got our bin at Sam’s Club.


    1. Thanks, Danielle! We’ve been looking for a storage bin but we can never find one we really like. Hopefully we come across one next spring/summer.

  6. Love your fall decor and the container tip is so smart!

  7. The decorations are beautiful and I love how you incorporated Owen’s toys, even if he didn’t have the same ideas! Can you tell me how you handle rain with your seat cushions and also the fun rug? Do you run out and pull it up whenever there’s a chance of rain, or do they just hold up when exposed to moisture?

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! We bring the cushions in when rain is in the forecast. But we leave the rug outside all throughout summer.

  8. What a beautiful patio….that would be a really nice place to park it and enjoy watching the leaves as they fall. Great job!

  9. This is such a lovely Fall patio. Honestly, once summer is over, I pretty much abandon decorating my back deck, but this simple decor inspires me to keep it spruced up!

  10. I like the blue and orange combination of colors. Very pretty!

  11. I love your fall touches, especially the mini pumpkins in Owen’s tractors and trucks 🙂 Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday!

  12. What a wonderful place to spend a fall evening. Your mums are stunning – love the color combo with the turquoise pot.

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