Owen’s Birth Announcements + Minted Giveaway

Today I’m sharing Owen’s birth announcements from Minted, and I have a special giveaway I’ll tell you about at the end of the post. Woot!

Personally, I love birth announcements. It’s always a fun surprise to get them in the mail. I’m one of those people who loves getting real mail. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer paper invitations over digital ones and formal, paper birth announcements over photos on Facebook. Sorry, trees. But I made up for it by using recycled paper for Owen’s birth announcements.

birth announcement

The very talented Rachel Vanoven took Owen’s newborn photos when he was 10 days old. She’s amazing. Definitely check her out if you’re local.

I can’t choose my favorite photo so our house is going to be covered in about 15 baby canvases and photos.

I want to slather butter on him and eat him up in the photo below.

birth announcement back

I went with the design called Little Details because I wanted to include as many photos as possible. I mean, how was I supposed to choose just one?

I love how you can customize the cards. While I didn’t change mine too much, I liked that I had the option. I received the birth announcements quickly, and I love how they came out. The recycled paper is nice and thick, and the printing is super crisp.

Alright, ready for the giveaway?

Minted is giving away a $150 gift card to one lucky reader!

You can use this toward birth announcements for your little one, holiday cards, or even some of their awesome art prints.

You must use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Michelle Smith says:

    I’d do our holiday cards with it!

  2. Such an adorable announcement!

  3. Holiday cards for sure!

  4. I love Minted! I would do our Christmas cards.

  5. I love minted! I would do holiday cards!

  6. runcherylrun says:

    Holiday cards! typically I like to make my own but I love their stuff!!

  7. Jen Hartz says:

    So cute! He’s a handsome little guy. We’re going to do Christmas cards for the 1st time this year…now that we have something cuter than our faces to put on them!

  8. Holiday cards for sure!!

  9. I would love holiday cards!

  10. Such a cute little one, wonderful to have such great pictures to put on your announcement. Minted always does a super job.

  11. crlsweetie says:

    Holiday cards! My “kids” are 20, 16 and 11 and we haven’t ever had any done!

  12. Anne Haun says:

    I would get Christmas cards.

  13. I’d get birth announcements too, I’m due in December!

  14. I would do birth announcements for our soon-to-be little one !

  15. Love your birth announcement! So cute!

  16. I’d certainly get new business cards! They have beautiful designs!

  17. I would definitely do our Christmas cards! With tons of pictures of our little guy!

  18. I’d like some art prints! 🙂

  19. Oh man I have a whole cart of things that I want from Minted, holiday cards, a birth announcement (for my 6 month old _ oh the second child probz) and art prints! so many cool things currently.

  20. Tiffani Anderson says:

    I love Minted! I would use this for our holiday cards for sure!

  21. SO cute! Love them so much. If I won I would use the credit for Christmas cards!

  22. Toni Dowdy says:

    I would get birth announcements for our first child due 11/21! So exciting! love LOVE your announcement!

  23. Amy Starkey says:

    He’s beautiful and so are the announcements!

  24. He is seriously the cutest thing!

  25. Lydia Lay Clark says:

    Well, I’m due in November so I would probably do a holiday card/birth announcement combo!

  26. This would be awesome to win, I’m due in less than 3 weeks with a little boy. How exciting.

  27. Laura Manchester says:

    I would make the cutest Christmas cards!

  28. I also love getting paper invitations/announcements in the mail! 🙂

  29. Melissa Helmsing says:

    Holiday cards for sure!

  30. Definitely will be using this for our holiday cards!

  31. This would be very useful soon!

  32. Stephanie Cooer says:

    I would love this gift card for our holiday cards!!

  33. I love Minted!! This card is so cute!

    1. Oops! I would also buy our holiday cards with this 🙂

  34. Jessica C says:

    I’m obsessed with all things minted!!

    1. Jessica C says:

      Oh and I would do some art prints for sure!

  35. Such an adorable announcement (and of course, an adorable baby!)

  36. SO cute! He is precious! I love minted and have used them for my wedding Save the Dates and holiday cards!

  37. Amanda K. says:

    I would like to see what they do for printing art. Thanks.

  38. Kelsey Barstad says:

    My fiancee and I just bought a house – we move in this weekend and close on the 15th! So we’d definitely send out some change of address cards to our friends and family.

  39. Jamie Jones says:

    Love Owen’s pictures, he is such a handsome little man! I also loved seeing your Fall decore over the last few years, it is nice to see how you built on what you started with each year, and love the tricks!!

  40. I would create our pregnancy announcement + holiday card in one!

  41. Our little man is due in 3 weeks, so I would use this for birth announcements!

  42. I would get announcements for our little one (due in less than 2 weeks!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. I would either use it for our holiday cards and/or pregnancy announcements!

  44. I have my eye on a couple pieces of artwork for the house. I’d use the gift card on those for sure!

  45. Gorgeous pics – I have canvases sitting in stacks in my house because I can’t stop printing them. Or start hanging them..

    I’d order Christmas cards 🙂

  46. I would either use it towards my wedding invitations or holiday cards. Owen is precious, and I love the card design!

  47. Andrea Sgobbo says:

    Holiday cards, for sure!

  48. I too love paper announcements and invitations! I would get announcements for our little one due in March.

  49. I definitely agree about the paper birth announcements! I love that you included a lot of photos. My favorite is the one in the bottom left corner! I’d use the gift card for our Christmas photo cards.

  50. I would love to use the this for holiday cards or birth announcements even though that seems so far away right now!

  51. Owen is such a little cutie. I could use this giveaway for my save the dates or invitations! Woohoo!

  52. I would definitely be getting some beautiful Christmas cards i’ve had my eye on!! 🙂

  53. I got married in July, so I’d use the gift card to make my first Christmas card! i.e. not one from my mom :)))

  54. I’d probably get holiday cards.

  55. This is perfect timing for some birth announcements for me!

  56. I would definitely do holiday cards!

  57. Brittany D says:

    The announcement is adorable! Perfect timing for this giveaway. I’ve been stalking Minted’s holiday card layouts.

  58. What a little blessing, CONGRATS! Can’t wait to check out Minted.

  59. I’d do a combination birth announcement and Christmas card! Such cute pictures!

  60. Christmas cards for sure! Minted makes such gorgeous stuff!

  61. Thank you! I’m already planning out Christmas cards and this would be awesome!

  62. Minted has some really neat fabrics:) I think I would buy lots of fabric!!!!

    That announcement is beautiful. Your photographer really captured some amazing shots. Congratulations. 🙂

  63. Use it to announce my daughter obtaining her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree and passing her boards

  64. Definitely do Christmas cards

  65. Owen is so precious!

    1. I would love to order holiday cards if I won 🙂

  66. Jennifer P says:

    Your announcements are adorable. And I, too, love receiving mail. Which is why I’d use the gift card for our holiday cards!

  67. Your announcement is so sweet! I’ve already got holiday cards on the brain.

  68. Owen’s announcement is adorable! I would definitely get our holiday cards taken care of!

  69. I would do our holiday cards or get a canvas!

  70. Amanda Fendrick says:

    Could these work for save the dates? 🙂

  71. Lauren P. says:

    I would get birth announcements, too! Our first child is due at the end of November and I LOVE the designs on Minted!

  72. Love Owen’s announcement! I’d definitely get holiday cards.

  73. Thanks for the giveaway! Owen is precious! We have a little girl joining our family in December!

  74. Renee Johnson says:

    Holiday cards or a new kitten announcement! 🙂

  75. I need them for birth announcements!

  76. Amy Perry says:

    I would use it for birth announcements !!!!

  77. What a nice give away. My first great grand daughter is due early December. This would be an incredible gift for a young couple to send to family and friends far away. They’re in the Army and alone at their first assignment.

  78. Ashley Bee says:

    We are moving soon, so it would be a toss up between “We’ve Moved!” cards or a Christmas card. 🙂

  79. I am in LOVE with Minted, a great place for personalized stationary, which makes great gifts. I would love to get our holiday cards from Minted, something special for our first Christmas as a married couple.

  80. I’d get supplies for my animal rescue, Shares Save Lives: business cards, stationary, labels & maybe a planner for keeping my head on straight!! Things like that to promote our mission!! 🙂

  81. You know how the shoemaker’s kids never have new shoes? How terrible is it that as a photographer, I rarely get Christmas cards out? It is just such a busy time for my business, some pre-fab options to choose from and customize would be great! Love it!

  82. Gorgeous announcement! I didn’t send out announcements with either of the kids (too tired, too much PPD), but I love receiving them and think they are such a sweet keepsake for relatives’ and friends’ babies. His newborn photos are absolute perfection. Not that you asked, but my favorite is the center photo in the top row–those sweet tiny shoulders, the way he’s working so hard to keep those bright eyes open . . . too dang cute. I wuv Owen.

  83. I finally convinced my significant other to do a Christmas photo card and I have been having so much fun looking at the designs over at minted! I love that they support individual artists in the design community.

    Owen is adorable 🙂 continued congratulations!

    xo Rachel

  84. I’d have Christmas cards made. Love the announcement, Owen is adorable!

  85. Holiday cards and most likely a canvas. Just did birth announcements of our own last year, so.much.fun!

  86. im due at the end of the month and would use it for our holiday/birth announcements i have planned!

  87. I’d use it for Christmas cards! And I’m totally with you about liking paper announcements and invites better than digital!

  88. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. These would be great for holiday cards.

  89. I’d do birth announcements as I’m due October 25!

  90. I’ve ordered holiday cards for the past two years from Minted and have been very pleased. However, if I won, I’d send birth announcements for our daughter who is due on November 6.

  91. Cute!! Love the name Owen!

  92. I adore Minted products and would love to order our holiday cards from them this year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. Kaileigh H says:

    Would love to use minted for our save the dates!

  94. Either baby announcements (1st due in May!) or Christmas cards and prints for the house. Love Minted!

  95. I would use it towards our birth announcements in February!!

  96. Stephanie says:

    I love that I found your blog. You seem so down to earth. Your announcements are the best and I agree…much better getting a piece of mail than a digital one.

  97. Ashley Lynn says:

    He is absolutely precious!

  98. Adorable! Congratulations on your new little one!
    The announcements are gorgeous. I’d probably use this for Holiday cards or birthday invites. 🙂

  99. I’d get the Luke 2 Christmas cards 🙂


  100. Holiday cards or their prints, it would be hard to chose for sure!

  101. Such a beautiful baby.

    I would probably use the gift card to print holiday cards.

  102. Holiday cards and photos of my adorable nephew! 😉

  103. Kathie from CA says:

    I would love to have our Christmas cards made here. Owen is so cute.

  104. Amanda R. says:

    Definitely holiday cards!

  105. I am a fairly new reader to your blog (a couple of months now) and I love your style of writing and your adorable baby boy. Congratulations! and I would be using the gift card for Christmas cards since it is my husband and I’s first Christmas as a married couple and our first time to send out Christmas cards.

  106. I am the same when it comes to getting good ol’ fashioned snail mail! there is just something spectacular about fun things coming in the mail besides junk mail and bills! I would make our Christmas cards this year!

  107. Owen is scrumptious! Congratulations!

    I would use this for Christmas cards!

  108. I’d love to do our little girl’s first Christmas cards with it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. I’m not familiar with minted, but your announcement is adorable! I’ll be looking at their website now!

  110. I always make an effort to send snail mail! I love the picture in the top middle 🙂

  111. I would get the Canna II art print. I think it is beautiful.

    Congratulations on the birth of Owen and omg the pictures are adorable and of course he is too!

  112. I am knee deep in wedding planning, so it would go towards invitations or save the dates!

  113. Brooke Thomas says:

    Christmas cards!!

  114. if I won I would buy birthday invites for my son’s 2nd party and Christmas cards!

  115. definitely time to do holiday cards!

  116. either xmas cards or baptism invitations for my daughter :))

  117. beautiful Christmas cards on amazing paper!

  118. Courtney K. says:

    I would love to get birth announcements, holiday cards, or nursery art prints! Love their products!

  119. I love getting mail too! Such an adorable little man!

  120. I would order birth announcements for my twins

  121. I’m due in 6 weeks…birth announcements/holiday cards in one for me!

  122. would love the merry and bright holiday cards!

  123. I would love to use the gift card for Christmas cards this year 🙂

  124. He is too precious! I’d order our Christmas cards 🙂

  125. Alyssa Vaughn says:

    No baby for me and my hubby yet, but I would love to use this for holiday cards! We used Minted for our engagement announcements and absolutely loved them!!

  126. Holiday cards would be so fun!

  127. I could finally get those holiday cards I want but could never afford!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your birth announcement!! COngrats!

  128. katherine says:

    I’d buy personalized christmas photo cards!

  129. Brooke Gregg says:

    Holiday cards for sure!

  130. I would get some cute Christmas cards, some business cards, and if I have any money left over, one of their adorable prints (I love “Grace in the Winds”)!

  131. Owen is adorable!

    I would definitely do some holiday cards.

  132. The announcements are cute and your son is adorable!!

  133. lovvvve birth announcement! Little squishes 🙂

  134. Danielle Brooks says:

    I would use it for baby announcements!

  135. I would definitely do holiday cards! What perfect timing 🙂

    And congrats to you!!

  136. I would definitely purchase holiday cards to send out. I love their assortment!

  137. Christina Sweeley says:

    I would use them for Holiday and New house announcement cards

  138. Birth Announcements! I just had a baby girl on Sept. 17th.

  139. Elizabeth F. says:

    I would love to pick out some unique wall art!

  140. I would totally buy adorable christmas cards! Though not cuter then those birth announcements! Owen is adorable!!

  141. taylor dougherty says:

    I would order birth announcements for our daughter due 10/17. I love minted!

  142. So cute! I would use it for our holiday cards!

  143. Christine says:

    I would order lots of prints of my adorable boy, Eli!

  144. I so love cards, much more personal than an email or Internet. To many choices but I am sure I can find one to foot the bill. I do love Christmas cards.

  145. I would get birth announcements also. Due in march!

  146. I would get holiday cards. We were just married in July, so I can’t wait to slap a wedding photo on them!

  147. Great idea and very interested in using these in December!!

  148. Tara OBrien says:

    I would get some holiday cards and some art for our kitchen!

  149. I would use it for a moving announcement. We just moved to Germany!

  150. Sweet photos! 🙂 If I were to win, I’d also do birth announcements! Our little boy will be here within a week, and our church choir gifted us with a newborn photography session, so I’ve been comparing places to send out the actual photos we’ll be getting.

  151. Elisabeth says:

    Love these! I’d get my own baby announcements! Only 11 more days! 🙂

  152. Super cute, thanks for sharing!

  153. I am definitely going to have to try them out for Christmas cards!
    Thanks for the info…and the announcement…GORGEOUS <3

  154. Brittany s. says:

    I always love their prints!

  155. Getting married next year! I’d do our save-the-dates!

  156. Jessica R says:

    I would definitely get some nice holiday cards.

  157. Jennifer S says:

    We’d LOVE to receive this generous prize! We would make some Christmas cards that announce our little bundle.

  158. The pictures of Owen are just the best! I’d use the giveaway for my graduation announcements. Coming up on graduating with my associate’s next year! 🙂

  159. So much I’d love to get– holiday cards, moving announcements, and I love the art prints Out to Sea and Soaring Bird. Your baby is so cute btw! Thanks!

  160. Jennifer B. says:

    Birth announcements for my little boy due in January!

  161. I’m having a baby of my own in less than a month and would definitely do some adorable birth announcements!

  162. Holiday Cards! or a birth announcement…haven’t decided yet 🙂

  163. STEPHANIE says:

    i would save it for some “save the dates!” love all of their styles

  164. Ashleigh K. says:

    Can’t wait for all of the holiday cards this year!

  165. Laura Fletcher says:

    I LOVE minted! I have a design on there under their baby announcements. We are just about to order ours and this would come in handy!

  166. Holiday cards for me – I’d love this!

  167. I would do our Christams cards which will also be our “We are expecting!” announcments for all the distant family and friends!!!

  168. Adorable!! I see how you had a hard time choosing just 1. Congrats!

  169. How cute is he!? I would use the money to create our Christmas cards 🙂

  170. I would Christmas cards done for this year:)

  171. I would love to do this for our Birth Announcements- Baby P is due any day now!

  172. Eloquence says:

    I’d get some of their lovely art prints.

  173. We just found out we are expecting #2 (yay!). I’d love to use it for some birth announcements 🙂

  174. Holly Smith says:

    Goodness gracious he is cute!

  175. I would definitely order my beautiful daughter in love the back to school pictures I had made, and/or if she would follow through with the best pictures from the photo shoot and editing what needs to be editing.
    I’m the picture taker she is the graphics designer, between the two of us we can make some pretty rocking cards

  176. Natasha Garcia says:

    Gorgeous birth announcement. I’m starting my living room gallery wall with the help of Minted. Can’t wait.

  177. I would definitely get some art and holiday cards.

  178. Christmas cards!!! Owen is precious!!!

  179. danielle oberndorfer says:

    Gorgeous birth announcement! He is just precious.

  180. I would use it for holiday cards! Love Minted!!

  181. Bri Jackson says:

    I would put the Minted $$ towards Holiday cards. I love looking at all the cards on the site and can’t wait to pick one out!

  182. I’d love to do our holiday cards this year with Minted! I’m a designer, but I never have time to do my own! 🙂

  183. I would use the Minted gift card toward our Christmas cards!

  184. Diane Koper says:

    Beautiful card! And gorgeous baby! The Minted gift card would be perfect for our Christmas cards because our daughter got married this year and I want those gorgeous wedding photos on some quality paper, not like the cheap cards I usually get. Thanks!

  185. Precious birth announcement! I’m a big fan of Minted 🙂

  186. What adorable pictures! I love them! I would use this for Christmas cards for my family!

  187. I’d buy “Save the Date” announcements for my daughters upcoming wedding if they make them. Or Holiday cards would be great.

  188. I would get Christmas Cards or invitations to my daughter’s 1st birthday!

  189. Jill Cote says:

    I would love to get Christmas cards! We are getting some family pics taken next weekend

  190. The canvas we have of our boy’s 1m pics are still up 5 years later, and one of our favorites!

  191. Ohh what a perfect giveaway! Just in time for our wedding invitations!

  192. Karen Peterson says:

    Holiday cards, long time since there has been little sweet babies in this house ;( Enjoy your precious family!

  193. Thanks for the great giveaway!! I would use it for Christmas cards 🙂

  194. love Rachel Vanoven!!! Great pics.

  195. I would love to get our Christmas cards!

  196. I would create thank you cards with a family picture. The baby is delicious and I love the birth announcement!

  197. Heather Little says:

    I’d spend it on “We just moved cards”!

  198. I recently just found out about Minted and have been looking at wedding invitations. This site has a lot of cute designs it do hard to choose! So, I would most definitely use it for our wedding invites.

  199. We are moving at the end of October and I found the CUTEST moving announcements/holiday cards on Minted! : )

  200. I found the cutest holiday cards to order! Here’s to hoping!

  201. I would order my daughter’s 2nd birthday party invitations and thank you cards from Minted! 🙂 How can my baby be 2 in January – already!?!

  202. I’m going into week 20 of my first pregnancy and would LOVE to use this on our birth announcements! Thanks for sharing yours!

  203. Owen’s announcements are adorable! I would probably use it for announcements for my little one arriving in January!

  204. I need to buy wedding invitations!

  205. I would get Christmas cards!

  206. I’d get an early start on my holiday cards (instead of waiting till the last minute like last year)!
    He’s a gorgeous baby by the way!

  207. D Schmidt says:

    I would get the All Abroad art print for my son

  208. I would do holiday cards….or give to my future SIL for wedding invites since I love her that much!

  209. I would do something fun for Christmas! Cute baby pics! Congratulations!

  210. I’d create our holiday cards for this year. Adorable baby!

  211. Keeley A. says:

    I would love to use Minted for our holiday cards this year!

  212. I LOVE Minted! Use them for all of our holiday cards but would likely use it for a birth announcement of our new little princess!!

  213. Birth announcements! Due at end of December!

  214. I would totally use this for Christmas cards!

  215. shelly peterson says:

    I would do Christmas cards.

  216. I’d spend it on Christmas cards!

  217. Love this! I’m currently looking at Minted for our wedding invites!! 🙂

  218. I’d love to use this for our birth announcements for baby #2 due in April!

  219. Charlotte c says:

    Love it! I need to do birth announcements for my baby girl. I’d do the same thing and use multiple images, can’t decide on one!

  220. Stacey Tilton says:

    I would use the money for photo cards of my class (I teach school).

  221. I would get some holiday cards! Love Minted!

  222. We have a newborn baby girl only 6 weeks old! Would love to use this for her birth announcements as well!

  223. Birth announcements/holiday cards, I am doing a 2 for 1 this year!

  224. Jessica Rechtien says:

    Owen is so snuggly! Love the birth announcement. We welcome our little girl, Emma, on September 13th so would use this for our birth announcement too!

  225. Christmas cards!! Woot!

  226. Adorable photos!! I would use the gift card towards my daughter’s first birthday invitations.

  227. I would be all about some birth announcements! Our first little one is due on Christmas Eve!

  228. I would order our Christmas cards!!!

  229. Prints of our recent family photos

  230. Lovin’ Owen’s birth announcements! Thanks for the newborn must haves, too!

  231. Great photo of your sweet one. I would use the money for holiday cards.

  232. Haley Thompson says:

    Birth announcements! I’m due in 7 weeks!

  233. Cannot get over how cute he is! Minted is the best!

  234. Such a cute announcement! I love Minted and I’d definitely make my family’s Christmas cards with the gift card.

  235. I would totally splurge on some of their amazing artwork!

  236. I could get some SERIOUSLY cute Christmas cards with this giveaway!!!

  237. Cute announcement, adorable baby, and I would DIE to win this!!

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