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Fall Family Night In

This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own. 

Since we’re doing our part to social distance, I thought I’d put together a fun fall family night in with the kids– complete with s’mores and some pumpkin painting.

I set everything for the s’mores bar on this Better Homes & Gardens Crossmill bar cart. The bar cart is perfect for something like this. Plus, it’s great for extra storage in your kitchen or dining room.

better homes and gardens bar cart

S’Mores Platter

I used this large platter for the s’mores ingredients. To keep the marshmallows contained, I put them in a bowl.

s'mores bar

With s’mores, I think it’s always a good idea to branch out a little and have options. You can use honey graham crackers, chocolate graham crackers, cinnamon graham crackers, fudge stripes, Ritz crackers for the outer layer. When it comes to chocolate, a vast array is imperative– milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter cups, cookies ‘n cream, etc. I like to keep the marshmallows traditional, but you can always go crazy and get flavored or gourmet marshmallows.

s'mores platter

Add Some Fruit

To balance the refined sugars, I like to add some fruit. Or, you may have some people in your life who, shockingly, don’t like chocolate. I filled these small bowls with raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries and set them on a small platter.

Roasting the Marshmallows

When it comes to the marshmallow roasting, I like to use bamboo skewers, but you can also use reusable skewers. Since we don’t have a fire pit, and I don’t like the smell of burning wood, we used our small fire column, which is fueled with a small, camping propane tank. We had to leave Emmett out of this portion because he can’t be trusted around an open flame. So Brad took him to the swing set to play while Owen I roasted the marshmallows.

These marshmallows were for Brad who prefers a little charbroil.

If you haven’t had a fudge stripes s’more, you haven’t lived.

s'more and fruit

The bar cart also comes with a couple spots for wine storage on the bottom. I didn’t utilize that aspect of the cart because this was a family affair. Instead, I adorned the second shelf with mugs. The bottom shelf got a pumpkin and a hyacinth tray with some faux ferns.

bhg bar cart

I love pairing mums and pumpkins with my succulent planters for fall. This giant Better Homes & Gardens mum was only $17 at my Walmart.

bhg mum

We ended our fall family night in with some DIY pumpkin painting. When pumpkin painting with kids, I have some helpful tips.

Cover the Surface

To make clean up a breeze (and to protect the table), cover the surface area with paper. Any kind of paper will work– newspaper, kraft paper, etc. Since we were working outside with a slight breeze, I taped the kraft paper to the table.

Keep It Simple

I’ve found it’s best to limit the amount of things on the table. One plate with paint, one jar of brushes, one jar with water, one glue, one bowl of googly eyes, and one bowl of pom poms. Less is more when working with the 6 and under crowd, IMO.

painting pumpkins

And I’m happy to report that they didn’t get any paint on our conversation set sofa or pillows.

Would you look at this masterpiece.

This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Mary Catherine says:

    The painting of pumpkins is a great idea. Seems less gross than carving them.

  2. Perfect for fall & aesthetically pleasing ! It’s basically my love language !

  3. Eva Scott says:

    How fun! Love that bar cart and that fire column pit is so nice and classy. I think my parents would love that! And I’ve never tried those cookies with my s’mores but definitely will!! Looks delish

  4. Had my first fudge stripe s’more this past weekend and it was delicious! Your evening looked so fun! Glad you got to enjoy a fall activity in the comfort and safety of your own backyard 🙂

  5. You so fancy with the s’mores, but who doesn’t like the smell of a campfire. Blasphemy!

  6. We painted pumpkins this year too. Love the cart your smores station is set up on! I need to try a fudge stripe cookie smore.

  7. Definitely going to try PB cups the next time we do s’mores! The fudge striped cookie is a great idea too.

  8. Must try the fudge stripe s’mores, fabulous idea!

  9. Love how you used the bar cart! Must try the fudge stripe s’more!!

  10. Love this! I miss having little kiddos this time of year!

  11. Love your fall twist on the cart with the s’mores. Such a great idea!

  12. The cart is perfect! Penny has been wanting a s’more night and I’m excited to try fudge stripe ones!

  13. I love an array of s’mores options. I will definitely have to try a fudge stripe. My latest favorite it a butter crisp cookie. I got some at TJs, but it looks like they are sold under the brand Jules Destrooper at Walmart. The buttery flavor is amazing with the marshmallow.

  14. We love painting pumpkins!

  15. The bar cart is so cute!! Love the wheels so you can just roll it out for smore’s and then roll it back in when you’re done. I also can’t believe I haven’t tried a fudge striped s’more before.. I thought I was fancy with peanut butter on the graham cracker, but I need to try this soon!

  16. Love it! We tried the chocolate filled marshmallows this year and just toasted them on our kitchen gas stove (crazy, I know, but no bugs) and they’re GOOD! Love the BHG cart!

  17. I LOVE that bar cart!!! Also, I can’t wait to try a fudge stripe smore!!!

  18. This makes me want a backyard. City living over here! Such great ideas with the s’mores and pumpkin painting.

  19. I like that bar cart! I can it serving multiple purposes!

  20. What a fun evening. I think you may have found the cart I’ve been looking for. Looking for something to use for serving or as a beverage center. Yay!

  21. I make myself a snores almost every night as a treat using the broiler to toast the marshmallows, but this might be my Christmas present to myself!

  22. I love the bar cart, an all the choices you had available. Thanks for the ideas!

  23. Take my money, Walmart! What a lovely post!

  24. The fire column is so clutch for S’mores making! Who has time to really make a fire in the fire pit?!

  25. I love that cart. I can imagine it at my house. Thank you sharing.

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