Fall Orchard Trip 2014

For the past few years, Brad and I have made our annual fall trip to our favorite Indianapolis-area orchard, Anderson Orchard in Mooresville.

We’ve gone for the past few years (2011, 2012, and 2013). This year was extra exciting because we had a special someone in tow.

Our typical activities were a little different from what we normally do because we had Owen with us, but we still had a good time. We strolled around, took pictures, ate an elephant ear, sipped on an apple cider slushie (my favorite), and drove back to the lake on the property. I’m really looking forward to next year when Owen can toddle around.


Getting out of the house for a few hours was especially nice for me. If you’re following on Facebook and Instagram you may have read about my latest boob-scapades. (Keep on scrollin’ if you don’t like reading about blood and boobs.)

I’m breastfeeding, and when my milk came in so did this cyst. It’s a giant, Texas-sized, milk-filled cyst. I had an ultrasound done back in September and at the time they didn’t know what it was filled with so they aspirated it with a giant syringe. They pulled out 50 mL of milk. During the ultrasound they spotted some questionable tissue inside the cyst so they asked me to return for another ultrasound in 5 weeks.

I went back for the second ultrasound this past Monday. They suggested that I get the cyst aspirated again and also get a needle biopsy of the questionable tissue. 45 mL of milk was pulled out with a syringe, and then they did the biopsy. Needle biopsies are no joke. Half of my boob is currently covered in a technicolored bruise. And while doing the biopsy, they hit a blood vessel which caused a hematoma in the cyst so (sorry TMI) when I pump, I pump breast milk and blood. And not just a little blood. I know, totally gross, but kind of fitting that it’s currently around Halloween.

The doctor said I can nurse Owen like usual and even give him the expressed milk, and I know it’s totally fine because, well, he was basically drinking my blood 2 months ago, but it creeps me out to feed my kid blood now that he’s not in utero. Anyway, now that you’re good and skeeved out, my biopsy came back benign. (Yay!)  So I’m scheduled to see a breast surgeon in a couple weeks about the reoccurring cyst.

Other than this hiccup, breastfeeding has gone swimmingly. I feel like what I’m experiencing is quite rare so if you’re currently expecting a baby and plan to breastfeed PLEASE don’t let my situation deter you from breastfeeding. I’m beyond happy that I chose to breastfeed, and I’ll continue to nurse Owen as long as possible.

pumpkins 1

Like I said before I went into my boob tangent, it was nice to get out of the house and do one of the things I love most which is photography.

I was basically a pumpkin, apple, and gourd paparazzo.

pumpkins 3

Owen enjoyed his first trip to the orchard. He stayed awake the entire time which is pretty amazing.

photo 2

apples 2

pumpkins 2

anderson orchard


concord grapes

gourds 2


apples 1


I’ve said it a thousand times, apple cider slushies are where it’s at.

photo (34)

My little pumpkin with his little pumpkin.

photo 1 (8)

P.S. baby shoes are also where it’s at. Holy. Cuteness. Owen only has one pair of baby shoes, so I must invest in a few more pairs.

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  1. OH MY! He is just darling! I love orchards. My husband and I go to our local place every year too! It’s a fun family outing 🙂 I just wish they allowed puppies!

  2. We love Anderson Orchard in Mooresville and go every year as well. I’m dying for an apple cider slushie right now!! I have no idea where else to find one!

  3. Oh man, so much boob drama! I’m sorry it’s been such an ordeal–it sounds terrible! I hope they get a solution figured out soon. But the orchard looks so picturesque and fun, and I sure like that Owen kid. Ditto on the baby shoes! Darcy also only had 1 pair at Owen’s age (and for quite a while after), but they were so fun to put on her (on the rare occasion that I remembered that we had that 1 pair of shoes). I’ve recently discovered the joys of buying the crazy cheap shoes from China sellers on ebay. They take a million years to arrive and the sizing is always way off, but they are so cute and a fun cheap little indulgence. I ordered Darcy a pair of pink moccasins and they were so dang cute when they arrived I immediately went back on and bought the same pair in tan. Can’t wait for them to arrive in 6 months 😉

  4. Owen is ball of deliciousness!! That picture of him with the pumpkin is adorable! Also, that is the prettiest. most-organized pumpkin patch I have ever seen! I can’t believe you have gone through so much boob drama! I hope you can get it all figured out soon and move past it.

  5. Oh he is a gorgeous little baby! I hope the removal goes well, it’s awesome that it’s not cancerous. That’s pretty scary! These photos look amazing! How fun the little one stayed awake to take everything in. I hope you guys are having a great weekend.

  6. Sorry about the boob sit-ch. That sounds pretty awful.

    On the bright side, that orchard looks magical and your child is seriously one of the cutest things on the planet.

  7. Hi!

    I was wondering if you would be willing to update us on the cyst situation. I follow you on snapchat and I remember a rant (a totally justified rant) about your appointment a couple months ago where you were given a pretty hefty price tag for dealing with it. I have a friend going through something similar; I shared this post with her, would like to share any follow up details you’re willing to share.


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