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How to Support Peonies – Keep Peonies from Falling Down

Do your beautiful peonies keep falling over? Are you struggling to find a way to make sure these fragrant blooms don’t droop over or lay limp on the ground? In this article, we’ll show you how to keep your peonies upright no matter what size they are or which species they come from.

Why Do Peonies Flop Over?

Peonies flop over due to their large and heavy flowers on top of long stems. The stems aren’t always flexible enough to support the full weight of the large bloom.

Certain varieties like Sarah Bernhardt peonies require support.

Another factor is because the peony rootball isn’t buried very deep. So stems don’t have a lot of underground support.

How to Keep Peonies Upright

Peony blooms do best when they are supported, so it is important to make sure they have some sort of structure or support around them.

You can use a stake and twine or hoop to keep your peony plants upright as they grow and give them additional support. 

Some people like to use wire tomato cages, but I prefer to use peony cages to support my peonies.

Using Peony Cages

Peony cages are used to provide support to the growing plants. This helps keep the plant’s flowers and foliage upright. The cage prevents them from collapsing under their own weight or becoming overwhelmed by strong winds.

The cage also allows air to circulate around the flower buds, keeping them in pristine condition as they unfurl each spring season.

It also helps protect peonies from certain pests, such as deer and rabbits who may have an appetite for flower petals.

In some cases, a decorative peony cage can be used as part of the landscape design.

Peony grid cages are my preferred cages to buy. The center of the support circle contains grids that the peony blooms grow up through. This provides great support.

Where to Buy Peony Plant Supports

Peony cages are typically sold at garden or hardware stores, or you can buy them online.

When purchasing a peony cage, it is important to keep in mind the size of your peonies as they require plenty of space and air circulation to grow.

You will also have to consider the material your cage is made from; it should be sturdy enough to last an entire growing season and protect your blossoms from any damage.

When to Install Peony Cages

Peony cages should be installed in early spring when tender new growth first appears from the ground.

Before installation, you should measure the diameter of the cage to ensure it fits snugly on your peonies. Be sure to place them firmly around each plant, approximately 3-4 inches from the plant’s crown.

How to Install Peony Support Cages

Start by putting one of the rings at the base of the bush.

Then, with even spacing, stick the three stakes in the ground. Use a rubber mallet or hammer to drive the stakes into the ground if needed.

Here’s what my floppiest peony bush looks like with the support in place.

Here’s what the row of peonies looked like yesterday.

I would’ve staked the one at the very end (right side of the photo), but it’s too big for the supports I used. It may be time to divide that peony bush.

Remove the peony cages in late fall when it’s time to cut down your peony bushes.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back with updates.

How to Support Peonies

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  1. Dorinda Selke says:

    I have a feeling that these may work well on your gorgeous peonies!! Can’t believe how much farther along your plants are than mine-our daffs have just started to bloom this week! Happy Easter to all ~ Dorinda

  2. I’m jealous my peonies won’t be up for a while. Minnesota just doesn’t allow us those Easter perks:)
    I always cage mine … gee one rain and plop. It helps. Love the clematis.

  3. carol plant says:

    you are so lucky that your peonies are that high – i am in ontario canada (just east of toronto) and mine are just barely coming thru the ground – i put cages around them each year but they still seem to lean too much towards the ground – i wonder if i should try to split them – i’ve had them quite a while – also i love your clematis – how is it soooo big – i had 3 on my garage wall but i seem to have lost 2 and am now down to one – they were beautiful but this last one did not do too good last year – i dont cut it down in the fall since i have no idea what kind it is anymore but once all the new growth is there i trim out the old – any suggestions on how i can get mine back to being healthy again this year – i love yours – you do seem to have a green thumb – any advise would be greatly appreciated thank you and regards carol

  4. Dana M Babbitt says:

    Peonies are a plant that should not be dug up once planted, so how are you going to divide them?

    1. My neighbor devised his by chopping them up..he didn’t want them anymore and gave them to me..beautiful big pinky white…all I did was plant them n the next spring ..there they were……we live in zone 6 b…..snow for a fe

  5. Where in lowes and what are the rings called? Want to try this next year. Thanks

  6. I use a tomato cage for my peonies. Turn it upside down and cut off the stakes that are used to push into the ground. Put the tomato cage over your peony and use cut off wire to stake the cage to the ground. Works great!!

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