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Where to Buy Modern Fabric

I didn’t know how to title this post. I felt awkward using the words ‘hip’ or ‘fun’ so I went with modern fabric. So there’s that.

I should probably confess that I’m kind of a fabric hoarder. When I see a fabric I absolutely love I have to have it (within reason, of course– I typically won’t pay more than $10 per yard because I’m a cheapskate). Now if I could only up my sewing game.

Anyway, I get asked quite often where I find fabric, specifically the cotton fabric my mom and I use for DIY burp cloths. The questions usually start rolling in once people see this drawer from my nursery dresser organization post.

dresser 2

So today I’m sharing where I buy most of my fabric.

If you’re interested in a specific fabric you see in this post, head over to my Fabric Swatch Pinterest board, where I’ve pinned all the fabrics. The pins will take you to the appropriate sites. Plus, I have additional fabrics pinned on the board.

OnlineFabricStore is one website I purchase fabric from. It’s where I got the fabric for Owen’s nursery blackout curtains and some of the fabric for his burp cloths.

online fabric store

I’ve been using Fabric.com for years. Last year I bought a ton of fabric for burp cloths in preparation for Owen’s arrival. They have sales and coupon codes every once in a while so sign up for their emails.


I recently purchased some fabric from Fabric Worm. They have a really awesome selection of modern prints. Seriously, I could spend hours browsing on that site.

fabric worm

JoAnn Fabric is another place where I buy fabric. I typically have to dig in the store to find something that I love but sometimes I luck out and find a few prints to add to my collection. They also sell fabric on their website, and they run deals on their shipping prices. You also can’t beat the prices when they have sales and their coupons. I’m sure the cashiers at the store despise me because I’m always whipping out endless coupons.


There are other sites out there, like Spoonflower and Minted, that sell modern fabric but they’re a bit pricier ($15+ per yard).

Happy fabric shopping and hoarding!

Where to buy modern fabric!

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  1. I just saved all of those sites (minus Jo-Ann). Thanks for sharing! I’m always wondering where people get their cute fabrics. Jo-Ann is ok, but most of the time, I can’t find what I’m after.

  2. Thank you This was very helpful to me. THANK YOU

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I just purchased a sewing machine last month and I’ve been dying to try out some projects but haven’t been able to find any fabric that I’d be willing to wear. I was a little hesitate to purchase online because I like to feel it, have you had any issues with something not being what you thought it would be?
    Legally Southern

  4. I spy two Amy Butler picks! She’s my favorite!

  5. Have you ever been to Crimson Tate in downtown Indy? It is THE BEST! The owners are the friendliest, most helpful people ever, and their store is stocked with the most amazing fabric selection. I’ve taken two quilting classes there and have had a blast. You have to check it out if you haven’t been by!

    1. Yes! I was just thinking of mentioning them!

  6. I love Fabric.com! The sales are great and the Customer Service is outstanding. I had not heard of OnlineFabric store before, so thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have to check them out too!

  7. How much of a fabric do you typically buy if you don’t have a specific project in mind?

  8. Ha ha ha, I found your post on Nursery Organisation last night on Pinterest and thought, “man, that lady has coool fabric” 😀 Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Thank you for this! I also find cute fabric at Hobby Lobby for a good price! Always 30% off!

  10. I almost asked you this exact question yesterday and when I saw this pop up on my Bloglovin I was sooooo happy! Thanks so much! We are due in July and definitely need some of those adorable burp cloths. 🙂

  11. Thanks – I think. I’m a quilter and I really need another place to drool over pretty fabric. But it is hours of entertainment when I can’t break out the sewing machine.

  12. I would also recommend adding Hawthorne Threads to the list! Great site, tons of modern fabric, reasonable prices and quick shipping.

  13. I’m always looking for fun, modern knits for baby/toddler leggings (arrows, fox or other cute animals, stripes); Any suggestions?

    1. Fabric Worm and Fabric.com have some knits– just search “knit”. I asked a blogger friend who sews a lot of leggings for her baby. She likes JoAnn, girlcharlee.com, and liveartgalleryfabrics.com.

  14. I love Fabric.com! they seem to have great prices. I can never find anything I love at JoAnn Fabrics. It is so annoying actually. I love all of their other stuff and I am always ready with my coupons but finding a fabric I like, has never happened. Unless you count burlap and even then, it is so much cheaper online. I live in L.A. county but about an 1 1/2 from the fashion district. The fabric district is the BOMB! but it is so far from me and to take my kids, it’s pretty much a mission. However, when I make a shopping trip to the fabric district, I come home with tons of fabric and enthusiasm. Making things is another story. Kudos for making things. I’ve yet to use my new cutting mat I got for mother’s day last year.

  15. I would also add Hawthorne Threads. They have all the great fabric at wonderful prices AND their customer service is awesome!

  16. I like Michael Levine’s out in LA. I have been to the store in the fabric district half a dozen times and was thrilled to find the website.

    I also use Ebay…

    I am looking for cotton bastiste/cotton voile (esp need light skintone for facings, linings, etc.) and other sheer 100% cotton or cotton blends….in solids or “adult” type prints. I also am constantly looking for cotton knits/jersey knits….lightweight ones whenever possible and again in solids or adult prints. This for me is for ballroom dancing (lots of movement and sweating).. I like polyester chiffons and georgettes in solids and prints for the skirts. I, too, rarely spend more than $10 a yard (usually more like $6 a yard). I have soooo many nice fabrics I love…but have trouble with finding jacquard, burnout, embroidered, etc. ltwt fabrics…

  17. Y’all should check our discountfabricsale.com ! They’re the best prices I’ve found so far.

  18. I also like fatquartershop.com, equilter.com, and quilthome.com…along with all those you’ve already mentioned, of course. You just can’t have too many fabric choices now can ya!

  19. Hi! I was looking at burp cloths for my daughter. Would it be possible for u to make me some and how much would they be?
    If u could get back to me that would be great!
    Thank you so much!
    Teresa McDonald P.S. I really liked the fish bundle one u posted! Such great colors u have!

  20. Have you ever checked out weaveup.com? It’s a really unique option for color customizable fabrics. And I don’t mean 10 or so different colorways, imagine unlimited color combinations!

  21. Thank you for sharing wonderful designs… It will be very helpful for next project. Keep sharing more designs like this

  22. A great website with interesting material, Creating new articles is not always easy. Your posts are always perfect. I am glad that I found your blog.

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