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2016 Peonies

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Snapchat, you’re probably quite aware that most of my peonies are blooming right now so I thought I’d share an update on the peonies.

In case you’re interested in learning how to grow your own peonies, check out this post I wrote on the topic.

two twenty one peonies

My oldest peony bush, which was divided off of one of my parents’ mature peony bushes, is always the first to bloom.

It may not look very big in the photo, but it’s around 7 feet wide.

pink peony bush

To give you an idea of how big it’s grown, here’s what it looked like in 2013.

pink peony bush

I love the blooms on this one because they’re such a pretty shade of pink. And the blooms tend to change color as the blooms open and age. They typically turn a pale pink when they’re about to die.

These peonies also smell the best.

pink peonies

Here’s some more photos of the blooms on the oldest peony bush.

pink peony bud

pink peonies 4

pink peonies 2

See how they’re a darker pink on the outer petals and the inner petals are lighter? Some of the blooms also have a peach tint on the inner petals.

 pink peonies 3

The blooms on this peony bush typically right after the oldest one.

While these peonies are similar in color to the oldest bush, they have a different shape and they’re bigger. The stems also grow a lot taller and they flop over more due to the weight of the blooms.

pink peonies 1

I have four fuchsia peony bushes. They my least favorite because I don’t really like how they smell.

fuchsia peonies

But they are pretty.

fuchsia peony

One thing you may notice is that the fuchsia peonies stay upright pretty well. This is because they have strong, straight stems.

peonies 2

Here’s how 8 of the peony bushes look this year.

Last fall, my in-laws brought up two divided peonies from their garden because I really wanted white peonies. Neither bloomed this year so I’ll have to cross my fingers that they produce blooms next year.

It’s kind of hard to see, but I planted one peony bush second to the right and the other the furthest to the right. The furthest to the right one isn’t looking too hot so I’m just going to leave it alone and see how it fares.


The blooms on my pale pink peony bush is just starting to open so I’ll be back to share photos of those (because they’re gorgeous), as well as more photos of all the peonies.

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  1. Your blooms are beautiful. I miss mine from my old home. Do you know why Mother Nature designed this plant to fall over?

  2. Ah yes, spring/summer in central Indiana!!!!! Makes me want to be “Back Home Again in Indiana”. Just beautiful. Our family is getting together Sunday for a pool party and watching the 500. Good food, family (we are all transplanted Hoosiers now in central Florida) and the Indy 500….doesn’t get any better than that!!!! 😉

  3. Chelsea, just remember the 3 yr rule for perennials…..sleep, creep, leap, when planting. They look BEAUTIFUL!

  4. suzanne riviere says:

    new to the world of peonies. planted ten in various locations at new address. I’ve noticed each year they get stronger and produce larger blooms. so easy to manage in the yard and deer leave them alone. yours are beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  5. I am in Northern Indiana and have Peonies and mine are just now getting ready to pop – well will probably pop within the next week. I’m clean16 on snapchat if you want to see 😉 I love watching your snaps! Owen is SO cute!! Ours are like your oldest bush in color and the fact that they flop over. Our neighbors have fuchsia ones and they are already blooming! So weird!

  6. Your peonies are beautiful!! And the photography of them is spectacular! I just snapped a picture of a white peony bush at work today (posted it to my IG account) and it’s white but the very inner petals are pink -very interesting. What lighting do these need? East/West -bright -filtered?

  7. Hi Chelsea, Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos with us! Both of my grandmothers had bushes of peonies in their yards and I loved how they looked and smelled! Blessings, Janet

  8. My Nana’s farm had peony bushes for years, I remember loving the sight of the pretty pink blooms and picking them for our table! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

  9. Beautiful! I love peonies. They will forever remind me of spring. Thanks for sharing. #HomeMattersParty

  10. Several years ago a friend of mine visiting from Mexico noticed the peonies growing in my yard. Amazed by the huge blooms, he asked, “What kind of flowers these are?”
    I said, “They’re peonies.” He looked at me for a minute with a confused look on his face.
    Then he said, “You pee on these?!”

  11. Last year my peonie finally bloomed. I grew it from a bulb. Unfortunately the thrill didn’t last long because it soon started turning brown as it opened what did I do wrong and how can I prevent this from happening again?

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