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Baby’s First Easter Basket

I put together Owen’s first Easter basket this past weekend so I thought I’d share what I included.

Baby's first Easter basket

Pottery Barn Easter basket and liner
I decided to splurge on a large Pottery Barn Easter basket and liner. Growing up, my brother and I had the same Easter baskets every year. So I validated spending the extra money for a pricey basket and liner because Owen will have this Easter basket for years. The liner I bought for his basket is a blue plaid with his name embroidered on it, but they seem to have sold out. Most of their liners are up to 40% off + free shipping right now.

Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny
I’ve heard numerous people rave about Jellycat bunnies because they’re super soft and easy to wash, so I had to get one for Owen as his very first bunny. I got it the other day, and it feels like butter. If he doesn’t want to snuggle with it I will.

I went with the bunny thing and got Owen a couple of bunny-themed books.

Swim Trunks
I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, but we signed Owen up for swim classes, which start in a couple weeks so I bought him two pairs of swim trunks. The trunks in the image above are currently on sale at Target for $8.50. I picked up another pair in the clearance section at Old Navy too. I couldn’t resist.

Fruit & Veggie Pouches
Since Owen is too young to indulge in Cadbury and Reese’s Eggs, he’s getting some yummy fruit and veggie pouches in his Easter basket.

My mom actually sewed a few bibdanas for Owen, but you can buy some here— there’s adorable designs for girls and boys. Owen actually has the set in the photo above and we love them.

I’m looking forward to the day when we can dye eggs and take Owen to an Easter egg hunt, but I’m perfectly content enjoying him being a baby.

What are you putting in your kiddos’ Easter baskets?

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  1. I am currently putting together an easter basket for my 2-year-old niece and so far I have a sunhat, sunglasses, flashcards, peeps, a pinwheel, a little purse, and temporary Frozen tattoos. I would like to throw in a couple more things, but I really hope she likes it!

  2. I am working on a first Easter basket for my little man too! I also have swim trunks and books, but am thinking a nice stuffed animal or lovie would be great as well!! Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Swim trunk twins! I know Owen doesn’t need a ton of stuffed animals, but I figure his first stuffed bunny for his first Easter is appropriate.

  3. Jessica Strayer says:

    i may have just ordered the bunny and bibs to add to my 10 weeks old’s basket! I also have a few toys and an adorable dinosaur-shaped board book I picked up on our first zoo visit at the giant dinosaur exhibit. It’s really more for me this year.

  4. We used to put Gerber puffs or Cheerios in plastic eggs for them to open at that age. Or you can put in something that would make more noise and hot glue the egg securely shut. Shaking eggs is super fun for the baby set 🙂

  5. Pat the Bunny is my favorite childhood book!

    We always had the same easter baskets as kids each year (still do!) at my mom and dad’s house. Ben did not get an Easter Basket this year…only an outfit…oopsies!! Next year!

  6. This is such a cute Easter basket for little Owen! And such great ideas. I’ll have to remember those Pottery Barn baskets & liners in a few years. 😉

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