Master Bedroom Curtains

Well, it finally happened– I pulled the trigger on our master bedroom curtains.

In case you forgot, here’s what the window in the room looked like before we put up the new curtain rod and curtains.

curtains before

And here’s how it looks now with the new, teal floral curtains.

teal dogwood curtains 5

First, let me say that the photos above are proof that all curtains should be hung high and wide.

See how the window looks bigger and the wall seems taller? The room feels much more taller in person with the curtains hung close to the ceiling. Who knew moving a curtain rod up a foot would create such a change in the feel of the room?

Note: I did end up using two panels on each side of the window for a total of four panels.

We took the curtain rod clear to the ceiling. Well, an inch or two below where the ceiling meets the wall. And it worked out perfectly with the 96″ panels. They pool a little on the floor but I’ll take that over high-waters.

teal dogwood curtians 1

After sharing the curtain options, I had made it up in my mind to go with the pink floral curtains because I liked the color they brought into the room. Because I’m not really a tone on tone person.

My friends at Bellacor graciously offered to help me out with the curtains, so I ordered a pink floral panel and a teal floral panel, put them up in the room, and pondered over them for a few days. I wanted to like the pink but I kept being drawn to the teal. They’re just so pretty, especially in person.

What’s also crazy is that the lightest blue color of the flowers is an identical match to the Sea Salt wall color.

teal dogwood curtians 2

With the floral, one thing I worried about was them looking too old. But the design has a modern feel to it so I don’t think it looks like someone who would use “whipper snapper” on the regular would sleep in this room.

teal dogwood curtains 4

Now I just need to find art for above the bed (I’m taking suggestions), lamps, throw pillows, and some decorative accents.

teal dogwood curtains 3


curtains … found here

curtain rod … found here

duvet cover and shams … found here

bedskirt … found here

headboard … found here

What do you think of the new curtains?

Follow the journey of making over my master bedroom below!

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  1. They are perfect in the room. Great choice, you have really good taste! This was my pick when I voted a few weeks ago… 🙂

  2. I’ve been debating options for above my bed in my room and think I’m going with a monogram. Both of my kids have ones over their cribs and I love the look. I got the 3-letter, 16-inch ones for my kids from southern monogram . com but think I will go a little bigger for over a king bed.

  3. Love this! It is so beautiful. What distance out from the window did you install the curtain rod? Is it around 10″ on both sides? Just curious because different website say different things, but this looks amazing!

  4. Great choice! I love the design and it’s just the right amount of color.

  5. Though my choice was the blue one; I think this one complements and compliments the wall color much better!

    For above the bed, I’d go for a nice family pic… You hub and bub…. But really, I trust you to come up with something that will blow me off! ? Hugs!

  6. The new curtains are so pretty! The fuller look is great too – but I’ve always wondered what happens when you go close the curtains. Do the panels on the far sides stay put? Did you clip or stitch them together somehow? Or, do you just leave them open and rely on the blinds for darkness and privacy? So many questions! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Laura! Yeah, the panels on the far sides stay put because they’re on the outside sides of the curtain rod brackets. I just overlap them a little so there’s no gap. We close the blinds at night and pull the curtains across the window. While I wouldn’t consider these blackout curtains, they block the light a little.

  7. Beth Ingle says:

    Those curtains are great! I love how you took them to the ceiling. Can’t wait to see what else you are going to put in there. It is such a calming room!

    1. Thanks, Beth! The room looks SO much bigger and taller with the curtains going all the way to the ceiling. I’ll never hang curtains low again. 🙂

  8. Love them! The room is really coming together, looks like it could be in a magazine. Well done 🙂
    Come decorate my room?

  9. Amber Mitchell says:

    The outcome is fabulous! The pattern is a fun/lively floral, not a dated old grandma floral 🙂

  10. The curtains are look awesome in this room. Great choice. I am thinking about get a new curtains as the current one is quite old. I like the Dogwood Teal curtains. I’ll show this to my husband. If he likes it, we will order them too.

  11. Looks great! I have a tough time choosing curtains also. But this last time, I had a happy accident and I love what I got! Yours look fantastic. 🙂

  12. I love them! I’ve been eyeing this duvet cover, I’m curious…. how are the pleats holding up? It’s such a cute set but I am not about to iron our duvet cover!! I love Etsy for euro shams, you can find cute ones that won’t break the budget to switch out, especially with the white bedding 🙂

  13. Looks great and love the pattern on the curtains. Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty . We would love to have you again next week.

  14. Chelsea these are very pretty curtains not only do they compliment the wall color, they also have a very calming effect in the room, perfect for relaxing and sleeping. And you are so right about that high and wide rule. It makes a huge difference. I am hosting a new link party, Sweet Inspiration and would love to have you join us. It runs Friday to Tuesday.

  15. So fresh and pretty! Your recent bedroom refresh posts have lit a fire under me to finally tackle our bedroom! ?

    1. Thanks, Samantha! Awesome! You’ll probably start and finish yours before I finish mine if I keep going at this slow pace. Hah!

  16. Wow, your room is kinda of fabulous! The curtain, the bed, the lamps,… everything is so lovely! I love it!

  17. Great blog. Love the information. It helps me understand this stuff so much better. Awesome everything is looking so perfect.

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