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DIY Burp Cloths

One of my favorite gifts to give my preggo friends are DIY burp cloths. They’re the perfect handmade gift– easy to make, fairly inexpensive, and great to have on hand for spit up. All of my friends rave about them.

DIY burp cloths

I did something very similar to this tutorial for the DIY burp cloths.

Here’s what you’ll need:
cloth diapers … these are the best
cotton fabric
sewing machine + thread

First, I wash and dry the diapers accordingly.

Then, I cut the fabric to fit the middle part of a cloth diaper. It comes out to about 19″ x 6″. I fold the fabric over along the edges and ironed down the flaps, using pins to secure the fabric to the middle of the diapers before stitching along the edges of the fabric to secure the fabric to the diapers.

DIY burp cloth

I always give them as a set of three, tying them together with ribbon.

And of course before Owen was born, I went a little nuts (as you can see in the photo of nursery dresser drawer below). My mom and I made a bunch. Having so many DIY burp cloths was nice because sometimes Owen would go through 4-5 a day when he was first born.

dresser 2

While we’re on the topic of cute DIY burp cloths, want to know where I purchase the cute fabric for them?

Check out this post on where to buy modern fabric! I share where I find the best fabrics to use for DIY burp cloths.

fabric worm

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DIY burp cloths! Perfect handmade gift and easy to sew!

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  1. Your burp cloths are really cute. They always make such nice baby gifts. I keep a package of them around and usually embroider on them for a gift – people love them and they are useful.

  2. Hi Chelsea,
    Could u tell me how much fabric u need for 1 burp cloth?

  3. Love these!!! Just got some fabric at fabric.com and going to head to babies r us go grab the cloth pre fold diapers you recommended. 2 qwick questions, do you was the diapers and the fabric before you sew them together? How many burp cloths do you usually get out of a yard of fabric? Just need to know how many clothes to buy! Thanks so very much. Your blog is amazing! Life saver for a first time mama!

  4. Also, do you sew fabric on both sides? Assuming so. Really would like feedback on this and all the other questions these other girls asked… thank you!

  5. Love these and want to make them, but not sure exactly which diapers to use. The ones you suggested aren’t available. Is this the same thing? at Target. Like shopping at Amazon but ones shown are much more expensive than these at Target: Gerber Newborn 10 Pack Gauze Prefold Diaper – White

  6. Jessi Regney says:

    Hi! What kind of fabric do you purchase for the burp cloths? Flannel?

  7. Same question as Jessi, what type of fabric do you use? I have some college football themed fabric from our alma mater that I would love to use, it’s not cotton but I think it could work.


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