A Trip to the Orchard

Hey, friends! Hope you had a marvelous weekend!

Brad and I took our annual trip to Anderson Orchard yesterday. We went earlier this year than when we went last year so we didn’t get to see all the pretty fall leaves. Bummer. But I was able to stock up on gourds, little pumpkins, apples, and I even snagged a mum. Tomorrow, I’ll show how I used my purchases for our fall front porch display.

I’m lucky to have an awesome husband who supports my love affair with my camera. He was very patient while I snapped photos at the orchard. It probably helped that the Colts game was on the radio, so he was able to hang out in the car while I took 500 photos of apples.

This post is pretty picture-dominant. I figure you don’t need much narration, so sit back, relax, and scroll away.

And last, but not least, my apple cider slushie. Seriously, these are amazing. You haven’t lived until you’ve had one.

How was your weekend?
Do you take a yearly trip to a local orchard?
Have you ever had an apple cider slushie?

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  1. We take a trip to the orchard every year. We got engaged at an orchard so we go back every year to the spot to celebrate. That apple slush looks delicious. We have a winery at our orchard. We enjoy a wine slushie each year.

  2. Yep, we take a trip every year also! Can’t wait to go this year:) Also I work by a small orchard and I am going to go get me a cider slushie at lunch! Loved all your pics!

  3. Beautiful! I need to get my kiddos to a pumpkin patch soon!

  4. an apple cider slushie sounds amazing! mmmm

    Once October hits, I think we’ll head out to get some pumpkins for our front porch 🙂

  5. Oh, I’m so envious! Fall in Texas pales in comparison to Fall in the Midwest. It’s 90 degrees today. We went to the pool this morning. I *wish* that the weather was cooler and we could take a trip to the orchard! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. What a fantastic trip! Your pictures are amazing!! Also, I am dying for the cider slushy recipe!!

  7. Great pictures! That apple cider slushy sounds amazing! I’ve had an apple smoothie but I’m sure the cider slushy is better!

  8. Apparently I have not lived. Not only have I never had an apple cider slushie, but I’ve also never even heard of such a thing. Maybe if we go apple picking this year I can hunt one down!

    And your pictures are gorgeous! Fall photography has always been a favorite of mine! 🙂

  9. Um yeah, can you tell me the name of that orchard please? I’m sure it’s miles and miles away from me but still…a girl can dream up a road trip next autumn, right?! LOVE!!

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