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Baby Gift Basket

Brad and I are at the point in our lives where many of our friends are having babies. It’s funny how life in our twenties has progressed for us and a fair amount of our friends. Graduate college at around age 22-23. Engaged at around age 24-25. Married at 25-26. Babies at 27-30. It’s like clockwork.

With all of these milestones come gifts. Since we’re in the baby stage, I’ve been passing out a lot of baby gifts lately.

I recently put together a baby gift basket for our friends who are expecting a baby boy later this month. I’m a strong believer in sticking to registries because people are asking for certain things for a reason. But this particular gift is for our friends’ second child so I gave myself permission to go rogue.

easy baby gift basket

I decided to include some practical items, like diapers, wipes, baby wash and lotion.

Before I had Owen, all of my friends with babies raved about up & up diapers and wipes. I had to see what everyone was talking about so I purchased some, and we haven’t looked back. The diapers are super absorbent and soft. And I love the wetness indicator.

The wipes are great because they’re made of botanic and cotton fibers, making them soft and durable. They’re gentle enough to use on Owen’s face and hands too. Brad has also informed me that they work very well on human hands after consuming chicken wings.

I also love the up & up baby products because they’re often on sale, and I can usually find a Cartwheel deal on them as well. Use your Target REDcard and it’s a savings trifecta.

up & up baby products

I also wanted to include a few fun things so I threw in a cozy sleeper, alligator pull toy, and handmade burp cloths.

I always give our friends a set of burp cloths. It’s my DIY touch.

baby gift

These burp cloths are super easy to make, and everyone always loves them. I personally love having them around the house now that Owen is here. Cleaning up spit up is less bothersome when using a cute burp cloth.

DIY burp cloths

If I’m putting together a gift basket, I like to use something that’s functional so I grabbed this fabric drawer from the Target clearance section to put all the items in. It cost a whopping $3.50. I would’ve paid more for a gift bag and tissue paper.

I figure our friends can use it to store toys or other random baby items.

baby gift basket

What up & up baby products are your favorite? What do you like to give for baby gifts? Leave an answer in the comments below for a chance to win one $100 Target GiftCard! 


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  1. Tonia Fender says:

    I used to give Eddie Bauer diaper bags with something in them. This was about 15 years ago….so the guys felt more comfortable carrying them also. Now since I am more “mature”, I usually give a mattress pads and sheets. This is not the most glamorous gift, but much needed! And I like to add something fun and/or cute, such as statement bibs or a classic book. PS….my son just married 2 years ago. They are expecting their first….twin baby girls!

  2. I love the up and ip face wipes.

  3. I am currently baby-less, but my friends rave about up and up diapers and wipes so I always include those in gifts!

  4. Renee Johnson says:

    My only baby is furry and has a tail! I like the idea of using up&up wipes for adult purposes thought. Greasy hands or sore bottoms!

  5. We love the target Up & Up items! Baby wash, diapers and wipes are our favorite!

  6. Target Baby products are the best! I’ve been a believer for almost 6 years now :-). Congrats on your new babe and thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Danielle Brooks says:

    I like the Up & Up diapers for the value. Can’t beat it when you use your Red Card.

  8. I have given up and up diapers and wipes many times because of their reputation. Looking forward to trying them out for myself when our baby arrives in March. Like you I try to stick to the registry and pick out practical gifts, but always include a handmade blanket. My great grandmother started that tradition and my mom and I have kept it going shower after shower.

  9. I love so many Up & Up products – I use many of the cleaning ones! No kids in my household, but my sister swore by the baby formula.

  10. I love so many Up & Up products – I use many of the cleaning ones and face wipes! No kids in my household, but my sister swore by the baby formula.

  11. We love the Up & Up diapers at our house, too! And, we totally use a ton of other Up & Up products. Target is my happy place. I love to give books for baby gifts. Our favorites are Goodnight Moon and anything by Sandra Boynton.

  12. Amy Starkey says:

    We used up & up diapers for all three of our kids! Love them!

  13. I like to give receiving blankets as baby gifts.

  14. tweet–https://twitter.com/mami2jcn/status/525269219727122434

  15. We love the up and up diapers!

  16. Julie Wood says:

    I love the Up&UP baby wipes and diapers. They are a good price and work just as good as name brand products. I like to give a gift basket with baby products for a new mom!

  17. I usually give something off the registry, but lately I have been giving a pair of baby leg warmers to every expecting mom I know. 🙂

  18. My favorite up&up items are definitely the baby wipes, the “squeezies” (little pureed baby food pouches), and I actually love their select-a-size paper towels 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  19. My youngest is almost 3 and we STILL buy the up&up wipes by the box! They are so useful to have stashed all over the house and car. I might never stop buying them!

    I love love love to give baby gifts! And, like you, I like to put them in something that can be re-used. The last baby gift I gave was actually in a Thirty-one bag that could double as a diaper bag. You can’t have too many bags when you’ve got little ones!

  20. i’m going to make note of the line of diapers and wipes you recommend as my daughter is having baby #3 in december….a boy! my go-to baby gift in the past has been a laundry basket filled with must-haves for baby….lotion, powder, wipes, body & hair wash, etc., most bought at the $$Tree….but i love your suggestions too.

  21. I like their diapers. Also I cracked up when you specified that they work well “on human hands” – (as opposed to baby hands?) – Ha!

  22. We currently only have a furbaby, so we have not tried and up & up baby products. As for a present, I like to stick to something off the registry as well as an adorable outfit. Baby clothes are the absolute cutest!

  23. I used the wipes, diapers, and formula with #1 and had a monthly order online (so much easier than getting it all at the store). With #2 (9 days old), we are working through our stack of gifted diapers and wipes, then we’ll make the switch to up and up. The jury is still out on formula, we’ll see how the next few weeks go without.

  24. My go-to baby product for first time mom’s is either a rock-n-play or aden & anais swaddler blankets.

    I love giving personalized gifts for those having a second or third baby.

  25. Love the up&up diapers and wipes, and flushable wipes for potty training. I have given burp cloths, inspired by your post, to three people in the last few months. 🙂 I like to give something useful and cute and those fit the bill.

  26. I love the up & up wipes too! I always sneak in a book into the gift too because as every parent knows you can never have too many when you read about 20 of them a day!

  27. LOVE up and up diapers and wipes. They’re all we use and all we’ve ever used since getting home from the hospital with Baby #1… we’re on #2 now… 🙂

  28. We LOVE the up and up brand diapers and wipes! Our friends gave us a packaged with our first daughter and we haven’t never gone back! We got a bunch of free other brands when we had our second and we actually gave away the other brands and stuck with the up & up! They are so great!

    Love the gift idea! Have a baby shower to go to this weekend…so planning to match this!

  29. Brittany Landwer says:

    We don’t have a baby yet, however I have used the up&up baby nighttime lotion (because it smells ahhmazing) and I purchase the wipes all the time for adult use and for us it’s a must in our car! I love the practical storage box you put the gift in! I do this all the time as well. I love putting gifts in a pretty basket that I know they can use for extra storage. I also love making diaper cakes and decorating them with small items from their registry as well as trial size versions of baby shampoo, baby powder etc. I love practical gifts with a DIY touch! Also, I have found that mamas love when I buy cute baby clothes, but in a larger size such as 9-12 months. Everyone seems to buy newborn and 0-3 months clothing sizes. Baby will grow people 🙂 And sometimes mamas are left with tons of clothes baby was never able to wear because they grew so fast!

  30. My favorite Up & Up baby product would also have to be their diapers – they’re definitely the best value out there for disposables with the fewest harmful chemicals! We’ve switched to cloth diapers since our baby turned a month old, but those NB up&up diapers were definitely a pocketbook and sanity-saver that first month of newborn craziness 🙂

  31. I love giving books as a baby gift! will definitely try my hand at your homemade burp cloths as well… super cute and functional 🙂

  32. Love this! If it’s on their registry, I almost always get the boppy. It’s cute, practical and they always love it.

  33. So I am an expectant mother (38 weeks this coming Saturday) and actually haven’t tried any of the up & up baby products yet, but based on all of the various posts I’ve seen, I will be heading to Target in the very near future to grab some diapers & wipes to add to my stash. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

  34. Shantel Hickle says:

    We have used the Up and Up diapers as well, and they’re great! When I give baby gifts I like to mix practical with fun as well, like diapers/wipes and a book or something personalized. Love the idea of using a bin or basket instead of a gift bag!!

  35. vicki waclawik says:

    Like you I always put together a basket of things. I usually include a book and some homemade items as well. Burp cloths are one of my favorite things to include as well. I am a fan of Up & Up products and the savings with the Cartwheel app and your Target card are hard to beat!

  36. Emily Stultz says:

    I love the up & up diapers and wipes too! I don’t have a child personally, but they are always staples in my baby shower gifts. I usually give a laundry basket filled with diapers, wipes, shampoo, lotion, wash cloths, a personally embroidered hooded towel with the baby’s name or nickname, and a rubber duckie. I also add in a little somethin’ somethin’ for mama too, like fuzzy socks and a gift set from Bath & Body Works!

  37. What up & up baby products are your favorite? I love their diapers my son is 16 months and I have never had an major blow outs in that entire time, we tried all the major brands and all the store brands and just kept coming back to the Up & Up ones and they are almost always the cheapest per diaper

    What do you like to give for baby gifts?
    I give my infamous no sweaty arm blanket. It’s quilters cotton on mom’s side and flannel print on baby’s side. I make a square as wide as the fabric comes (usually 44″) and just cut of selvage so it ends up abut 40 x 40″. Mom can hold baby all day long and not get the sweaty arm thing going on. And now that I have an embroidery machine I can embroider baby’s name on the blanket when I give it.

  38. LeeAnn Bailey says:

    My # 1 gift is always a hand quilted tummy time quilt that my mother has made. I am a pediatric nurse so I am heavily in to items that support growth and development. A couple of books too. I also like to get the travel sizes of the baby shampoo, baby bath products etc. I had not heard of Up and Up products before today and I am bummed since I went to a co-workers shower yesterday. Maybe a second gift needs to show up on her desk this next week.

  39. Bridget Taylor says:

    Up and Up Wipes. My children are older, but I do have two grandsons.

  40. I often gift diapers (especially for friends who are expecting their second of third baby). I also can’t help myself with baby clothes – I always have to gift a cute little outfit!

  41. My favorite are the up&up wipes as well, they are great for baby but also wiping up small spills/cleaning hands, etc. My go-to gift for a baby shower is actually a mommy survival basket, filled with items to help keep mommy sane once the baby comes, including a bottle of champagne, a small bottle of asprin, a good book or dvd, my favorite lip balm, the coziest socks, etc. It generally gets personalized a bit based on the recipient. A happy mommy will be the best gift for new baby!

  42. Alice Jackson says:

    When we were in the baby stage I did love the Target wipes as well. I actually still buy them too and when baby wipes appeared on my 6 year old’s school supply list, I bought the Target wipes for her to take to school.

    I also like to go by what is on the registry but then I also do what I like to call “Reagan’s favorites” – things that my daughter loved when she was a baby such as a certain brand of socks that look like little shoes, diaper rash cream, baby puffs (Target brand of course!), a book and a blanket from Gymboree because they have the best blankets in my opinion.

  43. I’ve never tired Up & Up products but think I might try with my little one who is due soon. I love to give diapers/wipes because honestly you can’t have too many.

  44. We are expecting our first in February and have been stocking up on Up & Up diapers and wipes. While I can’t add to the raves about them I certainly appreciated all the great feedback about them so we could work on our stockpile.

  45. It’s a tie: the Up & Up diapers and the Up & Up Healing Ointment are our favorites!

  46. I like Up and Up baby wipes

  47. Katherine Kealey says:

    I am a registry girl, but appreciate Target registries and practical items like diapers, bottles, etc.

  48. Up & Up diapers would be my favorite product to gift. Does anyone ever turn down a gift of diapers??

  49. I typically try to stick to the registry but after visiting my best friend and her new bundle I found that over the head onesies are a pain … Ones the snap down the front or zip down the front are so much easier! If I go off registry, I will remember this!

  50. I’ve been using up&up diapers and wipes since my second son. I love them. They are just as good as the expensive brands for a fraction of the cost.

  51. I love the up & up diapers and baby wipes! The wipes clean well and are non toxic and the diapers work just as well as brand name diapers!

  52. My go to baby gift is a personalized carseat cover, that is always a hit (knock on wood) and a gift card. If it’s for someone closer to me then I buy tons of goodies in addition to the carseat cover. I love anything personalized to give as a gift. 🙂 I’m going to have to gift the UP and UP diapers to see how my friends like them. I’m jealous you found that bin/basket on clearance…I love those things!! 🙂

  53. I also have heard that the up & up diapers are good, so I stocked up on those and the wipes for our little one due in two weeks(!!!). I actually really like the up & up lotions! They smell great. I always give a personalized blanket with the child’s name on it. It’s funny to me now, because I love personalizing things with the baby name, but I haven’t done so for my own kid because we still haven’t decided on a name,

  54. I don’t have any children of my own, but some of my friends have commented on how much they like Up & Up diapers for their little ones.

    My go to gifts for baby showers are board books. Must be the teacher and librarian in me!

  55. I like the Up & Up paper products. If I have time, I like to give handmade gifts (i.e. cross stitch) for baby showers.

  56. I like to make baby laundry baskets for shower gifts. I fill a small laundry basket with baby safe detergents, bath products, diapers, wipes, first aid/medical items, bath towels & tub toys.

  57. I like to make a clothes line and pin cute baby clothes to it, then when they pull it out of the bag, it keeps going an going. : ) I tie cute ribbon and maybe a toy or two between the clothes items to make it even cuter.

  58. I love to give wooden toys because they are so much cuter than plastic. And books. who doesnt love books?

  59. I love the diapers! There much nicer then huggies brand. I usually try to give mellisa and Doug toys, nice outfit and some baby wash

  60. I have the wipes to use for when my baby is born!

  61. Anne Haun says:

    I love the up and up baby wipes – great product at a great price. I love to make flannel receiving blankets as baby gifts. They are easy to make and can be color coordinated to the nursery colors chosen by the new mom.

  62. I like the Up & Up baby wash and lotion. I like to give bath products and diapers as baby gifts.

  63. Danielle Fuler says:

    Great ideas! I love the Target UP & UP diapers! Thanks for a chance to win the sweepstakes!

  64. I’ve never used the up & up diapers but I’ve also heard they are awesome! I look forward to trying them with the next one someday!

  65. Myra Crawford says:

    I like the up and up wipes…like a lot. I enjoying giving diapers and wipes as gifts because it is always something the recipient can use. I throw in a little fun stuff too. My new add on is a Sophie the Giraffe teether. My little guy loves his!!

  66. What a great idea! Wipes are SOO handy to have around the house!

  67. I haven’t used up and up baby products yet! I’m curious about the diapers tho. We use other up and up products.

  68. We are up and up diaper lovers as well!!

  69. Love Up and Up products from diapers to face wash!

  70. I don’t have any babies yet but several of my friends do. My go-to gift is a pack of diapers (whatever brand is on sale and that’s usually up&up), a couple items from their registry, and a photo album + Walgreens gift card – so they can print some of those 1000s of photos they’re taking!

  71. Ashley Bee says:

    I don’t have a baby so I haven’t tried up&up yet. My favorite gift to give is children’s books. Reading is SO important!

  72. I’m a new reader to your blog, who is in my first trimester of my first pregnancy. Believe it or not we don’t have a Target within an hour of my home, so I had not heard of their baby products. It’s good to hear they receive so much praise, and something to add to the Baby List!

  73. shae johnson says:

    Definitely the up and up wipes are a favorite! They are great quality, and terrific value! I love to give baby outfits for gifts because they are fun for me to shop for, and I love to add diapers and wipes.

  74. Love the up & up wipes, and loved the diapers when my son was wearing them!

  75. Well, being 2.5 hours travel time to the nearest Target causes me not to know which up & up products are my favorite. But I’ll go along with others making comments here and not that even us old grannies could probably use really good wipes.

  76. I like up & up baby wipes, diapers, and baby wash.

  77. My husband and I are expecting our first child this spring so baby products are totally new to us! I’ve heard from friends that the up&up baby shampoo smells amazing! 🙂

  78. I learned to quilt a few years ago so my usual baby shower present is a baby quilt. BUT a few years ago I actually put together a diaper cake with tons of great baby stuff, like onesies, bibs, baby socks, etc., ALL FROM TARGET! They really do have the cutest (and well-priced) things!!

  79. I like to crochet baby blankets or sweater sets to give to expectant parents. Adding a package of Up & Up Diapers and wipes make a nice gift,

  80. Lisa Brown says:

    I like to crochet a blanket to give to a new mom. I have not tried the up and up line, but would like to try the unscented baby wipes

  81. I love the UP & UP baby wash, and I love to give gift baskets stuffed with baby products for a gift. That way they have a stock of products.

  82. Up and up diapers for sure!

  83. I like to give monogrammed or personalized burp clothes.

  84. steve weber says:

    I like the baby wipes.. I love giving gift cards for baby gifts..

  85. I like to give children’s books. Thanks for the giveaway.

  86. sara haaf says:

    I haven’t found an UP&UP product I haven’t liked, my personal favorite is the pomegranite body wash!

  87. The wipes are great. I love to give gift baskets at showers. I like the little fabric bin that you used.

  88. I like giving diapers and wipes

  89. I’m due with our first baby in December (a boy!) and have received all sorts of goodies from Target in preparation for the baby, including the Up and Up baby bath products. It occurred to me that we better have diapers and wipes on hand for when he does arrive (instead of rushing to the store after he arrives!), and after your review, I think Up and Up diapers and wipes are in my future. Need to update my Cartwheel app and head over there! 🙂

  90. I love the up& up home products. All of my friends love up&up diapers as well!

  91. I love the Up & Up wipes and I always give diapers and books! Practical and fun 🙂

  92. I love the Up and Up wipes from Target and for a baby’s gift I love to give baby clothes.

  93. I love the up and up vitamins. I usually crochet a blanket and hats for baby gifts.

  94. Andrea S. says:

    We even used the Up and Up formula! It was great!

  95. Jessie C. says:

    I like up & up Baby Wash Mild and love giving wipes and diapers for baby gifts.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  96. Jessie C. says:


  97. Sheme Fink says:

    I like to buy baby fabric and make a baby pillow, then get some plain onesies from Target and use the extra baby pillow fabric to make a matching onesie! Now that I’ve read your blog, I’m going to start buying more fabric and make matching burp cloths too!

  98. I love up&up products! Our first baby is due in three weeks and we have been stocking up on their baby products, especially the wipes!

  99. I also buy a set of onesies and a book to build their library!

  100. Allison Downes says:

    My favorite Up and Up product is the wipes.

    Thanks for the nice giveaway!


  101. We’re in the baby shower stage too. I like to give something that reflects Jesse and I a little bit, usually that involves something Star Wars. Of course, that’s in addition to things off their registry. 😉

  102. Angela Saver says:

    I love the up & up wipes the most! I love giving baby book’s as gift so that parent’s can start recording the baby’s milestones right away!

  103. ANGEL JACKLYN says:


  104. By far..up and up diapers are my favorite up and up baby item. The quality is just as good and sometimes even better than the other brands and so much cheaper! ! I also love to gift new parents with some homemade receiving blanlets. Thanks so much : )

  105. We use the up and up diaper pail refills, they work wonderful! We also use the up and up baby detergent, it smells great, cleans great, and last a long time!

  106. Great Up&Up review. I’m putting together a baby gift for a friend and am glad to know that there are less expensive choices to gift that are still quality!

  107. Susan Smith says:

    I usually give a laundry basket filled with diapers, wipes, shampoo, baby wash, lotion, wash cloths books and toys. I have used a lot of the up & up products. They really save me money.

  108. i like diapers and i love giving diapers.

  109. I’ve never used up&up baby products since I don’t have a baby yet, but I love giving books and diapers for baby gifts.

  110. My best friend just had a baby and I know she would love some of this stuff! My other friend just found out she is having a boy so I’m sure she wouldn’t mind having some of these goodies either! I’m baby-less at the moment but love all the tips on the Up and Up brand stuff so can’t wait to try them in the future!

  111. I am a believer in up&up diapers! Actual Husband quote: “They’re meant to hold poop…why would I buy an expensive brand??”

    I like to give disposable changing pad covers (Munchkin brand) to use on top of your regular changing pad on public changing tables because newborns pee on everything, and I also liked an extra layer between my baby’s brand new immune system and those gross changing tables. Also, Johnson hand & face wipes, because they’re soft, wipe away germs, and smell sooo good.

  112. I like the UP&UP OTC medicines. My son uses their version of children’s Zyrtec daily. As for baby gifts, I love to give baby gowns.

  113. I love Up & Up diapers. I was partial to Huggies until at 1.5 years my daughter suddenly developed an allergic reaction to them. I switched to Target’s and they are great! We also use their OTC children’s pain relievers.

    I love to make taggie lovies for baby gifts. I am so sad my sewing machine is on the fritz for my upcoming baby shower! Maybe I’ll get her something small and still deliver the lovey once the machine is working again!

  114. I also buy a pack of diapers and a book!

  115. I have to say their wipes, lotion and baby wash are def my faves! I always buy their bath and body products for baby! there’s probably more that I buy that are up and up that I can’t even think of right now!
    for a baby gift I like to give a set of clothes in each age group. A lot of ppl give newborn stuff so then ppl don’t have stuff for when the baby get’s older. same thing with bigger sized diapers.. we got a whole bunch of different size diaper packages for my shower and it helped so much to have different sizes on hand!

  116. I love up and up baby wash.

  117. Diapers and Wipes are my favorite thing to give at baby showers!

  118. I am sure I will become more familiar with Up & Up baby products when my little one is born in about 6 weeks! But, for now, my favorite baby gifts are usually books with a matching stuffed animal.

  119. I have a few go-to books I like to gift – “The Happiest Baby on the Block”, “Heading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality”, and “Caring for Your Baby and Young Child”.

  120. Lauren E. says:

    I like to give the things everyone else overlooks. IE things that helped me during my pregnancy… great example was giving my sil a munchkin fresh food feeder.

  121. THE TRAINING PANTS and WIPES, they save us so much money!!!!

  122. Melissa M says:

    I love their wipes

  123. jessica brody says:

    I like to give books and bath products!

  124. Janice Cooper says:

    I love to give diapers and bottles. A mom can never have too many diapers.

  125. D SCHMIDT says:

    My favorite Up&Up baby item is definitely the wipes. My favorite baby item to give is definitely the Boppy Pillow

  126. Deborah Anderson says:

    Diapers, definitely! A new mom can NEVER have too many diapers. 🙂

  127. sherri crawford says:

    the diapers are terrific and i like to give clothes

  128. We usually gift a bathtub and all the washing essentials. People don’t usually register for things like baby wash, and gifters seem to rather give cute clothes and toys. I am all about necessities, and we love the Up and Up brand! Their products are always good quality for a good price.

    Once that’s done, I’ll usually throw in a handmade pacifier clip, pair of shoes, or door jammer to help close doors more quietly.

  129. amanda s. says:

    My favorite baby gift to give is a cute, cuddly baby outfit. The last baby gift I gave was a peice of home decor for a nursery.

  130. Cynthia C says:

    I think the diapers look nice and I like to give cute clothing as a baby gift.

  131. I haven’t tried any of the up and up baby products. But, I would love to make a gift basket with some of them – especially diapers are a great gift to give!

  132. I love their diapers! For gifts I love giving baby bath-time products and cute towels.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  133. tweet–https://twitter.com/WildOrchid985/status/533631374734135296

  134. I like to give diapers b/c everyone needs them!

  135. e michelle says:

    My favorite thing to give for baby gifts are a wubanub! Every mom should have one, I never lost a pacifier after I got this!

  136. Ashley Tucker says:

    I like the up&up diapers and like to give them for baby shower gifts.

  137. I like to put together a gift basket with lots of essentials – wipes, diapers, baby shampoo and then I add either an outfit or a hand knit blanket.

  138. Wanda McHenry says:

    It’s been so long since I’ve had an occasion to give a baby gift, but I used to buy diapers, an outfit and a toy.

  139. I like the baby products. I tend to give baby face and hand wipes that are gentle and can be used on the go.

  140. Barbara Montag says:

    I like to give disposable diapers and baby wipe – you can never have too many of them!
    thank you

  141. Oh we love alot of the Up and Up products from Target! We use the baby wipes, baby wash, and diapers!!! For baby gifts…I LOVE to give products that we use and love!!! Its a nice way for them to try them out and see what they like! I love the idea of your basket!!!!

  142. Christy Ann says:

    When I had my son, my brother & sister in law put together a Target baby gift basket JUST like this! It was perfect, right down to the reusable basket that I still use after 3 years. It also included Up & Up diapers & wipes, which became my favorite things to get from Target.

  143. I try to stick to the registry but diapers and wipes are always a boon! Up & Up makes great ones, too.

  144. I like Up & Up brand baby wipes, paper towels and hand sanitizer. For gifts, I like to give books or toys.

  145. I knit and crochet so I like to give handmade items such as baby blankets, booties, stuffed toys, etc.

  146. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I love the Up & Up diapers the most and use them everyday. I love to give a basket filled with all sorts of these products and also finger nail scissors and thermometers !

  147. The Up & Up baby wipes are my favorite

  148. tweeted -https://twitter.com/neiddy_ruiz/status/535527690074607618

  149. I have never tried any of their baby products, so I don’t have a favorite. I like to give eco-friendly, vegan, organic bath and body products for baby shower gifts.

  150. Laura Fletcher says:

    I love the Target Up & Up products! I used their prenatal vitamins pre-pregnancy and now use the diapers and wipes for my son.

  151. I love the baby wipes. We received big bulk box as a gift during our shower and they fit perfectly in our baby bag.

    I love to give handmade baby quilts and gift cards. While I loved all the gifts I received off of my registry, gift cards were so handy in buying our little one outfits because we didn’t find out gender until she was born.

  152. I like to give practical “non-baby” gifts, such as sitter service for a date night with a restaurant gift card, mommy spa pack (lotion, bubble bath, candles, etc.), meals already cooked and frozen when mom comes home from the hospital, etc.

  153. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    i love the wipes and i love to give clothes!

  154. I’ve not tried up & up baby products. For baby gifts I like to give diapers/wipes/gift cards.

  155. Camile Pimentel says:

    I like to give new moms soft little baby booties to keep their newborn’s feet safe and warm. I also like to give them little had mittens with Velcro straps, so the babies do not scratch their faces with their tiny fingernails. After trying to clip my own babies’ fingernails and failing miserably, I find the hand mittens work best.

  156. Ellie Wright says:

    I haven’t tried them yet, but with a new granddaughter, I intend to soon.
    I like to give a baby bathtub with towel and lotions.

  157. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like up & up wipes. I like to give toys for baby gifts.

  158. The wipes are my favorite since they are always welcome and useful gifts.
    Thanks for the contest.

  159. Cula Parker says:

    I seriously LOVE all of the Up and Up products but my favorite would have to be the face cleansing wipes and the baby formula. Both of my kids had sensitive stomachs and Up and Up formula was the only one they could use.

    My go to baby gift is handmade burp cloths and blanket with a gift card to help purchase anything they didn’t receive but need.

  160. I love to give both something special for new baby AND mama. A set of baby PJ’s, sleepy time lotion, and booties for the baby. As for mama – the grown up version of the same thing! New PJ’s (because what new mom isn’t living in comfy clothes), fancy lotion, and slippers! XO 🙂

  161. I ALWAYS include something just for Mom – like a nice fizzy bath bomb or bubble bath, or a nice pair of slippers and some girly hand lotion. My last baby shower basket included the usual baby registry items and some hair ties/headbands for mom, bubble bath, slippers and one of those neck pillows (like you see on airplanes) covered in a nice soft pink fabric… because you know there will be many a night up in the rocking chair!

  162. Where do you find all of this ridiculously adorable fabric? I feel like I can’t ever find any cute patterns in stores. Any recommendations?

    Love this post & your entire site! 🙂

  163. Great! Thanks for sharing this post. I read your post. Just loved what you shared. I looking forward for more blog. Please keep Posting!

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