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Fall Outdoor Decor 2014

For the past three years I’ve shared our front porch decorated for fall. Here’s 2011, 2012, and 2013 in case you want to check them out.

Each year I try to add a little more and try something new. This year I worked in a cabbage and wood slice. I tell you what– I’m really stepping outside of my comfort zone, you guys.

fall front porch

I did my tiered pumpkin trick again this year. I’m not ready to give up on it yet.

pumpkins and gourds

Like I said, the cabbage is something new I tried this year, and I really like it. High five for trying new foliage.

fall front porch 2

I love the bold color of this mum. Perfect for fall.

mums 1

This wood slice, and some of his friends, have been hanging out in our shed for a year. I had big plans of using them in my Christmas decor last year so I asked my father-in-law to cut them for me. But after a few weeks they split so I ended up not using them. Plus, they didn’t end up really working into what I was going for.

This one is split but I hid it behind the wooden basket. Sneaky-sneaky.

fall outdoor decor

Everyone loves a bumpy gourd.


I’ve been doing this trick for years– instead of filling the basket full of gourds, I put a clear storage container on the bottom and put the gourds on top. That way I don’t have to waste a few gourds on the bottom where no one will see them.

FYI, the green isn’t mold or some sort of fungus. Our Miracle Gro sprayer tipped over in our shed and leaked all over the basket. Like with the wood slice, I rotated the green part to the back.

gourd basket

I couldn’t pass up this monster mum when I spotted it at Lowe’s. It’s gigantic, and I love it.

I’ll probably plant this big guy in our landscaping after it has lived out its life on the front porch.


A new spot I’m able to decorate this year is our window box.

I love how I can change the contents of the window box for spring, summer, and fall.

fall flower window box

I went with mums, gourds, and pumpkins. And a yellow, orange, and green color scheme. Very fall-y.

fall window box decor

Putting this together went surprisingly fast. I had everything planted and arranged within 15 minutes. Although, the wind and chilly temperature may have caused me to speed things up a bit.

fall window box

I love this type of mum because the flowers a very full, and they smell amazing.

fall window box display

Again, much love to the bumpy gourds.

fall flower window box 1

I typically keep the front porch display up until Thanksgiving so I plan on doing the same this year. I feel kind of bad because I haven’t decorated for Halloween outside in a couple years because I want to enjoy the mums and gourds for as long as possible. But pumpkins count as Halloween decor, right?

Fall front porch decor!

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As a Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creator, I was provided a gift card to cover the cost of materials for this project. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I am in love with how this came together. Great use of texture, color and layering display! Way to accomplish something so significant with a new baby… that takes major commitment.

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful! You’re making me want to go mum and pumpkin shopping. Like, right this second.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love the big pumpkins and wood slice. Thumbs up for daring with the cabbage! I got married in the fall just last year and we incorporated some fall decoration outdoors.
    I just discovered your blog and it’s super nice. I write a marriage blog too.
    Greetings from Austria!

  4. looks really great! my fall porch is all decorated EXCEPT I need a mum. I’m so getting one this week…i never can keep mine alive though long enough to plant for next year.

  5. All of these ideas are so pretty and almost make me look forward to fall. I just hate to see the summer leave. But these are such great photos that they inspire me and make me think I can do that too! Thanks.

  6. This is so pretty and as much as I’m not ready for fall this post is pulling me in!

  7. JaneEllen says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, would think landscape artist arranged all of it. You did great job. I love those bumpy knobby gourds, add so much interest and texture to any arrangement. Hard to find here unless am willing to spend more money.
    When we lived in Bowling Green, KY area. there was awesome vintage store south of B.G. which sold all kinds of Fall goodies at very affordable prices. If I had afternoon without specific purpose would drive down there to look around in store for maybe something I couldn’t live without, owner would let me put things on layaway being good customer. I still miss all the excellent shopping places there and our house/land. Too bad climate was bad for me.
    You did such wonderful job on your porch, envy your incredible window box, been trying to get hubs to make couple at least, perfect decorating opportunity. Enjoy rest of week

  8. This looks pretty! I always see those little pumpkins every year at my local farmer’s market but I never buy them because I think they’re a little oogly. I think I’ll have to pick some up this year though.

    Kate | TheOrganizedDream.com

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