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Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Yay, it’s the guest bedroom makeover reveal day! This is the room you would stay in if you were to ever visit me. Or you can sleep on the couch. Your choice.

I ended up painting the room SW 7015 Repose Gray by Sherwin-Williams– the perfect gray in my opinion. I used their Harmony paint which has zero VOCs, which is a definite plus to this preggo. To be extra safe, I opened the window while I was painting to allow for more ventilation. The coverage of the paint is amazing. I only applied one coat, so I was able to knock out the entire room in under 3 hours.

guest bedroom bed

This is the view when you walk into the room. It’s not a very big room– 11×10 to be exact. But it can fit a queen size bed, dresser, nightstand, and mirror comfortably.

bright guest bedroom

The bed is clearly the focal point of the room. And since I was going with a coral and navy theme it was obviously that some of the bedding needed to be those colors.

I swapped out the old, dark headboard for a more modern headboard that will also let more light in through the window. I gave the new headboard a little makeover. But more on the makeover, which turned out to be kind of a big dramatic ordeal, later. What’s some good ole DIY with unexpected issues?

FYI, I’m sharing the shopping list of where I bought everything in my next post so make sure you come back to get the details.

I added the curtains to the window to better frame out the wall and bed. Some may not like beds in front of windows, but this is the best spot in the guest bedroom. I don’t like when beds are up against walls on two sides so someone has to climb across the bed. Plus, I like how the bed looks in front of the window.

navy and coral bedding

I love how the gold headboard looks with the coral, orange, and navy pillows.

coral and navy pillows

The patterns weren’t exactly what I was wanting, but I think it works.

coral orange and navy pillows

gold headboard

I don’t like to cover every surface of the guest bedroom with stuff in order to give our guests space to put some of their stuff. So I purposely left the bottom of the nightstand empty so people can put random things in that spot and out of the way.

coral nightstand

I’m kind of in love with the little retro alarm clock I found.

coral pink nightstand

I like to leave some reading material in the guest bedroom for our guests to peruse so I always keep random magazines and a book or two on the nightstand.

magazines and books

Because we needed to start emptying out Brad’s man cave, his guitars needed a new home. Brad has been playing guitar since he was 15, so nearly half of his life. He plays almost every day so it’s not like we could just shove them away in a closet or under a bed.

The guitars hung on the wall in his man cave so we simply moved the guitar wall hangers into the guest bedroom.

 Since his amp is on the larger size, we’ve tucked it away in the closet. We still need to come up with a spot for his late grandfather’s mandolin. It’s currently hanging out in the closet with the amp, but I wouldn’t mind hanging it on one of the walls eventually.

guest bedroom

The most expensive wall art in our house. At least it’s functional. Well, that’s what I tell myself.

But in all seriousness, Brad is a really good guitarist. I can’t wait for him to jam out with our little man. And yes, I’ve told Brad that I expect him to play children’s songs for the nugget.

hanging guitars on a wall

We donated the old, boxy TV and moved the flatscreen TV from Brad’s man cave into the guest bedroom.

vintage dresser and mirror

The mirror used to be my mom’s and the dresser was used by my mom and aunt when they were little girls. My mom refinished the dresser about 10 years. I would never paint it because I love the wood grain.

vintage dresser

I set out this small platter to be used as an accessory tray. Again, I don’t like to cover every surface of the room so guests have some space to put some of their things.

jewelry tray

And what’s a makeover post without some before and after photos?

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Guest Bedroom Makeover 3

Here’s the room source list!



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  1. I have a 3rd bedroom that is currently empty, originally with lavender walls but now with navy blue paint samples throughout- not a lovely look! I would love to finally paint it and figure out what to do with it.

  2. Anne Haun says:

    My kitchen is screaming for a paint redo!!

  3. Love the mix of colors and SW is the only paint I will use. The guitars are a great touch.

  4. My kitchen! Maybe yellow? Or green?!

  5. The bedroom looks great! So sleek and clean. I would redo our bedroom. Got lots of out-of-date wallpaper to remove, then paint it!

  6. Our guest room could use a little freshening up. We need to add some stuff to the walls 🙂

  7. Mellissa C says:

    I have been itching to paint our stark white main bathroom. Also, I love the way the bed looks by the window!

  8. Our kitchen needs a new coat of paint!

  9. Renee Johnson says:

    We just moved into our new home last month, so nearly every room is in need of a makeover… but I would start with my craft/office room because it’s the darkest room in the house… not very inspiring.

  10. We are planning a whole interior refresh! I demo-ed the entire inside of my house when I was 8 months pregnant. In July. In Florida. No surfaces. No floors. And I had a fridge, two toilets and a dishwasher in the middle of the living room. Good times. We did the last of the painting during the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics! At midnight. We need a refresh! This is the best find on the internet!!

  11. I am in the process of master bedroom redo! I’ve collected all the what have’s, now its paint time! Could always use a little help with paint supplies to make the reno a little bit easier.

  12. I would makeover our guest bedroom too!

  13. Our Master Bedroom is the only room in our house that we haven’t painted yet. I would love to be able to finally get our space set up!

  14. Every room? Ha! We bought a house in January and every room in our house needs updating – right now my focus is on the master bedroom!

  15. Amber MacNeil says:

    I’m currently redecorating our living room. I’d love a SW gift card so I can paint some furniture. 🙂

  16. I would redo our living room. The furniture is to big for the space and I no longer like the wall color.

  17. Our entry room/entry hall needs some serious love. Especially since it’s the first thing you see of our space!

  18. We are about to move and every room in the new house needs paint, but I would start with the kitchen because the sellers painted giant tigers and lions on the walls!

  19. Love love love this room! Sherwin Williams is the only paint we will use in our home, we love the coverage, only needs one coat and your good to go! I would give our bathroom a makeover, it is the main bathroom in the house so it is the one both our children and guests use. Right now it is an off white color; not only is the color boring but the quality of paint is terrible and the old color bleeds through!

  20. Heather V says:

    My spare bedroom needs serious love too! But we are also in the midst of finishing out basement, too many projects!

  21. The guest bedroom… It’s dark and furniture could be rearranged! Great makeover!

  22. Brenda B. says:

    One of our spare rooms! (BTW–I have that exact same dresser with the same handles on it!! It was a hand me down from my husband’s aunt–many, many years ago–probably many more than 40 yrs ago!) Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway!

  23. I would repaint our living room, again. We painted right before moving in last year, but it was a bad color pic and looks country blue instead of gray like I was wanting. Boo

  24. Jill Cote says:

    Our new family room or master bedroom. I love the gray you chose. I’ll have to see how that looks in our room 🙂

  25. I am in the process of emptying out my enclosed garage to turn it into a craft/family room and will need to paint it soon. SW is my favorite paint, it goes on so nicely and thick! Love your room re-do, the bed is my favorite!

  26. I would finish the area around my fireplace that we are installing stone to as we speak. Due to material and labor costs, only going part way up so will need to paint above with a hi light/ focal point color.

  27. Becky Warner says:

    Master bedroom.

  28. I am pregnant and we haven’t started on the nursery yet, so that is what I would paint!

  29. We are overdue to give our bathroom a much needed paint job. Now that we have a little one at home we use no voc paint exclusively and love Sherwin Williams!

  30. Hannah C. says:

    We just went under contracton our first home, so basically every room needs a makeover. We’re still debating which room to start with, but I’m pushing for the master bedroom 🙂

  31. Jessica S says:

    No one knows besides me and my husband so far, but we’ll be painting a nursery (our first) soon!

  32. I love the colors you picked. Coral is so pretty no matter where it’s at. I love the pillows you picked out too, pretty!

  33. Lovely makeover! I think the colors are beautiful together, and I love how simple you left it. It’s light and airy and pretty, and would be such a nice place to stay. I’d paint our basement–it needs love!

  34. I would makeover our guest bathroom!

    I can’t wait for your source list – I’m dying to know where you bought that fun navy blue blanket 🙂

  35. My craft room which is turning into a baby cave 😉 it needs a lot of work!

  36. I am planning to redo my daughter’s bedroom.

  37. The master bedroom for sure!

  38. Kathie from CA says:

    our guest room.

  39. thanks for the giveaway! I would do our bonus/sewing/storage room.

  40. I would paint my master bedroom! I’ve been dreaming of painting it a nice dark, moody color.

  41. Crystal M. says:

    I would use it to paint my home-office. I spend a lot of time in here, and the room could use something a bit lighter.

  42. I would re-do our office/guestroom situation… It will become the nursery soon enough!

  43. Ashley Bee says:

    My master bathroom! The color is way too bright and needs to be toned down…

  44. Keeley A. says:

    I would love to makeover my own bedroom! It’s dark blue. =(

  45. Krysta Houseknecht says:

    I would do my guest too just like yours!

  46. I love this makeover. It’s the same size as our hideous guest room. It’s my project this summer. Great inspiration here!

  47. i would makeover my sister’s bedroom!! it needs to be redone for sure 🙂

  48. I would love to paint our master bedroom a similar color! Love the grey you picked!

  49. nadine mahoney says:

    Love the grey…I now have “peach”…what an improvement this would be!

  50. I LOVE the gray_ it is perfect and you used my new fav as cc ed ntz (coral and navy). I would live ti put that gray in my bedroom. It is light blue now and I would like to go more neutral. Lovely job.

  51. Melinda C says:

    We are about to redo our hall bathroom and master bed/bath! My husband will only use Sherwin-Williams paint so this would be a great help!

  52. Our master bedroom is in need of a new paint job. I’ve actually never painted a room or wall before! I’m loving the gray in this post!

  53. Would love to make my bedroom more my style 🙂

  54. my master bathroom could definitely use an update!

  55. Sarah Sandiford says:

    My living room!

  56. I would make over the ceilings… in every room. Before we moved in this winter, the previous owners bathed all the walls and ceilings in the same color- pleck!

  57. I would love to make over our “master”…which is about the same size as your guest room.

  58. Meredith Brim says:

    The master bedroom– we didn’t have a chance to paint it before we had to design a nursery!

  59. Elizabeth says:

    I would totally make over our kitchen- it desperately needs it!

  60. I would make over our workroom! We had a flood and painted it an awful shade of chocolate. Worst color ever!

  61. I love the colors you chose for the bedding; coral/navy is one of my favorite combos! And your window looks SO much bigger with the new curtains!

    We’re slowly repainting the whole house, and I think the upstairs hallway is next on our list so that’s where the gift card would go! 🙂

  62. Either my guest room or, my living room.

  63. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I love the colors you used. It really makes the blues, oranges, and pinks stand out. Very inviting!

  64. i really like the neutrals with the pops of color. What color are the walls? love how subtle it is.

  65. I love how bright and feminine it is from one side, and yet has the guitars to balance it out 🙂 We’re thinking about hanging up the guitars as wall decoration too, looks great!

  66. I would start with my home office! I work from home and our 3rd bedroom is currently my office. We are planning baby #2 (hopefully soon) and I will have to move into either the dining room or basement to make room!

  67. I like that you used the guitars. I’m the beneficiary of my brother’s guitar collection and have wondered how to incorporate a couple into the scheme…and they look cool! I’m in the middle of repainting/decision making on several rooms, use SW paint, so this would really be useful to me! Their paint is really great!

  68. My bedroom! The former owners decided that mauve would make a great accent wall color…

  69. I would also redo my guest bedroom! Definitely in need of a better color 🙂

  70. My master bedroom needs a makeover.

  71. I would love to paint and makeover the front room in my house!

  72. I would definitely do our master bedroom. Painted it a too-dark shade of gray for our single-windowed room with almost no natural light. The gray you used looks perfect.

  73. I would make over our living room. The tan-ish paint that has a pink tint to it that the previous owners used just isn’t working for me!

  74. Amber Arnold says:

    I already have the color I want picked out for our kitchen!

  75. I need to makeover my living room because there is no paint or pictures on the walls. Winning this gift card would help buy quality paint!

  76. Shirley Lupton says:

    I don’t have any other ways to enter so I want to make this a good choice. I have been working on my craftroom for 3 years so that would be my first choice to paint. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  77. I would makeover our family room. We want to do built in shelves in the nooks on either side of the fireplace. it’s a huge room, so any little bit would help!

  78. Michele Marino says:

    Love it! I’d like to redo my master bedroom…it needs it!

  79. Oh man, what room don’t I want to redecorate!? We bought our first house about 6 months ago and it was very outdated. So we are ::slowly:: working on re doing the whole house. Wish us luck! 🙂

  80. I would definitely makeover my den.

  81. I would love to redo my master bedroom

  82. Love it all. The coral is such a great touch – I badly want some coral in my life. And the guitars look so neat on the wall. I’m officially doing this. That’s all there is to it. Is there a place you stow away an amp? I have that struggle, too.

  83. I would make over my living room with Sherwin Williams.

  84. Love the pillows and the colors of the room!

  85. I would make over our master bedroom! A relaxing retreat at the end of the day sounds ah-mazing!

  86. veronica v says:

    My bathroom is in serious need of a makeover. It still has the 80s look and I want to make it more modern.

  87. I need to makeover our guest room, which also needs to act as an office/man cave…quite the challenge!

  88. Frankie Peterson says:

    I desperately need to re-do our master bedroom.

  89. Christy Spurlock says:

    I’m in the midst of a re-do and have already made several trips to Sherman Williams.

  90. D Schmidt says:

    I would paint my upstairs bathroom, the colors are too dark for the space so I would like to paint it a pale green

  91. I would love to redo my guest room into my home office. I work from home as a business consultant. I recently got married, and my husband moved into my house. I previously worked from a small desk in my living room, but I ‘m realizing more and more every day that there is usable space in my guest room that could be used for my own home office, so I’m really planning to redo that room. I have several things picked out from IKEA in mind based on your office redecoration! 🙂

  92. i’d like to make over my spare bedroom

  93. Tabathia B says:

    I would make over the upstairs bathroom

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  94. kate batchler says:

    great job on the guest room. i’m a sucker for gray, navy and coral too! we are currently trying to decide on paints for our master bedroom and master bath makeovers. so this giftcard would come in handy!

  95. I would like to redo my bedroom. It is a dark red and I’m ready for a new color.

  96. maria cantu says:

    I’d like to redo our bedroom.

  97. Bathroom!! Its screaming for a makeover . I want to paint the cabinet in there too. Luv your makeover super cute.

  98. Rebecca Graham says:

    I would makeover the living room.

  99. I want to do my master bedroom. Love white, blue and butter cream yellow. Awed by the huge difference bedding and paint make in your reveal. Bought this house 10 years ago after my home burned. Never did anything with my bedroom. You’ve inspired me to start!

  100. I love what you have done to the guest room. I’d like to give my living room a new look.

  101. I have been thinking about re-doing our living room paint job — it’s been 7 years, and I’m bored with it. This would be great motivation to quit whining and start painting! 🙂

  102. Nissa Urena says:

    I have a guest/workout/toy room that is prepped and ready for paint. Now we are just trying to decide on a color, and a tv wall accent color. I would love to try some Sherwin Williams!

  103. Rachel Shoemaker says:

    Love your blog!

    My husband and I recently bought a house which will be moving in August! I would like to start painting my sons or our guest bedroom!

  104. I would make over the living room.

  105. My living room needs a makeover.

  106. I love your kitchen make-over. I would love to paint my kitchen and maybe put up a tile back splash. It is the only room that I have not painted, since moving in this house 6 years ago.

  107. Melissa H. says:

    Our master bath needs a fresh coat of paint!

  108. erica best says:

    i would make over my living room

  109. I would totally use this to redo my guest bedroom. Love Sherwin Williams Paint!

  110. My guest bedroom! I moved last fall and I haven’t figured out how I’m doing the room yet so this was a great post to see.

  111. We are working on our enclosed patio, amd the stairs up and down in our house right now and then our bathroom

  112. I would makeover my master bedroom. It currently has had paint swatches painted on the walls for about 2.5 years and it’s time to paint it! 🙂

  113. Love sherwin williams paint! Have a summer project in mind!

  114. Michelle Hart says:

    It sounds crazy but I’d like to redo the walls and flooring of our stairway. Sounds simple but I’m not sure about the height issues and painting that high up and I gave carpet now and want to convert to wood or vinyl that looks like wood.

  115. We have been in our Florida home for 25 years and I have made it my mission to bring in color and light this summer. I love your gray and will have to pick up a sample to see if it work in our space. It is so hard to get just the right shade. Living room/dining room is first up!. I love your ideas and your gift for making a home without breaking the budget. Thanks!

  116. I was wondering where you found the coral pillows?

  117. What a welcoming guest room. It’s beautiful. I love the bed in front of the window. The light from the window really highlights the bed as the focal point. Nice job!

  118. This room is gorgeous! I’m so impressed. I really love the color scheme. I’m a pillow obsessed girl my self so those pillows made me happy! I’m pretty sure we all want to come be your guest and sleep in that room! : ) Stopping by from Lacey Placey and the linky party at Show and Tell!

  119. Hi Chelsea, putting the bed in front of the window was the perfect solution. And you can’t beat the orange and blue color comination. So crisp and clean. I have a very similar dresser in my guest room which I haven’t painted either. Sometimes I am tempted because it would look so great painted some fun color, but then I look at it again and just can’t bring myself to do it.

    Thanks for sharing your creativity,


  120. I love the colors in this room. It’s so bright!
    Thanks for hopping on over and linking up with us this week at the Wake Up Wednesday link party!
    Hope to see you again next time! Have a great weekend!
    Kate | TheOrganizedDream.com

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