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Master Bathroom Refresh

This post is sponsored by BEHR® and POPSUGAR.

Back when we bought this house in 2009 I was an overzealous, 24-year-old, first-time home buyer (stop doing the math and trying to calculate my age– I’m 32). And I knew I wanted a blue master bathroom with crisp, white towels in a basket, but back then I didn’t know much about paint colors– see the first color I painted our kitchen.

While the blue wasn’t awful, it really screamed ‘BLUE’, especially on sunny days. Over time, I started to get annoyed by how blue it was. So a few weeks ago I decided it was time to change the color. Mostly because I was tired of the BLUE and partially because it had been almost 9 years since I painted our bathroom, so it was time.

When looking at colors, I wanted to stay with blue because I thought it worked best with our (not-by-choice) almond-colored bath fixtures. But I wanted more of a blue-gray.

Putting the colors side by side shows how blue the old color was, and how the new color, BEHR Oceanic Climate N470-2, is more of a muted blue-gray.

I used BEHR MARQUEE® Interior Matte Paint, which is BEHR’s most advanced paint and primer in one, in Oceanic Climate. I went with a matte finish because I don’t like the look of our textured walls, and using matte paint helps de-emphasize the textured appearance.

I love how the color turned out. It looks great with our white towels, as well as the almond-colored bathroom fixtures.

Since our vanity is wood, I tried to bring in a couple brown elements, like this wooden tray and the basket on top of our toilet. I needed to put my cotton balls, cosmetic rounds, and cotton swabs somewhere, so I decided to display them in some pretty containers.

The large, 54″x40″ print fills the space well, along with the majesty palm. I didn’t want to take away from the art print, so I chose a white, faceted planter.

The palm only requires 3-4 hours of indirect light a day so it’s perfect for the bathroom, which has only a tiny, south-facing window.

Since this window is the only spot in our house that gets the most sunlight throughout the day, I put two succulents an aloe plant in the windowsill.

I like having a vase of flowers on the vanity– they make me feel better when I have to drag myself out of bed after nights when I only get 5-6 hours of sleep. These are my go-to alstroemeria, which cost $4 and last for 2 weeks. A great investment, in my opinion.

Here’s a view of the entire bathroom. It’s a good-sized master bathroom for a house our size.

I really like how the room came together with the new wall color, art print, and plants.

I’ll share all the bathroom sources in the next blog post!

This post is sponsored by BEHR® and POPSUGAR.


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  1. carol plant says:

    love the new colour !

  2. Do you mind sharing where the large art print is from? I love it!!

  3. Beautiful! Bathroom makeovers are among my favorite renovations. It doesn’t take too much to get a totally different look and feel.

  4. I love the color on the wall. When you showed the swatches side by side I thought it was going to feel dark but it really doesn’t. It looks great and I love the print over the tub.

  5. Amazing what paint can do! I love it!

  6. Ginger Swail says:

    Love it! Blue is my favorite color. Paint your vanity charcoal grey….you won’t regret it!

    1. Brenda K Erikson says:

      I agree 🙂 Studying grays for our exterior and had to learn interior at the same time – even saw built-in hutches painted in charcoal BUT……I Love the color our chose for your walls and it Completely changed the look of your master bath which is gorgeous by the way and huge! Way to go 🙂

      1. Thanks, Brenda! The one nice thing about our 1600 sq. ft. house is the size of the master bedroom, bath, and walk-in closet. 🙂

    2. That’s a GREAT suggestion! I’ve always wondered what color would work on the vanity because the almond-colored bathroom fixtures have always thrown me off.

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