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Laundry Binder

Yes. I have a laundry binder. Some people may call it excessive organization but I beg to differ. Why? Well, to begin, it took me less than 30 minutes to create my laundry binder. And it has saved me time in the long run. Before the binder I would have to get on my laptop and Google how to remove a wine stain. Now I crack open the binder, and it’s right there. Well, actually, I’ve spilled wine on so many things I’ve committed red wine removal to memory. No, I don’t have a drinking problem. Thanks for asking though.
Here’s what I keep in the binder:

stain removal guides
(found here and here)



laundry symbol decoder 
Seriously, where do they teach laundry hieroglyphics decoding?
(found here)


It’s pretty darn basic. If you wanted to be an overachiever you could add literature on how to wash specific items of clothing. I didn’t go that far because I basically wash all of my clothes on delicate in cold water. However, my husband could use some tips seeing as though he once washed our old red towels with our new white towels because he thought  towels go with towels (obviously). Face palm. The man has a masters degree, and it’s clearly not in home economics.
I keep the laundry binder on the shelf above our washer and dryer so it’s easily accessible. I encourage you to make a laundry binder. And hey, it will take you less time to make one since I gathered the contents for you. You’re welcome.

Do you have a laundry binder?
Do you think you’ll make a laundry binder?
Do you speak laundry code?

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  1. I can barely get my laundry done…let alone make a binder for it. It’s an excellent idea though!

  2. I have had the Martha Stewart stain remover chart laminated and posted on the inside of my laundry cabinet for years. It’s my laundry lifeline. 🙂

  3. I totally need this! We have a list now of our basic detergents and softeners (make them ourselves), but this would be great for stains!

  4. Oh, the laundry symbols sheet looks handy! How do they expect us to know what all those wonky symbols stand for!?

  5. Whoa, this is INTENSE. I wash all my clothes together on cold wash. 🙂 #HomemakerOfTheYear

  6. I don’t know whether to think you are crazy or brilliant! As I add nicer (not from Kohl’s) clothes to my wardrobe I really need to do something like this though!

  7. I’m too lazy to do much besides make sure I don’t shut a pant leg in the door. I should work on my washing dexterity or something. You put me to shame.

  8. This is organizational amazingness and I love it! Boys should not do laundry. I took a load out the other day that the hubs had done and I could have sworn he didn’t even use detergent. Though, of course, he swears he did. Those clothes were not Tide fresh…

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