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Patio Makeover

Brad and I are quickly approaching the 5 year anniversary of buying and moving into our first home. It’s crazy to think 5 years have already flown by in this house.

I have a confession to make. We’ve lived here for nearly half a decade and always neglected the back patio. I kept saying we wouldn’t spend the money on furniture until we added a deck. We’ve talked about adding a deck for the past 3 years and it’s yet to happen. A while back I finally said, “What are we waiting for?” We’ve barely enjoyed the small, 10×12 patio. It’s not the best or biggest space, but it’s something. So it was time to stop saying “we’ll do this after we do that”.

Alright, let’s start with how things looked before the makeover.

We would sit on old plastic chairs from college. If we had people over we’d get really fancy and break out the bag chairs.

We’d spend most of our time hanging out on the patio while Brad grilled on his beloved Jenn-Air grill, which he got for free from a former co-worker. When he brought it home it was a hot mess but he fixed and cleaned up. It works perfectly now.

And then there are all my pretty potted planters.

That’s it. It was pitiful.

patio before

Now, how about the after?

patio makeover after

Much better, right?

NOTE: we only store the grill up against the house when we aren’t using it. When we use it, we pull it away from the house so the heat from the grill won’t melt the vinyl siding. Once the grill is cool, we cover it up, and move it back up against the house.

patio makeover 5

patio makeover 4

We purchased the Garden Treasures Eastmoreland patio set from Lowe’s. After sitting on a few different patio sets, we chose this one because we liked the feel of these cushions the best. Supportive but comfortable.

We went with tan cushions because it was the most neutral color, which makes it easier to accessorize with more inexpensive things like throw pillows.

garden treasures eastmoreland patio set

We decided on a loveseat, two chairs, and coffee table patio set over a table and chairs because we wanted the space to be more lounge like– where we could kick back and relax or eat al fresco if we wanted to do so. Plus, we didn’t think a table with seating for 6 would fit comfortably on the patio with the grill and planters.

If/when we ever build a deck, we’ll put a dining table and chairs on it.

garden treasures eastmoreland

When I saw the coffee table I knew my new wooden succulent planter would look perfect on it.

succulents in planter


I couldn’t pass up the cute blue gardener’s stool I spied at Lowe’s. They were also nice enough to give me a discount on it because it had some scratches and was the last one they had in stock. Cha-ching.

I also picked up the jazzy citronella candle (on the stool) and navy floral throw pillows at Lowe’s.

patio makeover 1

An outdoor area rug wasn’t in the original plan, but after I spotted this 5×7 rug on sale at Lowe’s for $24 I had to bring it home and see if it would work. I’m glad I grabbed it because I think it does a good job anchoring everything.

patio makeover 3

I also grabbed a couple of basic white citronella candles at Lowe’s and set them on the grill in an effort to keep the annoying bugs away.

patio makeover 2

I love this photo because you can see Jack trying his hardest to get to the rabbit that’s currently inhabiting the space under our shed.

patio makeover 6

I’ve always had potted planters on the back patio. I’ve collected the planters throughout the years.

Now I can actually enjoy them in comfort instead of sitting on one of those uncomfortable green chairs while chatting with Brad as he grilled.

patio makeover 7

container garden

And as you can see, the transplanted hens and chicks are still going strong.

succulents in strawberry pot

Needless to say, I’m glad I ditched the “we’ll do this after we do that” mentality. Now I can’t wait to enjoy cool summer and fall evenings out on the patio with Brad, Jack, and the nugget, once he arrives.

In case you’re wondering, here’s the breakdown of the cost of the patio makeover (I’m including the 7% Indiana sales tax in the prices).

patio set… $533
outdoor rug… $24
navy throw pillows… $30
green throw pillows… $21
blue gardener’s stool… $21
grill… free/already owned
planters… already owned
TOTAL… $629

What do you think of the makeover?
Have you been plagued with the “we’ll do this after we do that” way of thinking when it comes to house projects?

Love this small patio makeover!

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As a Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creator, I was provided a gift card to cover the cost of materials for my project. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I LOVE the new look of your patio! Also like the box of succulents. My hens and chicks all died over the winter (along with our apple trees. :-((( I suppose you have to take the cushions in whenever it looks like rain, right? Even so, this is just a wonderful makeover! Pinned it.

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, we’re coming up with a plan for the cushions. I think we’ll buy a large, plastic storage bin and put it in the shed to store the pillows and cushions.

      1. Hillary M says:

        Love!!! I’m SO obsessed w all your transformations!! I’m def ready for some revamping in my house after seeing your creative mind at work!! RU up for hire!!

        1. Thanks so much! Unfortunately if anyone hired me they’d have to be prepared for me to take forever making decisions. Hah!

  2. I love the transformation! I also like your rug, what a pretty choice. It’ll be a nice place to relax this summer.

  3. I love the colors! The rug is amazing, and for $24? Unbelievable!

    1. Right?! I couldn’t pass it up. And I may or may not have purchased another rug for $24 in a different design for when this rug is worn out.

      1. You could pick up nine cheap12X12 cement pavers and make an area right off the patio for your grill and give yourself a little more space.

  4. Muy bonito todo, disfrutaló.bsos

  5. Love this! It looks so nice and inviting. I really want to do something like this in our backyard too. We have almost the same patio set, but it’s not getting a lot of use right now because our patio is done in slate and it’s not level, so we were waiting to do anything with the area until we got it graded. But maybe i’ll just get some cute outdoor pillows and some planters and sit (leaning) on my patio furniture 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. It’s interesting you say that because Brad wants to put in pavers instead of a deck but I want a deck because I’m afraid of the pavers eventually not being level. Plus I think a deck will look better next to our patio versus pavers.

      Hah! I definitely think you should add some cute pillows and planters to sit on your leaning patio furniture. 🙂

      1. Our whole yard is un-level. If you’re starting with a level yard, you probably have a better chance at having a level paver patio. We literally haven’t changed anything in our back yard since moving in about 5 years ago… ’bout time 🙂

  6. So pretty! How did you become a Lowe’s creative ideas creator, if I may ask?

  7. Love the new furniture! We really need to work on our back patio! I want to enjoy it for the summer, but that can’t happen without a place to sit.

  8. Now when you build a deck you will have great furniture to put on it. It really doesn’t matter what you do first, what is important is that you enjoy the space you have.

  9. What was the cost of the makeover? I know you already had some of the things (plants, grill, ect). But how much did you spend on the things you didn’t have? Also, any thoughts on adding an umbrella for a little shade? The sun can get brutal here in NC in the summer. I would need some shade!

    1. It came in around $625, with the bulk of that being the patio set which was $498 + tax.

      I doubt we’ll add an umbrella. We’re typically only out there in the evening and by 5PM the sun has already cast a shadow from our house over the patio area– one of the nice things about our house facing west.

  10. Chelsea,
    I love that you chose not to wait. We waste so much time waiting for this and that to happen that we don’t enjoy the here and now. I was just curious as to why you chose to position the furniture facing the house instead of either each other (as in a conversation arrangement style, loveseat on one side, two chairs on the other, table in the middle) or facing your clearly beautifully green yard? I am just curious, you have wonderful taste and we all make decision for different reasons. I was wondering about this one. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Wendy!

      I think the furniture is positioned in a conversation arrangement. The coffee table is in the center with the chairs and loveseat on the three sides. Yeah, the people may have to turn slightly to talk to each other, but it’s not like their backs would be to each other. Last night when we ate out on the patio Brad sat on the loveseat and I sat on one of the chairs and it was easy to communicate with each other. If we would have swapped the loveseat to the opposite side of the coffee table, so it would face the yard, our back storm door would hit it whenever we open the door. The furniture simply wouldn’t fit with the grill, planters, and stool if we put the loveseat on one side, two chairs next to each other on the opposite side, and the coffee table in the middle.

      Hope that helps!

      1. It does, Thanks. I am always interested in a pro’s point of view.

  11. Tara Caldwell says:

    The patio looks great!! I love the rug, what a steal!! Inspired me to add a rug to our plain jane patio! I think I’ll start collecting planters, love all the pops of color!

  12. I love the after! We close on our first home this week and I have great plans for our patio. I say great plans, and I hope it doesn’t take me too long to get to it!

  13. Love the transformation! The colors are so bold and pretty without being too crazy. I love blue and the succulents. The wood planter is adorable.

  14. Love the colors and the way this space turned out! I’m living in an apartment with no outdoor space so I’m jealous of your patio no matter what the size : ) Love those navy pillows from Lowes as well!

    1. Thanks, Jodie! Knowing some people don’t even have outdoor spaces to enjoy was part of what lit the fire under me because I know some people would kill for a little 10×12 slab like what we have.

  15. That looks fantastic! We definitely have that “We’ll do this after X” mentality. We’ve been in our house for 5 years and we still haven’t fixed up the outside.

  16. julia Henderson says:

    Looks beautiful! Be careful with the grill we had ours against the house and it warped our siding terribly from the heat of the grill.

  17. Lovely, Chelsea! We are in that same boat with you..small slab of concrete and we keep putting off using it just because ideally, we want something bigger. This is great motivation to just start enjoying it now!

  18. Great job here Chelsea! Our patio needs some love too. My wife and I would be sipping our favorite red tea in this very tranquil patio. Loved the rug!

  19. I LOVE this! I am trying to do something similar at my new house. Wondering if you can tell me how big your space is? I saw that the rug is 5×7, but I am terrible at estimating to guess. 🙂

  20. Love this makeover! That patio furniture is perfect – love how you added pops of color with throw pillows and that little garden stool! I want one of those! Do you leave the furniture out when it rains?

    1. Thanks! We bring the cushions in when it’s going to rain. We need to find a storage container to put them in because I’m tired of them taking up space in our dining room. Hah!

  21. What’s up, I read your blog regularly. Your story-telling style is awesome, keep up the good work!

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