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Master Bedroom Paint Samples

It’s no lie that I have a tough time with decisions when it comes to certain things. For example, I’m not good with dinner choices when we eat out. Brad has to give me three options. And even then, most of the time I say, “I don’t care. You pick.”

So, as you can imagine, choosing a paint color is crippling to me. I think this stems from previous experiences of choosing the wrong paint colors for rooms. It super annoying when you spend all that time painting a room, only to not like the color when you’re done. But I’ve liked my last three paint choices (kitchen, guest bedroom, nursery). Probably because I thought them over for weeks.

I started researching colors for our master bedroom weeks ago. And I recently got three colors to try out.

But before I get to the colors, you may want to take advantage of my handy tip.

Let’s say you have three paint samples you’re considering. Go to the store (big box or dollar store) and grab three large poster boards. Paint each poster board with each paint sample. Let them dry.

Now, you can either tape the giant, painted poster board on your wall (with painter’s tape– this is my go-to tape) OR you could cut it into two to four smaller pieces and tape them in different places in the room to see how the colors look. I used a paint brush, but I recommend using a foam brush because it’s faster to clean between paint colors, or you can just use three different foam brushes.

paint samples

This tip is also helpful because if you have guests over in the weeks that it takes you to decide, you can take the samples down; unlike if you were to paint the samples directly on to the walls. Or maybe you could care less what your friends and family think about your paint sample-littered walls. Then more power to ya.

I actually painted swatches of the samples on our bedroom walls because the walls are textured and the tiny shadows cast by the orange peel can cause colors to look slightly different. BUT I put the colors in a hidden place in our bedroom, where they wouldn’t be noticeable to someone unless that person was to walk into our bedroom and close the door. And I don’t know about you, but not many of our guests go into our bedroom, let alone go in there and shut the door.

Ignore the fact that our door hardware doesn’t match. We’re going to work on that this spring.

paint samples 1

Here’s a better look at the samples.

I went with Sea Salt SW 6204, Comfort Gray SW 6205, and Agreeable Gray SW 7029.


I’ve been wanting to try out Agreeable Gray since seeing my friend, Annie’s comprehensive blog post on Agreeable Gray.

If you ever wanted more proof that paint sample chips can look completely different than when the paint goes on the wall, here it is. Granted, I’m painting over a beige wall.

Sea Salt and Comfort Gray are actually on the same paint card, Sea Salt being the lightest color on the card.

sherwin williams sea salt

Here’s one of my Sea Salt poster board swatches by our headboard and nightstand.

See why I love the poster board swatches? You can see the color anywhere in your room– next to trim, furniture, drapes, ceiling, etc.

paint swatch

I’m leaning heavily toward Sea Salt. I’m trying to get a friend who’s really good at Photoshop to ‘paint’ part of the bedroom with each of the colors for me.

Is that something you’d like to see? Let me know.

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  1. I did my master bath in Sea Salt and loved it. It changed colors depending on time of day and lighting. I plan on painting our new bathroom the same color.

  2. Mary Gillespie says:

    Loving the sea salt. I think it’s because while it’s still grey, it has that hint of aqua that makes it pretty! And it’s amazing how the agreeable grey swatch card almost has a beige undertone, but on the wall it’s not as noticeable. I really like the sea salt!

  3. I am the same way with dinner choices – I always tell my husband I don’t know, you pick. I am loving the Sea Salt. The comfort gray looks little to dark to do the whole room and agreeable gray is too warm for my liking.

  4. We did our guest room in Sea Salt and it’s by far my favorite room in the house!

  5. I like Sea Salt. But only because I am tiring of all the gray everyone is using lately! LOL

  6. Lyndsey R. says:

    Ohhhhh that Sea Salt color is beautiful!!!

  7. We have Sea Salt in our kitchen and living room and love it. We have the Comfort Gray in our laundry room/ half bath and I don’t like it. It could just be because there is only one window in the room, but it didn’t turn out the way I imagined it would.

  8. Definitely sea salt, or slightly more Aqua.

  9. Definitely sea salt, or slightly more Aqua.

  10. I just advised my bestie to paint Sea Salt in her bedroom and master bath, and it brightened it up so much! As someone mentioned, it has that hint of aqua that is beautiful. That’s my vote!

  11. I like your color selections! We found a color similar to sea salt (but a little darker) from restoration hardware and had home depot match it. Our master has high ceilings so we wanted to create a little more dimension. We had HD take the original color and make it 25% lighter and then 50% lighter so each wall is actually a different color but the shades are all very similar. 6 years ago and i still love how it turned out!

  12. Beth Ingle says:

    I love the Sea Salt!!! I’m painting my master bath in that color. Have the paint, just haven’t the time to actually put it on the walls! lol

  13. I just bought sea salt for our bathroom! I love it and I love that you have it as a contender! Clearly, there is a lot of sea salt love and support! I love how it’s still a safe gray neutral but has blue undertones in it so it doesn’t look as greige, like every other color I tend to gravitate towards! Can’t wait to see what you do with your bedroom!

  14. I like the Sea Salt and the Agee able gray. Great tip using the posterboards.

  15. Sea salt! It just feels so soothing and happy. You seem to tend towards airy and bright in your design decisions, so I’m thinking you’d like it. My favorite color in my house is Valspar Wave’s Crest which has a very similar feel. Mine looks gray, aqua, green/blue depending on the light and I love those sort of “mysterious” colors.

  16. I really like Sea Salt! It’s so bright and cheerful looking!

  17. We have sea salt in our home, and I LOVE it!! Very soothing!

  18. Tracey A. says:

    I know I am different than the rest, but I prefer the “Comfort Gray.” The reason I like it best is because I had a painting, a bedspread and other coordinating items I wanted as well. I think if you have the bedspread and the possible other bedroom enhancements i.e: pillows, paintings or photographs, rugs, pillows, etc, your paint color will all become a easier choice for you. That is what worked for me! I am sure ANY choice will be just beautiful. Go for the color you LOVE THE MOST!

  19. I prefer comfort gray. When it comes to gray I like something that’s bold not wishy washy. We just painted our master bedroom a dark true gray and I love it!! It’s dramatic yet so relaxing. It’s like climbing into a comfy cave 🙂 I think any of those will be great though. Very soothing colors.

  20. We have Sea Salt in our Master Bathroom. Love it! Very calming. Good choice.

  21. I’m always so susprised at how different the colours on the wall than on the cards, especially the lighter ones. So frustrating. Love the sea salt and how fresh it is, it will bounce so much light around. I personally am edging towards the grey but both my husband and I love darker colours we can habinate/snuggle in, especially in the bedroom. Granted while great cold, soggy morning, it can get a bit much in the summer sun.

  22. Margaret Anne Fizer-Poole says:

    I love the Sea Salt!! Thanks for the idea!

  23. When it comes to painting, no other color could beat white for me. But among the three cards here, sea salt gets my vote.

  24. Sarah Morrissey says:

    My basement is Agreeable Gray. It’s a beautiful color, especially in a room with next to no natural light. My friend just painted her laundry room and attached half bath in Sea Salt and I am blown away by how lovely it is. Again, almost no natural light.

  25. I’m getting ready to paint my 1/2 bath in Mindful Gray 🙂 I painted my attached laundry room in Repose Gray and it is a little more blue than I wanted.

  26. Sandra Martin says:

    I think sea salt is pretty, but I don’t want the aqua look. If I had them cut comfort gray 25% would I get a light gray/sage look?

  27. Just a heads up to anyone reading this. Sherwin Williams has an App called COLORSNAP .. I believe you can take a picture of a wall and then import the color and it does the work for you.

  28. I painted my kitchen and dinning room in sea salt. I love it, love, love! It has lots of south facing windows, so I could go with a cool color in there. The thing I love about it the most, is that the color is always changing depending on the angle of the sun. Mostly it’s pale green, but, sometimes it’s pale blue or gray. Sometimes it even appears white. For this room that is perfect.

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