Custom House Portrait + Christmas Cards Giveaway

You guys! I’m so excited about today’s post. Want to know why? Because I’m giving away a custom house portrait AND custom Christmas cards!

First, let me tell you the back story about how this giveaway came to be.

A year ago I wrote a post on first wedding anniversary gift ideas. I included a custom house portrait in my list of ideas, and I linked directly to these beautiful custom house portraits by The Art of Michelle, which I found on Etsy. The reason why I linked to Michelle’s Etsy shop was because her work is amazing, while also being affordable. I didn’t contact Michelle to tell her I was linking to her, I just did it. Fast forward a few months and Michelle emailed me to say thank you because she got a lot of business from me linking to her. And as a thank you, she offered to send me a custom house portrait and to do a giveaway on the blog. How cool is that?

Here’s the amazing portrait Michelle did of our house. I absolutely LOVE it!

Custom house portrait!I love how whenever we leave this house we can bring the portrait with us and hang it in our next home. A great way to always remember our first home, right? And whenever we move, I plan to get a portrait of that house too.

If you’ve had a handful homes, I think it would be awesome to create a gallery wall of house portraits in your current home of every house you’ve lived in.

I think these make perfect wedding and anniversary gifts (the traditional first wedding gift is paper). And Christmas is coming up…

Here’s some more examples of Michelle’s work.




FYI, if you’re interested in ordering a custom house portrait as a 2014 Christmas gift for a friend or loved one, Michelle will supply you with a PDF printout explaining the portraits (with picture examples) since her wait list is into March.

Here’s the skinny, Michelle has offered up one 9″ x 12” custom house portrait and a set of custom designed Christmas cards (25 cards) for one lucky reader!


You must use the Rafflecopter widget to enter the giveaway.

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  1. Christmas cards! I love the designs there!

  2. Anne Haun says:

    Holiday cards for sure!

  3. Jessica L says:

    With a little one, its hard to tell exactly! Christmas cards, birthday invites, monthly photo update cards. Options are definitely not limited!

  4. Leanette Rios says:

    I love the house portrait and Christmas cards! Such great keepsakes!

  5. Christmas cards for sure!! Love Minted!

  6. Love the house portraits. Would look awesome in our new home. Awesome giveaway!

  7. Christmas cards! My boyfriend and I adopted our sweet cat since last Christmas, so it would be adorable to be able to add him in!

  8. How beautiful! The Christmas Cards are quite fun and different and I love that! So personal!

  9. Tiffani A. says:

    I would use it for holiday cards for sure!

  10. I would get some Christmas cards.

  11. I was just thinking about our Christmas cards! what good timing!

  12. Jessica C says:

    I’m not sure why you’re asking about Minted, but I absolutely adore these house portraits!

  13. Your “leave a comment” entry is $150 to Minted. Just a FYI.

    BUT, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Totally want one of my casa! She’s super talented!

  14. Renee Johnson says:

    How adorable! I love her aesthetic!

  15. Just bought my first home this summer. Would love a portrait of it for my entry hall gallery wall!

  16. Oh wow, love them. Will order even if I don’t win!

  17. I love this and have been wanting to do this for my parents who just sold our childhood home after 35 years! What a special gift this would be!

  18. MichelleD says:

    Well… I would love to get one of our current home, but would probably choose my childhood home for a gift for my parents & sister!! 😉

  19. I have been wanting to get a house portrait done! Perfect timing

  20. I would get them for myself!

  21. I’d get a custom print of your current home, which is our first home!! I love the Christmas cards too!

  22. I would give the portrait as a gift as I had a portrait done of my house last year, but I love this artists work!

  23. Stephanie says:

    We just recently moved and I would love to have a portrait of our first house.

  24. Ashleigh K. says:

    Wow, love her work!!

  25. I have been on this waiting list forever to get a house portrait!! I would LOVE to get one this way instead 🙂

  26. I love this! We just recently moved out of our first home, & I’ve been looking for a way to take a piece of it with us. I love the idea of making a mural of house pictures once we’ve moved a few times!

  27. WOW – what a perfect gift!!!! I would do the house portrait and give it to me grandparents who just celebrated their 50th anniversary – and have been in their little white house on the farm for 40 years! Love it!

  28. I’ve been wanting to get a custom portrait of our first house for the longest time! And possibly smaller ones of my husband and I’s childhood homes! This would be great!

  29. Michelle I says:

    I would for sure get a house portrait for my husband of our first home, he misses that house so much!

  30. I bought my first home about a year ago. Don’t expect to live in it forever so it would be awesome to have something like this to remember it always.

  31. Love the house portrait! Would love to get one for my parents since they moved out of the home they lived in for 20+ yrs.

  32. Brittany Landwer says:

    I would love to use both for myself and husband! We bought our first home this year and this will be our first Christmas in our first home! The portrait would be such a fun surprise for my hubs!!

  33. I’d keep the house portrait for us! We are in our first house and I’ve been dying to do one of these for awhile now. I’d love to also get one done of my wedding dress–a personal sketch keepsake!

  34. Antonella says:

    They are beautiful! I would give the portrait as a gift.

  35. I would love the house portrait! We bought our first house about a year ago so it would be nice to have!

  36. The house portrait for sure…we’re under contract for our first house right now & that would be so amazing!

  37. So beautiful!! I wish my landscaping looked good enough for something like this! I feel like I need to do about a year of yard work before my house would look as good as those other examples. So lovely!

  38. I would give it to my son for Xmas as he just bought his 1st house. It would be the perfect Xmas present!!

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful. And what a fabulous & unique idea!!

    [email protected]

  39. Those are gorgeous! Thanks for recommending her.

  40. Definitely love both the cards and house portrait – but house portrait would win since non-Facebook relatives demand baby & family photos with the Christmas card!

  41. Shantel Hickle says:

    The home portrait would be a perfect gift for my parents of our beautiful home! May have to get on the wait list for a gift idea next year 🙂 thanks for letting us know about this!

  42. Alison Peterson says:

    Friend for a wedding gift

  43. I would use the house portrait (we bought our first house a couple years ago!) but gift the Christmas cards. We celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas so I don’t know if that would get too sticky?!

  44. I love these! I would definitely give this gift to my parents. They could use it on the house that they built themselves or on the farmhouse where my dad grew up (and still owns). They would love it!

  45. These are beautiful! I considered a home portrait for my husband for our first anniversary, but he really wanted to repaint the house, so I decided against it. Now we are painting this month, so it would be a perfect gift for him! So I guess I would be using this both as a gift and for myself 🙂

  46. I. Love. These. So. Much. But I’m too cheap to buy one, so here’s to hoping I win! ☺

  47. Brittany D says:

    Such a lovely way to remember your first home! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  48. Those are great! I love the idea of house portraits of every house. 🙂

  49. Katy reuter says:

    I have always admired and loved her work!

  50. lindsay m says:

    we just purchased and moved into our ‘forever home’ earlier this year so I would have to say I would LOVE the house portrait to keep for ourselves!

  51. I would want the painting of our house and I would keep it which makes me sound kind of greedy!

    My husband and I just purchased our first house last year. I would love to have a painting of our first house to take with us and always remember it no matter how many times we might move!

  52. My husband and I are moving away from life long (so far) homes next year so this would be so perfect for us!

  53. Those are so sweet looking!

  54. As nice as it would be to share, I would totally be greedy on this one and not share!

  55. I’d love a house portrait for myself!

  56. I love this idea!
    Although I really want to be totally selfish and get one for myself, we are planning a exterior remodel in the next few years so I will just have to wait …But my mom would LOVE this!
    Very cool idea!

  57. These are so cute! Could dogs be replaced with cats?

  58. I would get the home portrait for my parents who have lived in the same house for 35 years.

  59. It would be hard not to treat myself to cards, but I have a few friends who recently bought their first houses and this would make an awesome 1 year house-iversary gift!

  60. Brooke Gregg says:

    The house portrait for sure! We just put our first home on the market and I would love to take a piece of it with us!

  61. I would love to hang the house portrait in our home! Such a great idea.

  62. Melissa H. says:

    I have always wanted a portrait of our home!

  63. I love her style and what a great way to remember past homes. I have lived in 4 different homes during my adult years and I would love a custom home painting. Thanks for sharing!

  64. Love The Art of Michelle!

  65. I would get the portrait for myself. I’ve been wanting a picture made of our first house.

  66. this is such a cute gift idea, and perfect for the holidays when you don’t have time for portraits for a photo card!

  67. Just bought our first home! Would love to win!

  68. I would get the house portrait for myself because I just recently bought my first house. I have thought about getting one done by Michelle but financially just can’t afford it right now.

  69. Jennifer Borchelt says:

    The custom house portrait is great! Would great anniversary or Christmas gift.

  70. What a great idea for Christmas Cards!

  71. I would get them for myself and probably give some of the cards out to family.

  72. I would keep it for myself. Possibly a gift.

  73. I would get this for myself to have a portrait of my husband and I’s first house! I’ve been following the Art of Michelle since your post last year and I love it so much!

  74. I love the house portraits! And since we are in the military it would be perfect for remembering all of our homes.

  75. I would love to have the custom house portrait for our home! So special!

  76. Wow! I just love everything about this.

  77. Mary Verett says:

    I would selfishly get the house portrait for myself! It’s our first home and I love the idea of getting something from each home we live in!

  78. I would love to give a drawing of our house to my husband for christmas so I guess I would be giving it to a family member =)

  79. Stephanie Bergman says:

    I think I’d have to selfishly claim this one for myself! However, I’d mail the cards to friends/family…so that counts for something, right?! 😉 Super cute giveaway…I’ve been longing for a watercolor of our house for a long time now!

  80. We just bought land to build our very first home, this would be AWESOME to have!!! She does beautiful work!

  81. I was just thinking about how I would love to have a portrait of our first home! What an awesome giveaway. I’d be selfish and keep it for me!! 🙂

  82. We just bought our first house a couple of months ago and would love to win this.

  83. um, I would totally keep these for our Christmas cards… 🙂

  84. I am already planning to gift a house portrait to my parents for Christmas, so this would be perfect!

  85. Katie Clarkson says:

    Her house portrait is on my Xmas wish list. Love!

  86. Kirsty Pappas says:

    Love the house portraits – great idea for gifts

  87. Kelli Gilmore says:

    The Christmas cards would be great! We just bought our first home and would love to be able to send them out to family and friends this holiday season!

  88. My mum just sold her house in Texas and is moving to India for awhile and then possibly to DC to be near me. I’d love to give her a drawing of the house to always remember it by. We’ll likely never travel back to see it, even though we already miss it!

  89. YES, PLEASE! So pretty – fingers crossed 🙂

  90. Lindsey Grace says:

    I would definitely get it for myself!!!! Or maybe my mom??? But probably me! Haha!!!

  91. Yeah, I would definitely be keeping this one. Unless I gave the house picture to my parents for their house of 25+years. Or maybe I would keep it of that house (where I grew up)…Probably keep unless I ran out of Christmas ideas for them!

  92. Love it!!! We just bought our first house and this would be such a sweet way to remember this time:)

  93. I’ve been eyeing house portraits on etsy and these are SO CUTE! I’d keep it for myself! & those Christmas cards!!! How cute!!!!

  94. These are ADORABLE!!! I would love a photo of our current house (and first house) to have with us when we move in the future.

  95. katie greenlaw says:

    Tough to decide….the cards I think. Precious!

  96. These are so cute!! I love this idea! I would def get one for our first home!!

  97. I think I would keep the house portrait for myself…I’d love to have one of our house right now. It’s our first house, so it would be great to have that as a memory to keep forever! But I’d also love to get one for my parents, so that might have to happen too 🙂

  98. No question these would be for me and my husband! I’ve been thinking about our Christmas cards already, and this would be perfect!

  99. i would probably use them for ourselves…..i don’t really have any ideas for cards this year so this would be fun

  100. Lisa Cooper says:

    I would love a portrait of our new custom built home!

  101. I would keep the house portrait for myself, but I am now thinking about ordering a few as gifts. What a great idea!

  102. Ashley Bee says:

    I would keep the house portrait for myself, since we are in the process of selling our first house and I want something special like this to remember it by!

  103. Amy Hussey says:

    Would love to have this for our house!

  104. Would love a portrait of our first home..especially since we are tossing around the idea of putting it on the market soon.

  105. This is really a cool idea! If I win, they will be kept for my family! I sure hope I win!

  106. I would get the portrait to give to my husband for our upcoming first wedding anniversary.

  107. I would get one to always remember the house we brought our first child home to!

  108. Tough call! But I think I would get the portrait for my parents. They have such a cute house and it would make a great gift!

  109. I just LOVE this idea! My husband and I just got married and bought our first home so this would be perfect for next year! And I love the Christmas cards, if I don’t win the giveaway I’ll probably still order from her!

  110. Bri Jackson says:

    I would def get the holiday cards! I love the sample ones shown here. Can’t wait to check out Michelle’s shop!

  111. Danielle S. says:

    Would probably keep them for ourselves 🙂

  112. Heather S says:

    I would keep the prize it’s just too amazing! 🙂

  113. I would give this as a gift to my brother and sister-in-law

  114. I love all of her work and would have to keep the house print for ourselves, but I think will end up getting a few for gifts in the future 🙂

  115. I would love Christmas cards for this coming season!

  116. I would keep the house portrait for myself- we are building our 3rd house and set to close next month!

  117. I would keep the house portrait for myself. I absolutely love these portraits and Christmas cards!!

  118. Love the house portrait. We will be buying our first home soon and would love to have this done.

  119. I think I’d get the house portrait? Probably of my grandparents’ house. He built it for her by hand. Yowza. Christmas cards sound so good, too, though! Ahhhhh!

  120. Hannah C. says:

    Since we just bought our first home last month, the house portrait would be lovely! I might pass the cards on to my sister/best friend though since we always by our cards the year prior when they go on clearance 🙂

  121. Images are stunning. How nice to be go gifted. This is an awesome idea. Would love to win this.

  122. Love her work! Will become a family heirloom for sure!

  123. Just realized I missed sharing my answer to the prompt. Since we just moved into a new house, I would love to order a home illustration!

  124. I love the whimsy of these so much! Would love to gift this to my parents for Christmas!

  125. Jill Cote says:

    I would have to be greedy on this one. I would totally keep them for myself. I love the house portrait! I loved them when you first shared them 🙂

  126. Stacey Turner says:

    Love these! I would love to get a home portrait.

  127. House portrait for my parents and Christmas cards for me!

  128. my parents are about to move out of my childhood home, so maybe house portrait for me (or maybe my mom, if she’s feeling sentimental), cards as a wedding present for a friend.

  129. LOVE this! I have been wanting a house portrait of our first house forever! Never knew who to trust with it and now I know! Thanks!

  130. I’d love a gorgeous house painting!

  131. I’d love to have a picture of the home I grew up in. My parents have been talking about moving away and selling it, and part of me just knows that whoever buys it will want to renovate or just knock it down and start from scratch. I’d love to have something beautiful like this to remember it by and to show my kids someday!

  132. I would get this one for me.

  133. These are all simply adorable! What great work! Those Christmas cards are to die for!

  134. I love These house portraits and was thinking about getting one for our first anniversary…

  135. I’ve been looking for a house portrait. These are great; thanks for the recommendation!

  136. These look awesome! I’ve been thinking about getting one of these done for a while but hadn’t found the right one until now.

  137. The house portrait would make such a great wedding gift for our good friends!

  138. I would pick the Christmas cards!

  139. Oh man, I just bought a house over the summer. I’d love a portrait!

  140. Michelle Garbutt says:

    I would definetly give this to my parents for Christmas or one of their birthdays, as we are currently selling the house we have lived in for over 10 years, and it would be nice to give them a reminder of the house and all its memories.

  141. Ashley H. says:

    Soooo cute! Would love a print of our first house! Moving in a few weeks into our new house we built, so a memento of our first house would be wonderful!

  142. My hubby is so proud of our house (our first). I would love to gift him with a custom portrait of it!

  143. I love the house portrait and would love to have one of our first home.

  144. I would love to gift this as a gift to my husband. Moving from our first house into a new house after having a baby has been incredibly sentimental for both of us. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate all of the memories from our first house.

  145. I think I’d keep them for myself. They both look fantastic!

    Thanks to both of you for the giveaway.

  146. I would probably get one for myself since my husband and I are newlyweds and have been fixing up our house!

  147. Gorgeous; Michelle is so talented! I’d keep it for myself (and tell all of my friends where to get one!) as we moved into a new house just a few months ago. It would be a unique and charming way to commemorate our new home.

  148. We just moved into our first home this weekend! Would love to get a portrait done of our home. And because we’ve been so busy with the move, I’d love to have a design for our Christmas cards since I haven’t had time to come up with anything!

  149. I would be selfish and keep them for myself. 🙂 but of course tell everyone how and where I got them. I love finding unique Christmas cards that no one else has to send out. Also our house drawn out would be perfect for my gallery wall.

  150. I can’t decide which I love more, the cards or the house picture! They are all so unique, and the dog makes it perfection!

  151. While we are just now buying our first home, I think I’d give this to my grandparents instead for the family cabin, as it is a cabin in the mountains that they built THEMSELVES many years ago!!
    (smith fam on facebook)

  152. I would keep them for myself, I love the idea of a house portrait.

  153. Because I’ve had my eye on Michelle’s house portraits since you first posted about them, I think I’d have to keep them for myself 🙂 Plus, I’m pretty sure it would be cuteness overload to see her sketch of my wee baby and little pup on a Christmas card. Such a fun giveaway!

  154. Would love the house portrait as we are trying to sell our first home ever purchased and have already purchased a new one.

  155. D Schmidt says:

    I would get them for myself, they are adorable.

  156. love the house portrait! and selfishly i would keep it for myself.

  157. Nikki Thomas says:

    I would definitely keep it, I would love to have a portrait of our first home!

  158. These are AMAZING!!! Such a talented woman!!

  159. love the house portraits!

  160. I’d love to get the house portrait for our first house and give the holiday cards to a friend who just had her first baby,

  161. I would order a portrait of our first house and would give the holiday cards to my sister in law.

  162. theresa jenkins says:

    I love this!!!

  163. We moved into our first house last year, but with all the renovations going on we didnt get a chance to send out christmas cards last year! I would love to send cards with our house on it!

  164. We moved into a new house last holiday season and would really like the holiday cards. These are great!

  165. Kimberly H says:

    I would definitely keep it! We bought our first house a year ago, and it would be fun to have a picture of it. The cards are cute too!

  166. I’d love to have the house portrait for ourselves!

  167. Angela Saver says:

    I would so keep this for myself!

  168. Brenda Esquivel says:

    I would keep it!!

  169. Jessica R says:

    I would definitely get a home portrait, as it’s first home! love this!

  170. Christine M says:

    I would get a home portrait for my parents. They’ve been in their house for 35+ years. I think they would love it!

  171. I’d use them for our family for the holiday since we just had a new baby… It’d be nice to have all of us on the card.

  172. This would be amazing considering I just bought my first house w/ my fiance, and we’re getting married next month!

  173. I’ve been dreaming of getting a house portrait from Michelle for years, I would keep this for myself!

  174. I have never seen this before. It’s amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  175. I love the house portraits! I’d give it to a family member. The cards I’d get for myself to send out this holiday season.

  176. Kristen L says:

    They are both stunning. What a talented artist she is!

  177. Keeley A. says:

    I’d love to get a portrait done of our first house!

  178. I would absolutely adore a house portrait for myself! My husband and I purchased our first home in July and this would make such a cute piece of art in our entryway!

  179. I would love one for myself. I recently moved out of my childhood home, where I had lived off and on for 30 years. It would be so special to have a portrait of the house to take with me and to share the cards with my sisters.

  180. This year my husband and I started our new jobs which have been a dream, then had our first child in February, and bought our 1st home in June. I would love to have this portrait to remember this sweet time in our lives. And to remember how faithful God has been to us!

  181. I think this is one I’d keep for us, and have Michelle do a portrait of our first (and current) home!

  182. I’d really like to have a house portrait for myself, but if I were the lucky winner I’d donate it to my daughter’s school fundraiser.

  183. I’d love to have this of our home!!

  184. Love the house portraits!

  185. Oh, I love these! I would do the first home for sure. We’re currently looking to buy a house and it would be so fun to remember were we first lived when we got married once we move. Such a fun idea!

  186. I love the idea of a house portrait as a way to remember where we always started out.

  187. I would love to have a portrait of our first home, it would look great in a gallery wall!

  188. Brenda B. says:

    I would probably use it myself, to make cards with my house on them! Thanks for the chance!

  189. I would love love love to win this and gift it to my BIL and SIL! They just moved so a ustom portrait would be awesome

  190. I would love to have custom Christmas cards. I hate picking them every year.

  191. Ashton Miller says:

    These are so great! If I won, I would give these to a recently married friend as a long overdue Wedding gift!

  192. I would love to share the house print with my parents as we’re all so attached to the house we grew up in! I know they would treasure it. The Christmas cards would be perfect for my husband and me, it’s the perfect size set!

  193. I would love to have a portrait of my home!!!

  194. Lori Todd says:

    Would love a picture of our home…..its our first!

  195. I would love a portrait of our home!

  196. Did I miss the announcement about who won this? 🙂

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