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Walkway Art

I’m not one to turn down a challenge, so when the fine people at Troy-bilt contacted me and asked if I wanted to participate in their FLEX Face-Off challenge I was game. What was my challenge? To create a unique design using the FLEX Pressure Washer as a brush and a dirty outdoor surface as my canvas. My opponent? Rhoda from Southern Hospitality.

Another awesome detail about the challenge?

YOU can win a Troy-bilt FLEX base, pressure washer, and another attachment of your choice! All you have to do is vote for me (please and thank you!) over at the Troy-bilt Face-Off site. You can vote once a day, and each vote counts as an entry. The contest ends on Oct. 30th.

Alright, back to the challenge. My initial thought was to make an epic hopscotch court leading up to our front door so I could challenge trick-or-treaters– the kids who could successfully complete the course would get two pieces of candy instead of one. But when I said that to Brad he looked at me like he usually does when such ideas pour out of my mouth– with a blank stare.

So I decided to use add some festive leaves and acorns to the walkway leading up to our house.

fall walkway

Here was my dirty, blank canvas.

walkway before

I used stencils, provided by Troy-bilt, to add the fall foliage to our walkway.

Troybilt FLEX pressure washer 2

As you can see, I busted out my super fashionable rain boots that I’ve had since college– so about four eight years. They came in handy because I had to stand on the stencil to keep it from shifting because the pressure was so strong.

Troy-bilt FLEX pressure washer

If you’ve ever used a pressure washer before, you know how addicting they are to use. There’s just something about seeing the dirt being blasted away right before your eyes. You end up wanting to pressure wash all of the things.

That’s exactly how I felt after using the FLEX Pressure Washer. Brad had to hold me back from washing everything in sight.

Troybilt pressure washer

Want to know how we get DIY projects done with a busy toddler? Baby wearing. I used the pressure washer while Brad took photos and wore Owen. It didn’t take long for Owen to pass out. I’m pretty sure the noise from the FLEX helped. You gotta love loud (but not too loud) white noise.

baby wearing DIY

I think the final product turned out really well– a nice nod to autumn.

leave stencil on walkway

I have a feeling some of our neighborhood kids will jump from leaf to leaf up to our front door on trick-or-treat night so I’ll kind of get my hopscotch court.

Troybilt FLEX pressure washer

Don’t forget to enter to win a Troy-bilt FLEX base, pressure washer, and another attachment of your choice by voting for me (I love you!) over at the Troy-bilt Face-Off site! You can vote once a day, and each vote counts as an entry. The contest ends on Oct. 30th.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.29.59 PM

 This post is a paid sponsored post. I was compensated in return for my honest opinions.

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  1. Kathryn H. says:

    What a fun idea and cute way to decorate for fall! I voted for you!

  2. Love the stencils! ????? I would love to do daisies,4 leaf clovers,bunny paw prints,some reindeer hoof prints,snowflakes,clever…. Even a wedding monagram,

  3. Pressure washing is so addicting! The leaves are adorable. I hope they hold up until Halloween!

  4. Such a fun idea!! So cute for fall too & makes me think we need to wash our cement asap haha!


  5. Love the design !
    Btw what kind of carrier do you have? I have a Boba one but I think my son is getting too tall for it.

  6. So fun! We pressure wash our patio every year and I get the biggest kick out of seeing the dirt wash away :0

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