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Fall Monogram Wreath {DIY}

There are many things I love about fall– cooler weather, carving pumpkins, homemade apple crisp, mums, colorful trees, tailgating, bonfires, and apple cider slushies. So what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t welcome fall with a festive wreath? A bad blogger, that’s what.
fall wreath
I decided to go with a monogram wreath, as you can see. I thought, “Self, wouldn’t it be cool to make a moss covered frame, hang a fall leaf covered initial in the middle, and top it off with a burlap bow?” And that’s exactly what I did, as you can see.
Here’s what I needed. Note: I used 15-50% off coupons for everything I bought, so I’m going to list what I actually paid for the items.
Paper mache letter… $2.50 JoAnn Fabric
Faux fall leaves… $5 JoAnn Fabric  (I bought 3 bags, but I only needed 1.5 bags for this project so I’ll use the leftover leaves somewhere else.)
Styrofoam sheet… $3 Hobby Lobby (leftover from mossy ampersand)
Moss sheet… $9 JoAnn Fabric (leftover from spring moss covered monogram wreath)
Burlap garland… $4 JoAnn Fabric
Fishing line… already owned
Wire… already owned
Hot glue gun… already owned
Scissors… already owned
TOTAL: $23.50 (but keep in mind that you’ll have leftover Styrofoam, moss, and burlap garland)
I had a lot of these items on hand. The only thing I purposely had to purchase was the paper mache letter and the fall leaves, so I technically spent about $8 dollars to make this wreath.


I started by gluing the fall leaves onto my paper mache letter. This was pretty simple. Just layer ’em on. I didn’t worry about covering the back since no one would see that. 
After covering my initial in leaves, I started on my Styrofoam frame. I cut two 2×20″ strips and two 2×12″ strips with a knife. I glued the pieces together with my hot glue gun. Then, I covered the frame with the sheet moss, using hot glue to secure the moss to the Styrofoam.
I cut a piece of burlap, looped it around the top of the frame, and secured it with a wire tie and hot glue.
Then I made the burlap bow and secured it with another wire tie.
I attached the bow to the hanger part with the wire from the bow.
I cut two pieces of fishing line and attached a piece to each side of the N. Then I looped the fishing line over the frame, tacked the line in place with hot glue (not noticeable due to the bow), and once dried, tied off the fishing line.
The wreath turned out exactly how I envisioned it in my head. It took longer to make than I expected, but that’s because I thought it up as I went instead of having a tutorial to follow.
Here’s what the monogram wreath looks like on our front door. It’s fall-tastic if I do say so myself.
What’s your favorite thing about fall?
Are you making a fall wreath this year?

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  1. Just bought the stuff for my fall wreath today! I’m so excited for fall!!!

    Now off to try to decide to work on my wreath or fold my laundry…hmm… I vote wreath!

    1. The “S” shaped hanger? I got it from an old fashioned metalsmith while on a field trip with my former 4th graders, who are now HS freshmen– holy wow.

  2. love it! Totally want to do this! 🙂
    Although, we have a window in our door, so I’d have to cover both sides of the letter haha

  3. Super cute! I feel so behind. All you fabulous bloggers have your fall wreaths done. I need to get with it!

  4. I love it. I’m forbidden from making wreaths, much to my sorrow, so I’ll admire yours. Plus monogram wreaths have me feeling weird about my letter…L. I immediately think of the Smashmouth song “…with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an L on her forehead” and feel like I’d be marking our door with LOSER. LOL or am I crazy?

  5. Very cute!! Love the pop of color the fall leaves give to the monogram! Great idea!

  6. This is seriously FABULOUS. I especially love the moss-covered frame. I have a MASSIVE paper mache letter, and I’m thinking that it may work on our door even though it’s huge. Thanks for the inspiration. It’s been sitting gathering dust for a year. Or two.

  7. Now I wish I’d seen this post before going to JoAnn during my lunch break! I saw a similar monogram (without the moss frame and bow) on Pinterest this morning and went out and bought the letter and leaves. I have moss sheets at home, and now wish I’d grabbed foam, too. But I think I have foam core board at home…perhaps that would work??

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. Absolutely FANTASTIC! I love the crisp edges and vibrant colors. Pinning!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original linky party is open.

  9. What a great idea! I’m trying to finish up my fall wreath, hopefully before fall is over:) It’s my first try at it.

  10. Love this wreath! It’s so different and it has all the elements that I love… monogram, moss, fall leaves and burlap. Thanks for sharing and a great detailed tutorial!

  11. This is BEAUTIFUL. It looks like it should cost about $400 at pottery barn or something.

  12. This is so great! I would LOVE if you would share this at my Crazy Cute Party happening right now! I’ve got a totally awesome giveaway that you could win just for linking up! Come on over! ;D

    Between U & Me

    Oh! And I’m your newest follower!

  13. Hi Chelsea, I love this rectangular shape – so unexpected. And the fall colors in the monogram are just lovely! Thanks so much for the tutorial – I’ve linked over from Crafts ‘n Coffee.

  14. I am starting a Crafty Chicks group and we are making this as our first project. We did a trial run and it came out great, but I found hanging the letter harder than expected. Could you give more detailed instruction on how to do this and/or more detailed photos? Also, is there a spray you’d recommend to keep the moss in place? I’ve noticed mine shedding some when I open and close the door.

    1. Hanging the letter is kind of tricky. I basically had to apply the glue to one side and hold the fishing line in place to dry and repeat with the other side. Yeah, you’re going to get shedding with moss. It just comes with the territory. Maybe Google a solution for the shedding. I’ve just accepted the shedding.

  15. This is probably a stupid question but do you remember what size letter you used? I’m not crafty at all and I really want to try to make this! Thanks!

  16. Thanks for the tutorial! A friend and I are going to make wreaths for our doors today!

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